What We Do For Work

We Are More Than What We Do For Work

'I have learned that making a living is not the same things as making life'. –Maya Angelou.

Me and my friend, one day were talking about our plans after our college life. We talked on various topics like life-settlement, marriage plans, work-life thought after and many more. But both of us were in a great thought after our discussion. The reason was 'Can we be a workaholic?'

Workaholic is worse than alcoholism. We both have seem families fighting among themselves regarding the issues of money they earn. The individual loses the passion of working and gets more attracted towards their addiction. Being workaholic can create a big problem in your life. It may destroy the relationship of yours with others, those who take care of yours. It can hamper your health and body. Health issues like anxiety, stress can occur. Your soul cannot take long hours of work. It needs relaxation.

In Indian culture, your jobs are the stepping stones of your identity. There are many on-call jobs like doctors, nurses, mother and these cannot be ignored. When people quest for strive in success in which they want and cannot maintain balance, workaholic people are created. People have actually forgot the real taste of life and success. You work hard, you make money. You do it for yourself. That is not life. You go out, you seek for people who need your help. You make their lives better. You become that sponge which can absorb all the negativity and you become that person who can emit beautiful positive vibes and when you realize that you have changed someone's life and because of you that person did not give up. That is the day when you live.

Let's scroll down to look for a fulfilling and balanced life:

First know yourself and your limits
I know myself and what is my limits. I know what is perfect for me and I can continue with this. Taking work that is not meant for me, can be harmful for me. I need to maintain a proper balance in my life. Without my proper health issues, I cannot be the best employee.

Look after your health, both physical and mental
As mental health has become an important issue today, it is very necessary to have a look over your mental and physical health. Always working can make your mentally disturb and you might be angry on even small things. Sometimes you need relaxation, finding time for friends and enjoying fun activities. It helps a lot. Give priority to foster relationships. Growing older in your career, becoming constrained by time is natural. To maintain a delicate relationship, you have to give priority to foster relationship for your support and benefit. This can helps you in times of your utmost needs.
Always remember who you are
Not what work you do, but who actually you are, makes you feel special and valuable. Always be the original version of yourself, as it is associated with your life, aim, goals and your beliefs. So these 4 tips can actually help you to maintain proper balanced life. You will know how to handle and maintain your relationships and make them your main concern.
Always remember one thing, on the road to success, there is always 'WE' and not 'ME'. Do not think that you alone can achieve things. No! There is always another person who is standing behind you, maybe not coming on the forefront but behind you praying for you when supporting you. Never lose that person. I repeat NEVER.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya