MMA Ukraine

The Fight – MMA Ukraine

Year 2017-2018
I was hosting a group of people from Europe in India.
We were raising funds for making a blockchain based co-working place in Ukraine.
There were 7 partners in the company and wanted my help on:

1 Building the structure for the blockchain based system 2 Raising funds for the same

During Diwali, while I was in Delhi, they asked me to be with them in Ukraine, usually I am always with my backpack and dress, but this time I was traveling for 17 days with them in various parts in India.
As I treat one of my friend as best friend, I said yes, took ticket and did VISA and yah I landed in Ukraine.
Immigration service in Kiev asked me why I travel so many countries and what I do! I explained.
She took me to their shopping mall, owned by the founders and we started talking about integrating VR in that zone, in one opportunity you can find another with right kind of mind-set.
The place was supposed to be in Odesa – a beautiful port city in Ukraine hence next day morning I travelled there and meet my another friend who used to be a pilot and now a Singer.
Well, I will talk about my days in Ukraine for sure, it was one of the best place I've been wrt food and care and friendship.
This story is different, while it was the 2nd day in their office, making the structure, while having food one of the founder looked at me and said I look strong. he does MMA and if I want to join him in the ring and want to learn from his teacher.
Well I said yes, and hence I need a dress to fight!
My brother from another mother (whom I love like anything, treated me always with love and kisses along with awesome food) took me to a shop I took a shoe (blue one) and a yellow lower.

Value for quality for sure. We went to a place where real fight happens.
The fun part is I was not that good in Ukraine language, and they don't speak in English.
Everything started with translation service by my Ukrainian brother, we started training in ring, after 15 mins the trainer asked me if I go to gym.

Me: "yes"
Him: "How long you do workout?" (translated)
Me: "Min an hour"
Him: "I saw you did full stretch "
Me: "yah I do yoga as well for flexibility"
Him: "Good then kick here".

It was more than 1 hour of training and I was not draining out, all of a sudden a 7 fit 3 inch fighter came inside the ring, asked the trainer that he will train me.
I became someone of attraction! All other are looking at me, I really didn't understand what just happened.

It was a full contact fight lession, I did few marshal-art earlier but this one is different, you can't think anything else while you are fighting, your body and mind needs to be one.
Moves, blocks, punch teach you how to be calm and focused, a lot many of us may not understand workout and food (organic) makes us healthy. Even if virus attack us we can recover fast.

I started kicking the wooden stick, my flexibility from yoga probably helped me to do things, others started clapping for me, to encourage a person who is from outside, the only brown guy in the block.
I got the punch in my body, he was super careful while he do that and so did I he understood that and asked me to go for full blow, the teacher shouted (translation) – "Go for full power ".

I did one in his hand, man he loved that and asked me to do again. I never knew how to block power shots, it was just amazing experience for me to learn those key-tricks and those amazing tips.
Later my brother told me he is the champ!
He started training me, man it was amazing, somehow I loved the cold and heat combo, punch and blocks.
Several techniques – alas wish I knew Russian n Ukrainian earlier; my friend was teaching me but I was only a two days' learner that time.
He don't speak English either, but as I said in skills and art you NEED to UNDERSTAND the logic and emotions NOT the language, he trained me well, I understood the moves.
He asked me if I am coming tomorrow, it was late probably I trained there for 2 hours or more.
My hands became red
I smiled and said, I am visitor here came for a project execution and few business works.

Him: "You must come and share the ring with us". (Translated)
Me: " I wish, I would love to if time permits".
They all hugged me as a family member, I said "I'll come back again " – I wish if I can fly after pandemic once again to these extended family .

What you do after a good fight? You EAT like monster.
My brother took me to a local food place as I LOVE local food than star one's (I am done with that in life – don't attract me anymore)
I started eating like umm MOSTER.

Him: "How did you manage to stay in ring for 2 hours ? "
Me: " I don't know I just loved it "
She " Arijit, you know you are NOT Indian "
Me : (laughing ) then who am I ?
She : "Earlier life you were a Ukrainian , you eat our food as if you are habituated, you can tell the exact composition's"
Me: "Yah I cook and I love the smell first then I eat, I don't eat if I don't like the smell of food or wine".
Him & Her : "Then you need to extend stay till Sunday – Friday night we will go for pub-hopping ".
Me: "OK"..

We went to a nearby singing bar, the owner was a friend of them, he used to sing there, and hence they asked me to join and sing.
First time in my life I started singing and I know how horrible I am while I sing.
But it became a brother-to-brother – friend – to friend "me time".
We had fun, multiple people started interacting with me, the video of my fight was there with my brother and he was showing it to people.
I wanted to walk alone towards my hotel, I can't explain how I loved the roads, in one side I can smell the sea and another side I can enjoy the music and experience and warmth of people.
A happy and joyful place where you can make friends. I decided NOT to stay in hotel but shift to my brothers flat – to experience things like "local".
That's a different story, maybe I'll share soon.



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