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There's no need to panic and figure out your whole life now

Should we figure out our whole life at the beginning? As we study in school, parental pressure compels us to think about an aim in our life. We are often asked to write paragraphs on our aim in life. Some of us, wrote that he wanted to be a teacher some police, some doctor and so on. In this way, in our mind we begin to glorify a particular profession and strive for it.
In our college life, we are supposed to be specialising in a particular discipline so that we can become a specialist. We take up major subject in the course of our study.

But we may not be satisfied with what we are studying. We may want to be a singer, a writer and an artist, etc. But the society discourages these professions as they are not money-intensive and there is no guaranteed financial future.

So, people constantly pressurise us to be a doctor, an engineer and a chartered accountant etc. Event hey want to know about the future prospects of the course that you are studying. But a careful study will reveal that a person can take up several jobs in his life-time. That is challenging but enjoyable. In fact, we should not be fixated upon one particular profession. We must listen to our heart. If you have that guts, you should know the followings: –

It's okay to not know what you want to do, or to have a plan for a life-long career: –
We should not decide from the outset that we will stick to particular profession throughout our life. Maybe, we have to change the profession at some point of time. That does not mean our life is at stake. In fact, the joy should be the guiding factor.
Whatever the profession, we must be enjoying the professions. If we are sad at heart, there is no logic in sticking to that profession.
You don't need to worry about other people's opinions: –

Most of the people worry about what others will think. They are often discouraged not because of their own insecurities and apprehension but because of other people's opinions. Even the closest people don't support a person whom they consider that the person is gambling with his life. But if you want to follow the unconventional path, you must have faith in yourself. You must speak out what you want to do even if your closest people don't support your choice and decision. You should not be swayed by the opinion of the naysayers who discourage you and threaten you with the prospect of a risky and dangerous future. They may even try to dissuade you by citing examples of a few persons who failed in their enterprise. But you must stick to your own aims and ambitions.

You can create a worthwhile future while enjoying the moment: –
If you are constantly worried about the future, you can lose sight of the present. Those who are anxious about the future fail to enjoy the present. People want to build the future according to their wishes. But the future rests on the present. The consistency of our everyday performances can ensure a secure future. So, we must be relaxed about our future when our present performances are okay.
It is not wrong not to know what you intend to do for the rest of your life. People usually have a negative view about the people who do not have a clear-out plan about their future. But a person should mot always follow the beaten track. Rather, he should change and evolve. He should relish life through all its varieties.

Though it is not easy to follow the unconventional path, but we must be ready to embrace change and relish life.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya