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    The Next Decade in AI

    For the last few years, the use of Artificial Intelligence has been seen in many areas. The adoption of AI in various areas like online bots, smart assistants, and several other areas of our daily lives will continue expanding in the coming years. It is expected that the revenue for global AI enterprise software will go up to $39 billion by 2025.
    The coming ten years is expected to be amazingly good for Artificial Intelligence and there s expected to phenomenal growth in particular five major industries for AI. These industries are Deep learning, Emotional Intelligence, Natural language understanding, machine learning, and computer vision. These are the functional areas where AI is going to rule and help businesses to run the process more efficiently, and here you will find the best cases of use of AI in different industries.
    Healthcare industry:
    Artificial Intelligent machines have been helping millions of doctors to make the decision more quickly than ever before. AI machines can be continuously taught about the different cases in hospitals and about the treatment of the problems to arrive at correct solutions and can be made smarter. The data of a patient can be mined, analyzed and also can be compared with the other patients by using AI. There are technologies like Understand Engine that learns from the actions and the reactions of the people can help the physicians to diagnose critical cases more accurately. The learning can be continuous from the past and current data of various patients and this learning potential of the engine can help the doctors to get better results for treatment.
    AI in the automobile industry:
    There are diverse ways by which the automobile manufacturers are now using the power of AI to deliver an efficient, and safer driving experience within a reasonable cost. The advances drive-assistant features that are available in today's trucks and cars can alert the drivers about the hazardous road conditions assist with steering monitors the blind spots, and help with automated actions to avoid accidents. Autonomous vehicles are now coming up very fast and manufacturers are working to develop AI-driven self-driving autonomous cars and trucks.
    AI in game development:
    The use of AI in video games started in 1951 in 1997 IBM's deep blue chess game challenged Garry Kasparov in the chess match where Garry Kasparov had a tough time. AI can perform in a very short time multiple calculations and may outperform human brains and can bring enhancing the gaming experience. There are four major player modeling subtask for AI-controlled games:
    Develop human-like smart characters.
    Predict behavior of human players to improve game design and testing.
    Classify human behaviors to enable the personalization of games.
    Discover sequences or patterns of action to understand how a player can behave in a game.
    AI in virtual reality:
    Virtual reality has been overhyped over the last few years with its costly barriers and lagging hardware. The earlier technical limitations of VR can be now overcome with the implementation of AI and realism can be improved. More innovative applications of VR with the help of AI can be expected shortly for physical environment mapping, customized simulations, immersive traveling experience, game development, true socializing, etc.
    Predictive maintenance:
    AI engine can solve to reduce the maintenance cost in real-time for various types of cases like the maintenance of the heavy-duty vehicles. The machines can now have the capability to read the sensor data while on the road and can inform the owner of the vehicle about the status of wear and tear of the vehicle. It makes it easy to fix the abnormalities even if it is small from the early stage, thus it can lower the cost of maintenance for the owners.
    Artificial Intelligence can greatly help to reduce the manufacturing equipment failure frequency for the vehicles. It can alert the owners, as a preventive measure, about any irregularity in the wear and tear of the asset and help the owner's t take quick action before the issue become big.
    AI for HR systems:
    It has become easier and faster to find the right person for a job for the HR departments. It has been made possible by not looking for the keywords, but it is based on history and the many other areas where AI can analyze quickly. Beyond recruitment, AI can help to identify a suitable career path for an employee in a company with a proper study plan, coaching plan, and various other ways that can motivate an employee.
    Classification of media:
    The insurance, healthcare, and finance sectors need technologies like AI as with the power of AI it can be possible to detect several items in an object by a machine. AI can scan through the photographs and other types of content in milliseconds and it can change the performance of the entire industry quickly



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