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How to deal with Success with Humility

Just I have met with a success. The details may not seem to important to the outsides. But I was overwhelmed when somebody becomes successful—he is either boastful or full of humility. But I had never been taught to be boastful. Being humble, I relished success in silence. But I understood that this too, was not the right course. If I remain silent and humble, my success will not be known and I shall remain unrecognised. As humility often leads to self-humility and depressions it also affects future success.
When I myself minimise my achievements, I begin to down grade myself. That has a disastrous effect on my self-confidence. So now I grown wiser and have discovered a middle path. I neither boast about my achievement not remain silent. Now after any success I praise myself along with the persons who contributed to my success. I now declare my own success not as an individual success but as a team success. Thus, I can announce our achievements. Others too get elated through their recognition. I thank everybody from every walk of life who contribute to my success. He may be a colleague, a yoga instructor, a neighbour or even a mutual friend. In this way, our group, club, company or institution can also relish success and recognise my leadership role.
As I recognised other's contribution, I became a member of a successful community. My sense of gratitude overwhelmed others. They were drawn towards me. They congratulated me. They loved me. They respected me. In this way I got a strange community feeling and satisfaction. Gratitude, love and respect, these all encouraged me even more and I moved forward.

No one Gets There Alone
We are advised by our seniors to work hard and proceed alone without bothering about others. But the truth is that we ourselves can not become successful without the co-operation of others. So we must recognise others' help and contribution in our success. We must be grateful to others. Then we can enjoy our life. You will feel free.
Deal with success with humility. These are the steps: –
Thank Yourself: Thank yourself after every success. This never minimise your achievements even if the success is small.
Thank the person/entity who recognised your work: Thank the person who appreciated your work and brought the spotlight on you.
Thank all the supporting players: It is okay to thank yourself, and the person who appreciated you. Not only that you must thank all the supporting players who worked hard for your success.
In this way, you will find the fruits are labour taste sweeter when shared with others.



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