• Arijit Bhattacharya

    Getting inside Your Buyer's Head

    To get into the buyer's head requires an understanding of the problems and knowledge about how to deal with it. Before anything else, we need to get in touch with people's thoughts and understand the consumers we want to reach. I want to introduce here the concepts that can help to get into the buyer's head. At first, we need is to understand the prospect and why the buyer needs to buy. We also need to understand what economic impact will be there in the business of the buyers. The ability to read the minds of the buyers will be a major advantage for the Indian business.
    It is not easy to directly tune to the brain of the audience. But with the right kind of research directed towards the audience, it is possible to get a good result. I am suggesting a few important steps to start the process.
    Some marketers approach at the start of the journey of a buyer to form an idea about the customer. I suggest starting at the end and to work backward to get a better result. Imagine the actions that made a company happy about a sale and understand what led to winning the deal. It is helpful to look at the existing and potential customers to supplement the thinking.
    Identify the buying committee Focusing on the people who can contribute to making a purchase decision can be the next best move. I suggest making a list of people who can sign a check and who will use the product in daily life. In this way, I feel, the sales of a company can increase consistently.
    It pays to listen
    I think it can be prudent to visit social media that customers use and collect information. It will help to know what customers are sharing and what type of industry news are popular. It can be great to monitor the brand of own company and the brand of the competitors.
    This gathering of information can result in building a healthy set of personas based on facts. It is just not about reading the minds of the audience; it will have data to back up. With this approach, I feel, it will be possible to contribute to the growth of the company.
    Talking to the existing and potential customers can also help to pull in a few lost opportunities. I suggest hearing from those who bought already, and from those who might buy. Also, it will be great to listen to the buyers who left for another solution.
    Customer service
    Understanding the problems of buyers, and finding ways to deal with it is a good way to get into the buyer's head. When a prospect has an issue, it is important to understand the issue and finding ways to resolve it. I suggest even for a startup firm, to pay heed to the customer's exact needs and provide help to solve it quickly.
    Sharing of information As per me, it will have an amazing effect when the insightful personas shared across the company. When the entire team has access to the information, it can be very helpful to get into the buyer's head easily.



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    Arijit Bhattacharyya