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Life Story : Bengal's first cosplay show – entering into fashion industry – failed in cosplayseller as a business in India.

Year 2016-2017
While travelling in Taiwan Japan, South Korea and Singapore I was introduced to cosplay as a concept for gaming industry.
Making own superhero characters and build a 3D avatar out of real models gave me the passion to start something NEW in Indian market.
In India we've cosplay shows mainly in Bangalore and Mumbai – with several other western game characters, we thought to make it with Indian characters.
While travelling in Taiwan, I meet one lady who makes amazing cosplay items and we became partners.
She wanted to expand her network in other countries, we went for complete product list and tailor made objects for our game / characters, made our game costume in such a way that a common person can enjoy this not only as a cosplay.
When we started India's first portal on cosplay in 2016 – one of my friend Sr**sh made the website for us, I used to outsource almost all of our websites to his company (Soon I'll talk about him – one of the finest entrepreneur from Kolkata) – I was too early for the market, eventually I was introduced to another amazing gentleman Chairman of PR** Mr Maha****a though Mr Sa*** .
I am ever grateful to Mr Maha**tra for the opportunity and helping a new concept to be there in such an prestigious platform…
They suggested to do a cosplay show in ITC Sonar Bangal which Kolkata never saw
Real cosplay show doesn't happen like the way we did, there were restrictions – it was NOT easy to find a designer who can understand our game dress, work with our game artist and make the dress.
I wanted to bring all those models (fresh/ new) in the walk, 90% of them understood it as ramp walk.
As they are not cosplayers! It was new no one dare to try it, it was new for me as well, treating the models and asking them to go for a trial was NOT easy.
I made various other male and female models, who became friend and wanted to come with much less cost that they usually take.
It was all burning our pocket, we didn't know how the impact will be.
Mr Sa*** said he will take care of music, which he didn't and at the last day we had to make it – hence I dedicated myself to compose a music for the show and make a theme.
They walked and acted on the stage, stage was different than cosplay, models didn't have shoe which is in game, hence we had to tailor made it as well.
The costume designer Sadiq was amazing, honest and to the point to make things happen, I gave them name and posts, unable to see their posts till date in social media as a happiness, still I am unable to understand Kolkata people – they love sharing their banner/ one-time magazine pictures, but they don't want to be a part of history?
Well, by god's grace the show was amazing I saw people trying to take pics and they started jumping with fun and joy, Srijla asked me to walk on the ramp, I was in my usual suit, was not ready for the same, but she just took my hand and started walking.
All these models changed their dress and makeup in almost 10 mins in backstage, it's NOT easy, they did their best so as PRS* as a platform.
But why I am saying it's a failure in India?
As a portal we didn't do a single sale for all those cosplay items, as I gave Taiwan partner a word, we connected in few other Asian countries to make those deals.

Infact, I am trying to make local artists understand what goes in global market, how long you will sell dokra arts only? This can be translated into amazing items, dry flowers can be done smart-way for men and women fashion not for home décor.
In my 4th visit to china, we did few deals there and still exploring option to make it as an option to connect fashion, dress, cosplay and games together in time for sure we will come online.
Well, after that we did one stall in BGBS – several people came to take pics and enjoy our VR games, in next year as one of my friend asked to do the same cosplay show in their school re-union I said yes JUST due to friendship.
The experience was amazing, we had to wait for the previous singers to finish even though they are overshooting time, and lead singer looked at me as if I am a competitor.
I understood artist think differently than an entrepreneur instead of helping someone to grow they may be think different ways.
More-over I was NOT popular enough in creative industry may be, they travel to UK and USA to do singing shows as Bengali band, hence our total team had to wait and had to manage with all those musical instruments on stage, amazing support by the school union, they helped to make a place for our models to perform.
Fun! we went there without taking any money, just for nothing, just to support a friend by investing few lakhs (12 models, 20 dress, 3 makeup, 2 backdrop, 2 styler, 1 photographer).
The same models + new one's came and we all decided to go out for a party. Of course I had to through the party, we enjoyed and probably that was the last show we did in Kolkata for cosplay.
While entering in metaverse , I still remember the vision I had several years back to make 3D online world where people can come interact buy and chk things in 3D.
It's not about idea, it's about how you execute- a small input I learned in life.
While we started our own accelerator, I always try to give mistakes and winning structures for people, some feels I am crazy as we don't really understand how multiple rounds can be good as funding strategy.
From where you are getting money matters media news is not the ultimate truth, that's your PR activity. How you are making money and giving return will be the only real fact along with the impact you've created.
May be cosplay was failure, but I am happy to see all our models are earning good doing good some of them became actor some in movies, some in TV.
Some I referred, some they did on their own, but when anyone does a background ref, from glamworldface we always give positive response for all these actors and models and photographers and makeup artists.
Keep-in touch matters, when needed social media friends might not be helpful but real friends are. Who can say what's written with the "pen of fate".

I try to give respect to almost everyone who deserves. After all you are NOT losing anything.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya