Alien are we

Are we Alien!

Are we Alien!

Human-kind is supposed to play under sun, breath fresh air and be with the nature, as long as I saw as 80's kid my Bharat became so called changed (I don't call it updated), we used to swim in ponds, now they are GONE as so called flats took them.
We used to play in playground, they are not there anymore, I am watching our kids going to "paid play grounds".
We used to run and jump, and used to drink water from taps, ponds – now they are all polluted.
I personally saw how in Europe, couple of my friends sell-off their cars and started using bicycle, NOT so called e-bike (it needs power from battery and to produce the battery in so called factories it's more polluting the world) here in my country if you are riding cycle that means you don't have money and no one will give you place to ride on roads even if you ring the bell.
I saw in other parts of Asia and Australia – farmers get their due respect, here in my own motherland I am not sure how we are treating them (I've stayed in village for 3 years and till date I keep visiting places) kindly don't tell me we treat them with highest respect which they deserve they are the one who is feeding all of us.
We killed our lands with pesticide and said it's for mass production, here we started adopting "cool" "half broken" Hinglish and Banglish – as if they can't speak in own mother language!

What's cool about it?
We started eating "Burger" and "Pizza "– my small understanding – I never saw "chicken pizza" – it's always with lamb, but they said it's cool. Cool to put these meats in refrigerator and "bake" with hygiene, for the world to become healthy?
I saw people eat "cryofrozen" food and kill their guts. Growth of humanity?
We started killing our own planet! It's everywhere, due to climate change the nature wants a balance, increasing number of virus infection and bad health is NOT due to some lab-tested virus, it's due to Aliens.
As we are actually alien, have you ever seen any other intelligent being killing its own planet and then trying to explore "space"?
In older "so called savage generation" humanity had power to explore own neuron and used to connect with nature, as that's GOD. We called them "Sadhu", "Rishi" etc.
Demi-god's used to send "Apsara" to distract them, it's still there, we still have people with heart and brains who understand everything but still don't open their "heart".
I'm not gonna talk about it, as per you I am an entrepreneur, published in media, TV, news, international media, if I talk something related to climate or being healthy you will say, "he is doing business".
Yes! I make money to give back to the people who can give me back "priceless" smile, I don't take those picture to get "likes "in social media.
I don't feed them, I try to make sure they earn and sustain, but for the last several years, "they" can't earn, the person who did graduation – drive auto as he never got job, he took money from me to get it, am I an angel investor there? NO! I did as he needed it, am I MAD ? yah I am .

I am not a certified doctor or virus specialist, but one thing I understand very well, NOTHING can save humanity unless we understand and go back to basics.
The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison
To be healthy – we need to
1. Eat well – not JUNK food, NOT frozen food from shopping malls - it was imposed to Bharat – we used to be healthier "they said "we are savage and tried to make us "cool" – go organic if you don't have it let me know I'll be happy to connect with people who produce it, but I need a promise, give them respect. They will give you the same.
2. Workout daily – you need to be connected with brain and body- you can do it with your own body-weight. If you need help, we can connect you with proper trainers who can guide you or teach you.
3. Drink water – NOT chemicals – so called packed juice are chemicals NOT fruit juice.
4. Drink tea – for workout pro people, try and understand Iranian tea and the power you will get is JUST amazing.
5. Run or walk under the sun, you need to be connected with father of all of "us".
6. Breath oxygen, you feel you can use artificial one's? You can't breathe now a day properly JUST because we polluted our Air. Do yoga daily- if you need trainer feel free to connect back.
7. STOP taking so called pills – you don't NEED them, relax – Organic have all those solution, truth is bitter hence these Ayrveda are the same.
8. Sleep like a baby – you can't sleep as you stopped talking everything in your family, remember when you used to a kid you used to tell everything? – Distribute your brain and mind – talk to "yourself". Trust me it helps.
9. Everything comes from land, air and sun, LOVE them back. It will love you back. Alas I am sharing this in social media as I don't have so called Ashram and I am NOT a BABA who can see future by watching your hand or face or head with a "PHD". – let's come to a retreat to "find health – mental and physical".
10. Detox yourself, if you drink wine or eat junk, there is a process to detox your body if you want I will be happy to guide. Sorry it's NOT FREE. When I did things for free it has no value.
11. Get proper protein-bar – hand-made one. Will be happy to help if anyone need it in bulk.
12. Get home-made food (balanced nutrition) – we have been brain washed to get sun-flower oil, "they said" it increases saturated fat etc and good for heart, well it depends how you take "good fat" – get proper "ghee / mastered oil (organic). use with proper direction it improves health condition.
13. NO NEED to take milk unless you make sure they don't inject so called injections to increase amount of milk please read what they inject, drink soya-milk instead.
14. You forgot to use your brains, while taking help from maps, try to remember and use your brain how you used to "map" roads and places earlier, use map once you really need it, don't be dependent on it.
15. Try and find a subject to write, draw, become poet, bring your "artist" from inside – a workout pro is also an artist who make his/her own body.
16. YOU need fat in body when you are a white collar prof / mainly do brain works, you need carbs too – to think and work smart. Learn it – good fat is always good.
17. Remember eating "sweets" is the biggest addition – more than becoming alcoholic. Try to eat less sugar. if it's made from jiggery that's far better than eating sugar.
18. Drink 300 ml water before you eat your lunch, try and avoid carbs at night, before you sleep try and drink cold-lemon-tea. I can go on with tips like this.
Immunity don't grow over-night it takes time, don't shout if in 2 years you don't get solution you never shouted when "they " killed your ponds, air and sea (including me, I am responsible too) .

You JUST did seminars and drink wine to "cherish" the "networking" about climate change, we signed only papers, but forgot to give kudos to the real heroes who took oath to go to our sea to clean it.

We forgot to mention those heros who started cleaning our lands and shouted for "us".
I know a group of artists who fight for a mountain, they wanted to save it as in their country the soda-factory wanted to destroy the mountain, they started singing and started protesting and saved the mountain, closed the factory but they connected me if I know the technology company who can save the factory with artificial CO2 making machine so that the labours can get their job back.

That's how real ARTISTS THINK.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya