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Life Story: Role of teacher -- Game Workshops – few memories of several amazing students who made an impact

Year 2008- 2010 While making 2D and 3D games and running training course, I was deeply involved with educating student's in India, China USA and Japan that time.
In early 2008, before some people broke our set-up (as we didn't give bribe) and created nuances, I used to travel several places in India and maximum times it's South India.
One of the finest college that time, called us from their tech cell to conduct game development workshop in campus.
We started talking and instead of number of student's I decided to come with a min basic cost as those young minds wanted to learn. May be I am not a good business person but an entrepreneur who used to grow and go with passion.

I got an amazing welcome when I was there in Chennai, and four boys and one girl welcome me in their campus.
After 2nd day of workshop, they invited me in dinner and we had an amazing time together, that time, I was careful enough to eat almost everything that come on table.
Together we decided to make a gaming club in campus, probably that was India's one of the first game club in that campus, we started doing things after the workshop, 2nd year also we did the same, and I proposed to the college, let's make things for student's.
Today, when I see this frame, all of these students are JUST doing awesome in life I feel blessed that I used to know them.
One of them, knew I am a pure non-veg and took responsibility to bring breakfast in my room, well that time getting breakfast in that campus with eggs was not that easy and I used to make / update workshop materials and course content as per requirement of student's.
As per my understanding, when I take workshops, I can't stay in stage, hence I used to go and chk every row of student's and chk the progress and help them one by one, I still remember we overshoot time every day and the demand never stopped.
Someone asked me from where I get the energy to do things like this? Frankly I used to work for smile of those students, it's more powerful than money!
I am thankful to all of you who supported the cause and learned from a straight forward speaking person like me.
As per my understanding the role of teacher assumes great importance as they are in the noble profession of imparting education/ knowledge to the student's
They are in the profession of important task of modulating young minds.
The position of teacher can be well assumed when we say Socrates was teacher of Plato.
Plato was teacher of Aristotle. Aristotle was teacher of Great Alexander.
Valmiki and Drona were Gurus of the epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata.
The ideals as stated aforesaid can only be performed by a teacher when he is a person and not just a machine delivering information only.
To put it simply, the aim of education is to help a student grow into a 'person'.
A teacher should not be a prop to which the growing student clings.
On the other-hand a teacher should be like a gardener, watering the plant, seeing that it gets enough light and soil to grow further.
This can be performed well if the teacher assumes the position of friend than that of a corrector. In today's parlance this is more true when children have started asserting their right to death.
A teacher should be friend, philosopher and guide specially in the era of break down of joint family system and emergence of the nuclear family.
As the children are deprived of the company of grand father, grand mother, brothers and sisters, the teacher of today should fill the vacuum.



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