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    Can an AI-Driven App Check if you're At Risk from the Coronavirus?

    There has been a lot of activity all over the world with the outbreak of a life-threatening infection in china that has spread globally very fast. The mysterious corona virus is spreading at a very fast rate and the World Health Organization has declared that Covid -19 a global emergency. It has exceeded the numbers that got infected with the outbreak of SARS in 2002-2003 and many health experts in many countries are fighting hard to prevent this outbreak of the infection further.
    What are the efforts being taken to contain the spread of the virus?
    There have been increased cases of quarantines and lock-downs in the major cities and there are accelerated researches on the development of vaccines and restrictions imposed on traveling. Governments across the globe are collaborating with healthcare technologies to contain the spread of the harmful virus. With the help of reputed healthtech companies efforts are being taken for the use of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics augment further efforts to prevent the spread of the infection.
    How can Artificial Intelligence help to overcome the problem?
    The ability to deal with large amounts of data by machine learning can offer a lot of insights and deeper knowledge about the disease. A lot of efforts are being made to develop coronavirus apps that can become very helpful to assess the condition of public health. It will be possible by the government health agencies to leverage ai technology in a few ways as follows:
    • Prediction: Researchers are now to predict the hotspots that can stimulate the emergence of new diseases. The AI technology can integrate various data of known viruses, the human demography, and animal population, cultural and social practices, to reduce outbreaks. The public and government health officials can use the data proactively and take necessary steps to prevent outbreaks.
    • Detection: Quick detection of the outbreak of the disease can stop the spread and can help to treat the infected population effectively. Artificial intelligence can help here too and the use of Machine Learning can play a significant role here. AI can provide better detection of an abnormal disease event much before there is a chance of a massive outbreak.
    • Response: It is also critical to make informed decisions after the identification of the disease promptly. AI can be very helpful to integrate all data related to population, travel, and disease to predict where the disease will spread and how quickly it can happen.
    • Recovery: Once it is possible to contain the outbreak of the disease, the global health organizations and governments need to make decisions for preventing the outbreak in the future for the safety of people. Machine learning can help here too to stimulate different outcome possibilities to test and to validate public health initiatives and policies. Development of AI-driven APP:
    As per the US investigators, the coronavirus app that is coupled with MI will help to provide real-time information. The information will be available to public and local health officials about the major risk of coronavirus to the emerging demographics that are most at risk of getting infected with the coronavirus. The app will enable to have the at-home risk assessment and can direct to persons having risk to the nearest testing facilities.



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