What to do after feeling miserable and worthless at work

Feeling of worthlessness can come any time in your life.
You feeling of self-confidence can come down. You are not alone. These feelings of unworthiness can be triggered at any time, especially during your development years. If you are feeling that your self-confidence is waning, it is your time to explore what and why it is happing. Read down to how you can. Scroll it down.
1. You have to determine your worth and do not allow others to do it: You may feel down when someone does not praise work. But believe in yourself and allow yourself to appreciate the way others appreciate your worth, your values and your ethics. You might have had a series of failed jobs or opportunities. Now it is important that you identify where the negative messages are coming. Do not dig your thoughts what others say. Know and determine your worth, you will come up with new thoughts and new creations.
2. Do not compare yourself with others: You spent a lot of time in other people's life. You read a lot thing about others and think if you could get another life. You could have made a difference. Stop this thinking and start accepting the way you are and practicing gratitude for what you have. Instead be an example of what is possible in your own life and start comparing yourself to the person you were yesterday. This will strive you to be better person tomorrow.
3. You feel like everyone is against you: You might sometimes feel that everyone is against you because of the thoughts you are having about other people. If you are feeling that the whole world is against you, it is because you want to think how they are. In order to deal with kind of situation, you have to turn and seek attention from your inner self. It will help a lot.
4. Do not be afraid to move to your comfort zone: If you are feeling distressed and miserable at a particular work and it is creating an identity crisis in you, leave that job. Find something where you are comfortable and it will help you to gain confidence. We know that it is not easy to let go the work you were doing from a very long time but it is far more harder that something is leaving you feeling depressed and miserable.
5. First know yourself: You have known yourself before knowing anything else. You have keep in mind about your likes and dislikes. You are advised to do the things that you would love to do and the things that will make you miserable and tired at work. Try to take right decisions at right time. Explore the new you in yourself daily. It helps a lot. You have to know what brings you happiness. Value your priorities.
6. You are not your job: As most of you spent a lot of time in doing jobs but that does not mean you are not your job. There are many other things that you can do. Cultivate your hobbies and focus on those things which can help you to come out from tough times.
So these are some tips that you can do when you feel worthless and miserable at work. When you realize that you are stronger than you, it definitely gives you the power of being stronger and handle even greatest challenges in your life.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya