Blockchain has brought a revolution in the field of digital advertisment. Starting from data protection to asset tracking, this has created a rebellion across many industries worldwide. Blockchain helps to solve the two most common and long time challenges like ad fraud and a lack of transparency. Though it is quite new concept and is still on its way to establish itself across the industry, it offers both the publishers and advertisers a completely new and unparalleled solution for the excellent management of digital advertising's existing and basic issues.
True transperancy over ad spend: The automated ad market of contemporary times, makes it difficult for the advertisers to survive, due to its continual growth of vendors and intermediaries at all stage. This is causing lack of clarity over where the budget is spent thus making efficient trading harder. When you are using a Blockchain, chances of these risks are minimised, specially when you are trading within programmatic marketplace.
Blockchain is acknowledged for its capacity of collecting and storing a complete audit series of each and every transaction. Thus providing the advertisers with a clear receipt of events, it ensures that it is only charging fair and accurate, and reduces the risk of any hidden costs. It allows for tamper-proof accuracy of every product moving through the supply chain.
A Blockchain foundation, helps the advertiser to create a safe and secure network thus allowing the transaction to be more transparent and confidence over where budget is invested and where their campaigns are delivered.
This becomes an advantage for the seller, for they have the full knowledge about the buyer transaction process and also have the information about the advertiser they are trading with.
Reduce the risk of Ad Fraud: Apart from improving the transperancy, a blockchain also helps in verifying whether the transaction is valid and also provide an incorruptible record.This trait is ideal for combatting ad fraud. Its decentralised network, helps block chain to provide, advertisers and publishers a permanent and irreversible receipt of each and every transaction. The whole process leaves no chance for ad fraud, specially when it comes to domain spoofing, that is one of the most basic form of ad fraud.
The whole process has huge financial advantages. It also helps in recording almost any type of data. This is an excellent alternative, to traditional storage methods. It helps in creating an unchanging timestamps of each transaction, a blockchain protects a very personal consumer data, when you are sharing or storing internally or externally, thus reducing fraudulent activity.
An integrating Blockchain having digital ad platform, can lower and also totally abolish the chances of fraud from each and every areas of media trading process.This is the key to restore,the security marketers need of expanding the efficiency thus optimising their budget expenditure.
Gives a greater brand safety: Apart from combatting the industry wide issues, blockchain technology is also a weapon against the poor ad quality. Contemporary programmatic ads, are based on the criteria of the most appropriate target demographics. This increases the efficiency level across the supply chain. This means the marketers are also having less control about where the ads are being delivered. This ultimately leads to poor or low quality placement. As it holds all data and insights within a public and uninterrupted network, a blockchain offers advertisers the intelligence for successfully tracking where the ads are achieving impressions via which channel. It gives a better understanding about the ad campaigns and where they are being delivered. This also gives the insights needed for a more selective approach required for their trading strategy thus ensuring that only high quality ads reaches their audience.
Driving Efficiency through automation: The Blockchain helps in the automation of many manual process. As it operates through a traditional centralised ecosystem, the advertisers are required to constantly update the whitelist so as to purchase traffic from a quality suppliers. This is definitely time consuming and the margin for the error is quite higher. A Blockchain hosted smart contract helps the advertisers to acquire quality traffic and also impressions automatically. This lowers the chances of error and improves the delivery of campaigns.
Ensuring Security Amidst GDPR: With the programmatic progress, having a right measure in place is necessary to remain complaint with the wider regulation imposed upon it. So an important changes in legislation is the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May, this will shake up the data handling process for advertiser. If enforced this regulation, will require the companies to obtain the consent of customers to use their personal information, thus enabling the consumers to remove the data from any database.
With the use of Block Chain, the advertisers are easily able to trace the source of personal and client transactional data which are otherwise lost or credulous to a cyber security breach.
Today's competitive industry, requires an efficient and effective adcampaign. The companies must consider the benefits of this brand new technology. With huge potential for change and improvement, it offers the digital advertising industry, greatest benefits. There will be a huge growth in efforts amongst the advertisers and publishers for implementing the block chain technology in the near future. how to improve advertising campaign using blockchain wallet?



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