1. If some entrepreneur is doing something, please try and support him/her. They have a hollowness inside, want to get a "no reason smile".
2. If you don't like their product/ solution that's OK, try to encourage them so that they can do great.
3. Please don't try to "coach them", if you have capability then try to become a friend instead of so called evangelist.
4. Connect one business owner with another, who knows they can do good together.
5. Try their product, give them feedback, feedback is not about telling all negative, there is a way of addressing any issue in life.
6. Some knowledge can't be told, but can be shared, let's handhold and uplift the SME, MSME.
7. Do you feel, if one entrepreneur recruited 10 employees and for nothing out of jealousy, we put bad words and comments in their social media or in their back will help India grow? It's not about those 10 employees, it's about 10 other families.
8. When you encourage an entrepreneur to do good, when they grow, possibility of job vacancy increases.
9. I personally don't understand the concept of "Govt should do things". If you can make govt do things in India, you are welcome, can we execute first (following the rule) and then ask for support from "govt"?
10. I'm sure your like is so valuable that you read n talk behind, instead of that if you put a like in their post and show them "I'm here for you" they will grow more.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya