Yoga Training 4 U

Life Story: Birth Of YogaTraining4U

Year 2017, while travelling in Thailand, I've decided to move from Phuket to different other places.
After meeting several fighters and trainers, my network with them became completely different.
I've a skill, a flexible body, I used to do yoga in childhood, may be for that reason till date I can do full stretch of my legs and sit in ground.
Some said, there is a Russian woman who teach yoga in another island far from Phuket, they said she is the best.
While swimming alone with fishes, my brain asked me to open the mind towards nature more, the hunger for knowing all-mighty became more powerful, and I could feel the attraction.
Few hours in flight and a small boat trip took me to the "Russian Lady who teach Yoga". She is a single mom, staying in that island for a long time, teaching yoga.
The connection was immediate, we talked for hours and I've decided to make something good with all these workout freak people.
While returning back, I've planned to share news in close network of friends regarding retreat in Thailand along with heal body and mind.
From Europe and Russia several of them said they want to come and experience, I started sending them to both of my friends, the lady shifted to Phuket and both of my friends started it along with my another Russian friend, if you remember we meet in the event.

I don't forget people and their works, try to repay back, as much as I can.
We never had a website, no social media, we run like this for a year, then started the website (your website is face of your business you need it if you want to grow it).
Yogatrainig4u is the brand name which is NOT big but made impact in life's, I teach on Indian Epic and Sanskrit values.
My role was to raise capital to make our own place – hence I did may be after pandemic, we will come with a big place to stay and do rehab.
How I raise fund? Fun is we never did any so called pitch deck, it's all about meeting and making understanding the ROI to investors and the impact level.

It was a simple 10 slider presentation, few calls, my flying time, meeting with Chinese and drink like a fish, get agreement and make things happen, that's IT.
Some people don't shout in public about raising funds and ask media to make a news.

Fund raise is NOT the news, once it impacts thousands of lives, without noise with 10X return that is the fact we should enjoy.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya