Is it possible to train doctors just without risking the lives? Reaching Point A to Point B in our cars without even looking at our phone seems impossible, isn't it? How is it possible to see a product only halfway around the world even before flying there? Well, it's with Augmented reality.
The above questions absolutely indicate why 2019 is going to see a massive growth in augmented reality. Having multiple potentials, for AR in the medical field, automotive world and also marketing realm, are never-ending. Now the question is how AR can influence those industries?
Let's have a look:
Medical industry: This is an excellent platform, that enables the thriving of AR and this is due to its potential for the education and training. Just imagine, a surgeon is habituated using AR for the training of rare and unexpected cases. Whether experienced or not, if you are a surgeon, you need to dive into partial unknown procedures, but with the use of AR tools, you can easily put them as if they were in the real world situation, just without a little voice, which reminds them that the life is in their hands. An excellent tool for teaching procedures, that enables practicing rare procedures thus helping doctors advance their training even beyond the classroom.
Being an educational tool, AR could be the type of interactive access to which doctors are to stay up-to-date. The doctors and surgeons are having the ability to create, share, show and also consult with the other medical professionals, in real time with AR. So in case you need a second opinion, a video chatting with other top medical professionals is possible.
Just think about the potential for the x-ray that is mixed with 3D mapping for a surgeon. It is easy for the surgeon to map the area of the patient, thus getting a full 3D view, of the patient's body, in real time. Its programs could be coded thus enabling the detection and identifying cancerous areas or tumors. AR improves the accuracy and efficiency level of the medical system around the world.
Automotive: The automotive world is making amusing uses of AR. The companies like Chevy, Mazda also started adding head-ups displays on the models. Even concepts are being used, of AR to display, your speed and even other important warning lights on the windshield, so it is easy for you to see even without looking away from the road.
It is used by the companies like WayRay, thus offering systems like Navion. The amazing AR navigation system even uses a clear glass display that acts as a direction guide, while you drive. This is only like putting a Google Map on the road. With the use of Navion, you can see locate your destination, thus adjusting the roadblock and you need not even look at your phone and miss every turn.
Marketing: Honda and Forza are just amazing for mixing the automotive world, AR and even video games through the marketing campaigns. The R vs R campaign also sought to pit a professional racing driver, against a professional video game racing driver thus using a new Civic Type R. Actually it was a joint mixed reality effort with Honda and Forza Motorsport 7.
It looks like a simple race on the surface, but for an Augmented Reality Enthusiast, it's only a painted picture of doors which are to open very soon. They always aim to make a realistic driving experience, so this may be a test to see where their game stood against a real deal?
An augmented reality is not just becoming highlighted without any reason, but its vast potential to create, educate, interact and even develop tools are quickly becoming a reality.
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