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Life Story: The Mobile Security solution in Singapore and entering into China based investors domain – the wine story

Singapore Year 2016
I was supposed to travel in few parts of Asia, my plan was to attend one event in Singapore and explore the tech –innovation market in Singapore itself. The day-work started just after I landed there, well on those days, I never ever used to relax, after immigration, I went for local breakfast (the best one if you are food lover) and did two meetings with two investment bankers.

The event was mainly for tech products and media and entertainment, while exploring in the entertainment zone, I saw a person with smiling face sharing their product details to almost everyone who ever is coming.
We started talking and found that they are into cybersecurity with mobiles, it wa interesting for me as in we had issue with it.

Infact mobile app security has been a challenge for us, we thought it will be great to have a partner like them.

We both agreed to start things together and we started CS as a brand in virtualinfocom..
While staying in Singapore, I started meeting several people, asking for connections, meeting new human being, as I can eat almost anything I started hopping in famous places for food and all of a sudden meeting with new people.
You need to understand I am by heart an artist and a programmer an introvert in nature, networking for me was different in style always.

It was in my agenda to meet Google Business Group Head in Singapore Google Office, we had an amazing talk with each other, that person is a true community builder. It was just before I joined GBG as a chapter lead in India for my city.

I wanted to enjoy life somehow I felt money brings more money and hence entered a premium place to see how costly it can be and what kind of people usually comes there.

I ordered Lafite Rothschild 1966, loved the aroma and the melted smell in my brain. My mind said hence this is why money means nothing w..r.t Wine.
While drinking, I saw a group of Chinese drinking and talking with each other in their local language, but somehow when I repeat the order, they used the word "indu" I understood they are talking something about me.

I took my glass and asked if I can join them, they were a bit surprised, we started talking, shred information about each other.
They asked if I eat seafood, well I love sea food, hence it came and they asked me to share the dish with them and asked if I like the wine.
I used the chopstick, started eating and said I like the aroma and it's elegant, I liked it.
Well now they asked me if I want to share their drink, umm, not sure why they started liking me.
After another round, I explored these guys invest money, looking for good deals to be done. I knew couple of startups from few parts of Asia, but what I never knew is that if I can make a deal I can make money too.
Poor me, I started sharing their venture details and they started saying let's meet them or let's connect them.
We exchanged contacts, after few months I got to know few of them got money and two of them gave me thanks by email and few called me for more.
But one thing happened, these four guys became excellent friends, they started asking for ref. In my 2nd visit to China, two of them came and we started something amazing.

Life is always uncertain, try and grab opportunity if that's within your IQ level.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya