• Arijit Bhattacharjee

    Fight against COVID 19

    Dear Friends and people of India:
    1. It's time to show you are educated- stay home.
    2. Try not to get any common flu. Take care of yourself- try to take Vitamin C, Mg and take vitamin D and increase Zinc level of your body. Eat lots of fruits and veg along with zinc enabled foods.
    3.Increase protein in your diet.
    4. Drink lots of hot liquid - soup, tea, coffee
    5. Gurgle with vinegar or salt water - don't let any mucus stay in your throat.
    6. Clean your cloths and take a bath (use liquid soap) when you are coming back from streets and market.. Use alcohol to wash your hands and face- clean it before you touch anyone. Please dump the cotton in dust-bean which you have used to clean face and hands and legs.
    7. Hang the cloths and usable items in sunlight, it helps.
    8. Wash the metallic surface carefully, COVID19 can stay for 9 days on a metallic surface.. if possible use hot water to wash them.
    9. Don't smoke, try to give good healthy elements to your lungs.
    10. Clean your house. Detox your body.
    Try to take Vitamin C, Mg and take vitamin D and increase Zinc level of your body. Eat lots of fruits and veg along with zinc enabled foods. - suggestion: watermelon, papaya, Bel, banana. Take Two Lemon water daily.. not the chemical juice.. the original one. Increase protein in your diet.- seeds are really good for the same.. Try to avoid frozen meat, if you are non-veg then take fish and chicken and eggs. Take one raw turmeric daily before you brush, then take one garlic along with one glass of lemon water. While you have your lunch, take Neem leaves .. 4 days a week. Drink lots of hot liquid - soup, tea, coffee Gurgle with vinegar or salt water - don't let any mucus stay in your throat.
    Workout daily, if you can't go out then walk inside the house. Do push-up and do Bhujanghaasana, Bajrasana and Padmaasana.
    Suggesting basic diet to increase immunity : It's common, kindly talk to your doctor if you wish.
    Morning: leaves of tulsi + neem leaves and turmeric. Grind it & strain it (150ml)
    After 2 hours: 1 banana 2 dates and one boiled egg (add soya or Garbanzo beans if you are vegan) if you are Indian have Indian bael.
    After 3 hours: 1 glass of fresh carrot juice and ½ lemon and add Amla if you have it.
    Have your usual lunch try to avoid junk foods. Add one watermelon + sprouted channa mixed with cucumber.
    After an hour: 3 lemons (make juice kindly don't add suger).
    In evening: Hand full of kotmir (coriander), 2 cucumbers, Grind it & strain it (300ml) + boiled kidney beans with onion/ garlic
    Do basic workout please (you can try evening or morning but never do it empty stomach) _ Pushup 4 sets, crunches, walk a little inside home. Should be over within 30 mins
    After workout: 1 bowl of salad with 10-12 roasted Kabuli channa, 1 table spoon peanut, 4 cashew - banana or take one egg + 4 cashew + 1 bowl of salad
    After Dinner (before you sleep): lemons juice + 1 table spoon honey + 1 table spoon ginger juice (If you want to reduce bad fat from body n boost immunity) OR take casein without sugar and drink 500 ML water.
    Always try to drink good amount of water .. talk, be happy, spend time with family, read books (try old method instead of your computer or digital media).
    It's not about your immune system, if you are infected and you feel you can survive, think about others, think about your family members. Through you, they can get effected.
    India, I'm not sure if we have infra to fight against COVID 19 (Corona) , the 1st world country is trying to save them-self, just think if it goes towards country-side what will happen.. Dear all, it's from rhinovirus family, Rhinoviruses and coronaviruses are recognized as the major causes of the common cold syndrome. COVID 19 is enhanced ver of it.. it actually put mucus around your lungs part.. drinking hot fluid is to save guard of the same.. it's not the cure.
    Again to increase immune system- take neem leafs daily, take raw turmeric daily, take a raw garlic daily. Take watermelon type fruits, take coconuts.
    The world is not going to end if you don't go to work for next few days. Don't let stage 3 happen in India, we have 1.3 billion (officially) population in India, not sure what will happen if the virus enters in villages .. keep your country safe.. Don't spread rumors, that clapping at 5PM will kill the virus. Don't wait for the govt, show that you LOVE your country.
    Love birds, my dear one's there will be time when you can share ice-cream again.. you don't have to put status in social media that you are chilling from virus attack.
    Please understand virus came way before we came on earth.. may be we are alien to them.. ha ha think of it as a science-fiction movie and be an actor in this real life movie. BE a HERO. Jai Hind.



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    Arijit Bhattacharyya