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Roughness Is a Quality of Leadership

Leadership- this word has an essence of responsibility. We all admire the word but do you have leadership qualities? If yes, then you may know that leadership requires lots of qualities. A leader has to be confident, smart, intelligent, generous, and most importantly a good decision-maker. But with all these qualities sometime a leader must be rough.
Now, you may think that a leader should empathizes with his team in every situation. But sometime a leader should be rough. Leadership is an important function of management which helps to maximize efficiency and to achieve organizational goals. Leadership is an essential part and a crucial component of effective management. Only leadership has the potential to influence and drive the group efforts towards the accomplished goals.
Being an entrepreneur, you need to create a business that suits you and will be successful in the long term. But with these, you need to love your work and have a passion for your work. Being an entrepreneur, it is important to understand your strength and weakness and should work accordingly. Knowing the good, bad, and ugly parts of yourself are very important for you to grow further. Entrepreneurs are basically playing and endless game of aim, even if they don't always achieve that entrepreneurial bliss. Many people out there think that kindness is a moral gesture and you should incorporate in business. But kindness is not widely regarded as a matter for serious business people. You cannot sustain your business if you become kind toward your employees.
Remember being generous is necessary but being kind is not. Yet all around us, there are examples of businesses repairing the consequences of behavior that might reasonably be classed as unkind. For example, Amazon's campaign on career development opportunities afforded to its warehouse teams may sound phony to those workers who have protested working conditions as unsafe. In the deep roots of word kindness, we found that it is intrinsic to human nature to be part of a cohesive group or a member of the nation.
As well as roughness is also important for being a good leader. Being rough with people is out of vogue. Most of the CEOs and executives prefer finesse, persuasion, conflict-re-framing, etc. They all want to behave nicely with others.
Many people think that roughness is bad or negative which is correct. But sometime to fulfill target roughness is necessary. This rough behavior lying under employee exploitation. To gain the loyalty of employee you need to have good behavior but you cannot be kind always.
You should be generous towards your employee and keep motivating them to give their best performance. But you also remember that you need to complete your work on time and satisfy your client. Your client must not consider any negligence from your end. Being leader negligence also is not expected from your end. If one of your team members or employees is unable to do his/her concerned work due to any issue as a leader it is your responsibility to complete the whole work in time.
Also, you need to look after employee behavior and positive office culture. You need to be rough sometime to stick to your decision. As a leader, your decision must not be correct but sometimes you need to stick your own decision for the profit of your company.
You have to make a move to compel employees to do their work on time. This may sound so cruel to you but it is your responsibility to complete the assigned work on time. It is not the exploitation of your workers. They also have to complete the assigned work on time. If they are not able then as a leader you should take a step to complete the work.
You can assign any temporary substitute in the place of your particular employee. Always put your duty first but don't be cruel in terms of being dutiful towards your employee or team. So, for maintaining a balance between your clients and your team, you have to be rough sometime but do not make it your habit.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya