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    Need of Mentoring For Startups

    The scenario for newly established businesses is competitive and is complicated and the situation is getting more competitive and complicated every day. The line between failure and success is getting finer and the margin of error is very less to make the failure of business more prominent easily. Many startup businesses have benefitted immensely from the availability of mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs. You will find a good understanding of the need for mentoring for startups in the following paragraphs. What is the mentorship of the startups?
    To explain in simple term a mentor for the startups can be somebody having experience in the same industry as yours and have witnessed the phases of success and failure. There are few examples of seasoned entrepreneurs that took mentoring like Steve Jobs for Mark Zuckerburg, Warren Buffet for Bill Gates, etc. and immensely helped the mentees to succeed. Mentorship is all about willingness to sharing the expertise in a particular area where the business is struggling to have business growth.
    Why do you need mentoring for startups?
    A mentor can help a startup in several ways to the management of a business to move forward and to excel in the business and here you can find a few important roles:
    Sharing rich experience:
    Mentors are experts in their specific domains and it can help startup entrepreneurship immensely to navigate out of uncertain waters safely by learning from the mentors. The mentors can bring a proper sense of direction and can steer through the right course during rough times. Mentors can help to spot new opportunities to fund raise and can broaden the horizon of the ventures with new perspectives with the wide experience available with them.
    Mentors can save startups from making costly mistakes:
    Startups can get out of situations that can be potentially dangerous with the help of experienced mentors because of the mentor-founder relationship. Mentors do not have any vested interest in your business and can look at the businesses objectively, and never hesitate to tell things even if it hurts you. Mentors can help to establish the right startup ecosystem, and business can come out of a topsy-turvy situation with the assistance of the right mentors.
    Mentors are excellent coaches:
    The role of the mentors does not restrict to the professional realm only, but it extends to the personal lives also. It can be really difficult to draw the boundaries between life and the work in this digital era. Here the good mentors can help you to find the right balance and make a quality of work life.
    Mentors can help in building an effective team:
    The success of the startups depends heavily on the cohesiveness of the team and team cohesiveness remains the fulcrum for the growth of a company. A good mentor understands this and can help in the team building process immensely by following certain effective strategies. The three things that can matter most here are empowering the employees to make a decision, accountability of failure shared by the entire team, and building a reflective process of failure.



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    Arijit Bhattacharyya