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How to Overcome Anger to be Better for Family

Are you dealing with anger issues? If yes, remember that anger issues can harm your health condition. Go ahead with this article and learn controlling anger before it controls you. It's important to know first how to control anger problems with your family, even in your relationships and kids also. Here you go!
Dealing With Anger towards Family!
It is normal that every people have their own thinking and decision. Different people have different opinion, not everyone will think or act, speak like you. So be easy on others and don't expect too much from others. Sometimes you may get hurt after listening something from your family but remember sometimes you make mistakes too. They loves you and after all your family is yours so be loving and forgiving. Be a good listener. Listening sometimes help to understand the situation and overcome unnecessary anger. Clear out your questions directly and keep calm. Don't rush to tackle a bad situation and show your anger with family. Take your time, think before you speak anything, and listen to some soft music because music is very powerful for relaxation and anger issues. Range and keep your expectations with reality.
Effects of Anger on Health!
High Blood Pressure
Heart Attack
Skin Problems
Anger causes stress and stress kills your brain cells
Shortens your life span
Problem in digestion
How to Deal Anger Issues in a Healthy Way?
Know how to cool off when you're angry. If possible try to leave the situation or location and calm yourself. Spread some cold water on your face and take deep and long breathe and hold breathe for few seconds. Keep your negative thoughts aside. Try to practice meditation and yoga every day. Be ready for every bad situation and accept it as a part of your life. Find out the reason why you are getting angry; find a solution to tame your temper. Have a talk with your favorite person whom you trust the most. Think your words before you speak anything bad, you can count from 1-20. If you feel your anger issues are increasing day by day take some advice from doctors. Maintain a disciplined lifestyle such as good sleep, healthy diet, meditation, running and jogging help to reduce anxiety, feel the air and give some time to yourself, if food makes you happy go and get your favorite item to calm your anger, listen to some good music, self-talk is good option to feel confident and motivated, last but not the least always believe in yourself.
Few Good/Gentle Tips to Help Others in Dealing with Anger Issues:
Sometimes living with angry people also makes you violent and gives you anxiety, stress, anger too. Help them to overcome their anger issues. Don't ignore them. Listen to their point of view and express your thoughts politely without shouting. Acknowledge their pain or anxiety. Don't be abusive and violent with them. Give some good advice, if they needs you always be on their side. There was some therapy for anger management also such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Few tricks were involved in this therapy like: Breathing techniques, Frustration management, self-awareness, impulse control, meditation, strategies for relaxation.
Types of Anger and the Strategies to Control Your Anger: Assertive anger, Behavioral anger, Chronic anger, Judgmental anger, Overwhelmed anger, Passive-aggressive anger, Retaliatory anger, Self-abusive anger, Verbal anger, Volatile anger, Justifiable anger, Annoyance anger, Aggressive anger.
Strategies to overcome it: Count Down
Deep Breath
Go outside and walk around
Meditation, Yoga, Running
Good Music and Relax, Focus on positive thoughts only
Start repeating a Mantra
Write your feelings or emotion in your own diary
Find your anger reason and take action accordingly
Laugh and Self-talk are the best options you can start right now
Try to forgive people
Think differently if your present thoughts give you anger, stress
Use logic to find anger issues



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