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    Need of Organic food

    "The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison" – Ann Wigmore, a raw food advocate and a Lituanian-American holistic health practitioner.
    The above words are very true in today's date. The synthetically produced food that we eat is probably one of the biggest factors behind all our health-related issues. This is because what we buy from the market is an output of chemical fertilizers, toxic pesticides and insecticides. Adulteration is at its peak. What is more surprising is that some notorious companies tactfully infuse plastic into food, making us more susceptible to diseases. Thus, the demand for organic food is increasing.
    Understanding organic Organic refers to the method by which agricultural products are developed and processed. In general, it refers to food items that are grown without the aid of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Products concerning dairy products, eggs and meat should be fed organic and have access to the outdoors.
    The advantages of choosing organic
    If you are opting for organic food products you can stay relaxed about your health. They impact your mental and emotional health positively and make it immune from within. Here are some pointers that will help you understand the benefits of organic food.
    • Contains beneficial nutrients
    Organic food is considered a storehouse for beneficial nutrients like proteins and antioxidants. People who are allergic to certain food or chemicals find reduced effects when consuming organic.
    • Is fresh
    Organic fruits and vegetables come directly from the agricultural land (often from nearby farms). No harmful preservatives are used to prolong its shelf life.
    • Is environment-friendly
    Unlike conventional farming practices, it makes use of green manure in place of chemical fertilizers and herbicides. Thus, these food products known to reduce pollution, increase soil productivity, help to conserve energy and water. In this way, it helps to maintain the balance in our ecosystem.
    • No antibiotics and growth hormones
    Livestock is allowed to grow naturally grazing and feeding by themselves on a larger share of land. They are not fed with animal byproducts, given growth hormones and antibiotics. This keeps the livestock healthy and protected from bothering diseases.
    • GMO free
    Organic items are free from Genetic Modification. GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms or genetically engineered or GE are plants whose DNA has been altered from the naturally occurring breed. This is done to ensure the new breed becomes resistant to pesticides.
    Why would you opt for organic products?
    One of the first reasons to choose organic is for its minimal use of pesticides (that too naturally derived). Your child will perhaps remain safe in their tender age from the chemicals and witness sound body and brain development. Thirdly, pregnant ladies would not run the risk of passing consumed pesticides into the child (when in the womb) or through breastfeeding.
    If you want to choose organic food products make sure you shop at farmer's market, bring in seasonal fruits and vegetables or reach out to an organic food business that delivers fresh produces directly to your home. Never get misled by tricky marketing strategies that tend to dupe junk foods into healthy.



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    Arijit Bhattacharyya