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Life Story: The Google Business Group 2nd time in Singapore in google office – meeting amazing change makers around the world.

Life Story: The Google Business Group 2nd time in Singapore in google office – meeting amazing change makers around the world.

While returning from Indian Startup- Megathon, I was introduced to google business group head in India and thought to help our Bengal with GBG support, found that no one is taking the lead for local startups to grow in our state.
Hence I applied for the same and accepted by Google global while I was hosting several GBG meet-ups in Kolkata along with several other business chambers and Bong Entrepreneurs', time came when I've to visit their Singapore office for all GBG leaders worldwide.
It was a room-sharing with another person basis for two days in Singapore, I went for sharing with another person who is not from India.
He is from Africa, once I landed and entered in the room, it's already time for a little food. Few others from India and him, we went for a food hunting.

After food, we started knowing each other I was totally new in that ecosystem, few Indians and one lady from Asia knew me somehow.
It's not possible to share the experience in one writing for sure, we went for late-night all of a sudden food-hopping without any agenda.
A guy from Brazil, asked me to join him for drinks (he can't speak in English properly) and we went for a small bar and tried to talk to each other, well when drinks are talking, you don't need words! ha ha .
Next day morning we started the session, as usual I started sharing what we can do as a group, and making few options for all.
I saw mind-blowing work done by all these leaders, change makers. For the first time, I meet one sweet girl (eventually became my sister from Nepal) who did her first international trip in Singapore.
I meet people from different culture and colour, the lead-head from Google is an amazing guy, he was about to shift to a different dept., we had an amazing time during the meet-up.
Though, my personal feelings: we are not talking business and innovation, we were more talking about making an ecosystem and help that with digital tools.
Several of us spend great time together, I felt probably I am odd-man out – too serious and became too old in the gang of your people.
To be honest the kind of love and connect I cherished with all GBG leads around the world was JUST awesome
Google took care of us for two days and took us to few places to take pictures and enjoy.
It's the bond we had created, it's the love we cherished together, once I came back in Indian Ch**** Of C***** I helped them to connect with head lead and tried to help the local startup ecosystem to grow.
The person I had shard beer in Singapore, Leonardo wanted me to come to his home, he learned English so that we can talk to each other, Mariam, became sister from Pakistan, so many names whom not to mention, Cris at the same time became my good friend, the African fellow became a great connect, we started talking to each other and explored few things in common, life moved me towards greater goal and making own eco-system and accelerator. Making platform for several of our Ambassador's to do cross border trade and investment.
But till today, I remember all of you from various parts of the world to come and explore options to shake hands and hug each other and share tiny moments of JOY and FUN.

This writing is for those who still miss me, who all are still in touch.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya