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Recognizing and Overcoming the Fears That Make Us Settle

Fear is a kind of emotional reaction which we create by imagining something dangerous. This unpleasant feeling can be imaginative or real which can arise with the threat of harm, darkness, height etc. Let's begin with today's article to know how to overcome fear and nervousness!
Settling is also a kind of biggest fear no-a-days. Settle down for a new life with someone and to accept something. People are suffering from the fear of settling, commitment, fear of being cheated etc.
Using fear in a positive way is important because this emotion can lead to lose some opportunities from your life. Fear is also Unhealthy which has various negative impacts. Know how you can use that in a positive way:
Identify the reason behind your scary feeling. Don't ignore your fear, try to find it out and take action accordingly. If the fear stop you from everything, take a small break from your work and control it. Try out some scientific tricks to control fear and stress, anxiety too. Exercise can help you in managing your stress, anxiety when it comes to fear working out can help you in removing chemicals from brain that leads to depression. Exercise protects your body and enhances body temperature which will calm you down in any abnormal condition. Take long and deep breath because it helps your nervous system to relax and go easy. Sometimes we let our fear to control us and this is not a healthy option. This leads us to stay away from the level of success because we are scared to take the chance. So slowly expressed yourself and beat the things you're afraid of.
Is Fear Running Your Life? There are some signs you should know!
When you're scared to take any decision or any risks related to your purpose. Fear will let you forget your dream. People are sometimes afraid of failure, rejection. All these will separate you from your goal. Out of fear you may take any unwanted decision you don't want. You will say yes or accept something because you're scared to say no directly and disappoint anyone you like. People sometimes are addicted to alcohol or medicine to ignore their fear/anxiety temporarily. You started giving excuses to start something because you're afraid of criticism and judgment. People became nervous while speaking up because of fear of crowd. Fear will make you weak and sick day by day. Your heartbeat will become fast which will make you feel restless. Wondering how to deal with fear and anxiety?
Here you go:
Few strategies to stop living in fear for a happy life!
Fear is almost like imprisoned. Many other positive ways are there to overcome this like exercise, meditation, remembering some mantras etc. You also need some strategies to recognize them and find peace. Stop remembering your worries to find out the source of fear or anxiety. Write down your fearful thoughts in a dairy like if you are afraid to lose your job, if you're scared to move on from a unhealthy relationship, if you're afraid of speaking up in the public. Now write down few actions which you'll start doing to overcome these. Stop giving excuses. If you're ignoring anything you want by giving excuses, remember you may not get the chance in future. So don't let your fear to stop you from anything you want.
If your fear is imaginary, suppose you are scared of ghosts, aliens etc try to expose it with reality and make a sense that is it really happening or you think unnecessarily. If darkness makes you feel scary then put a low or dim light in your room while sleeping. Remember you're not alone and think positive.
Easy Ways to overcome Fear of Love!
If you're in a relationship which makes you unhappy, then find out the specific reason behind this. Love is one of the purest things, so if there is fear in your love bond get to the base of your fear. Identify when you feel the fear for first time.
Share your feelings with your partner. If things are getting out of your hands and you're still carrying your fear with you, remember everything is not in your hand and you cannot control that. It's better to move on. Heal your broken heart by taking care of yourself. If you have a bad experience in past and now you are afraid of any love bond, remember the things that hurt you in the past and take your time while taking any step. Make your expectations limited and don't wish everything to be perfect.
Share your thoughts with close friends and take recommendations from them. If you're suffering from fear of missing out do some mindfulness therapy, daily activity, turn off your mobile phone and take a break for some days, accept your problem infront of everyone, try to be happy always because it comes from unhappiness, listen to some pleasing music, decorate your room with green plants because greenery gives more positivity, take a small break from social media, show gratitude for every little thing you have.



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