• Arijit Bhattacharya

    Self-worth is not the same as net worth

    Entrepreneurs often juggle many roles and face countless setbacks--lost customers, disputes with partners, increased competition, staffing problems, banker's pressures, investors ROI, payroll, leg-pull. They are in reality all alone. When they try to sleep, there are multiple thoughts which don't allow them to sleep, it's not about dreaming with open eyes, it's about the changes they are going through.
    New entrepreneurs often:
    1.Neglect their health.
    2.They eat too much or too little, mainly eat junk food or they follow some so called health fitness instructor who himself have saturated fats in belly.
    3.They don't get enough sleep.
    4.They fail to exercise.
    5. They don't "feel to talk" to others, rather they try to get more and more "sales" instead of making customers as "friends".
    Entrepreneurs experience more anxiety than employees – it's always the fact just because they have employees, they lack "team".
    I can talk about making team, but how you can get it and how to build it, that MUST be from "within YOU",
    I can only show you the path. Many entrepreneurs share innate character traits that make them more vulnerable to mood swings, it's natural, you are a human too. You are part of nature.
    You know the best part is to go for "growing a LIFE", may be try gardening (I do it to relax my mind), some people go for heavy weight exercise (I do it to relax my body and nerves), some travel, some people concentrate on music, there are many methods, if you are an Entrepreneur, you are powerful enough to find your way.
    Limit your financial exposure:
    No matter what your psychological structure, big setbacks in your business can knock you down. Understand your limits and "never" set a goal when you are NOT a start-up. Learn to be like water (with the flow and power, it's LIFE not destruction, inner meaning of being like water is different, maybe I'll share it soon).
    Life is a constant process of trial and error, take it the way it is, there are multiple reason why it's "LIKE THIS" for you.
    RELAX – " chakrabat paribartante dukhani cha sukhani cha".
    The above writing is not my gyan, I've been helping Entrepreneurs out of passion and love, I'm there for you: Today I had a call with one of my fellow entrepreneur from EU, they build an amazing product in technology, was running their organisation for last 8 years, invested every-bit of their saving to market and build the product, they can't sustain as there is a pressure from investors, I was feeling the inner cry of two of them, please don't ask me the full details, it's part of LIFE I'm sure they will overcome the situation, I'm just a small catalyst who wanted to spread his hands to help them grow.
    N.B. : There might be real bad English, odd grammars, I'm OK with that, I'm not giving literature exam in social media.



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    Arijit Bhattacharyya