Arijit Bhattacharyya

How to Raise Capital and Compute Valuation

Is your product creating such a compelling value to customers that your venture can gain at least 10% of the market?
If Yes:
Which customer groups your venture will target, and which countries you plan to sell in
How are you going to convince potential customers
How will your product earn a profit
Build a prototype – It attracts Investors.
There are lot .. But make sure in which segment you fall in.
Become a good CEO – Cash Extraction Officer.

How to talk Valuation

Pre money valuation + the invested amount = Post money valuation

How to compute valuation

Various methods
Profitable companies with steady growth- P/E multiple
Loss making cos, fluctuating profits- P/S multiple
Other methods- no of users; subscribers
Discounted Cash Flow
Desperate-so-work backwards method
These are small tips, if you are looking for face-to-face meeting to make things happen in reality, feel free to be in touch.
Duration: 40 mins. Location: IIT HYDERABAD, India. 21st Dec Year: 2019



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