It's Time To Wake Up and unfold the path of life

We all have a particular plan goal for life. We all tried hard to lead our life according to our plans. But we are not prepared for those incidents which are not in our plans. These incidents come to us to make us more practical. Undoubtedly, it is very hard to accept those unplanned incidents but these incidents brought twists in our life. Most of the time our self-worth is tied to materialistic things. These unplanned incidents awaken us and help us to realize that materialistic things cannot bring happiness. Since childhood, we are habituated to listen to our brains. But these unplanned incidents teach us to listen to our hearts as well. These unplanned incidents also teach us the importance of moral values in our lives like kindness, generosity, self-compassion, etc. Also, help us to expand our perception and make us more enthusiastic. Are you disappointed because of such unplanned incidents? Can't you consider these incidents as blessings? If yes then this article will help you out. By this article, we guide you about how you can cope up with these unplanned incidents and be broadminded.
1. Enjoy the present: Most of the time we either plan about the future or regret about our past. Fear of futures also gifts us depression, tension, anxiety, etc. But all these never motivate us about life. Because of this crisis, we are scared of the awaiting unknown challenges in the future. Due to the pressure of the past and future, we forget to live in the present. We forget to enjoy the moments too. We need to live in the present. We should think about the future but not get worried about it. We should learn from our past experiences but never regret it. Living every moment is important cause the more we live in the present, the less depression and anxiety we experience.
2. Be a good decision maker: Decision making is a very important part of our life. Most of the times we are not prepared for the consequences of that decision and start blaming others. Accusation and blaming others should be stopped first. We should accept the whole consequences of our decisions no matter whatever it is. We should be responsible for our decisions and stop playing victim cards too. Also, this ability of decision making enhance our self-confidence.
3. Be kind and generous: We should avoid jealousy first and enriched our moral values. We should spread love, be kind to everyone, and be generous. Generosity comes from well wishes and prayers which is very good for our emotional health too. You may get involved in any charitable work and spread positivity. It will give you inner peace and make you happy.
4. Always express your gratitude: Showing gratitude is a very optimistic behavior. People who express gratitude must be very positive in life. This also improves your relationships and social interactions. It drained out all negativity and increase happiness as well as your energy level. You can express your gratitude in many ways like pray and meditation, write a gratitude note, etc. You can also express your gratitude verbally through words.
5. Find the purpose of your living: Find a purpose for your living is important for yourself. This purpose of your life motivates you every time. Also, it will encourage you to fight with all odds and be your strength to overcome all the hurdles. Follow your passion and do something that brings joy and eternal peace. Always say yes to such things that bring you a sense of purpose.
6. Be with real friends: In the era of digitization, we have digitally connected but far away from each other. We all have thousands of friends in social media but don't have one friend in real life. Social media platforms make us digitally connected but take us far away from each other. We all need a real friend right now, to whom we can open up without any boundaries. We need such a friend to whom we can cry our hearts out and laugh for silly things. Your real friend will accept you as you are and never be judgmental.
7. Time heals everything: We all need time to heal our wounds. So take your time to cope up with any situation. Time will help you to forget your past incident and accept your present. Do not take any decision when you are upset or angry. Take your time and make the decision wisely.
Waking up is a process that helps you to see the unfolded path of life. It will make you more mature and help you to navigate your life in a proper direction. Always choose love, gratitude, trust abundance over disappointment, jealousy, hate, aggressiveness. These will make you more perfect as a human being.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya