data science


A brief talk about how we are using data science in virtual reality games.
What is data science? When VR becomes a 3D version of the internet, the amount of data captured will be even greater than what we do now. You’ll be able to not only understand buying patterns, search patterns, etc but you’ll have data on everything we do. Social, communication, commerce, experiences, and more. Because these experiences are so detailed and immersive, the data is much more reliable and interesting than what we learn from uses looking at text on a screen. I was showing LIVE example of what we do in virtualinfocom VR hardware and use case of data science. One of the technologies we are working on is tracking eye movement within the headset. This is massive for data science.
VR is poised to be the dominant social, communication, information, and commerce medium. We are utilising data science to make product decisions and enhance that product.
People underestimate VR because they can’t visualize what it’s going to become. It’s the first version of the technology. Those same people probably would have said the internet is just emails and encyclopedias and the PC is just games and word processing (in their early versions). VR will intersect with data science and every other field in really exciting ways. I’d definitely be prepared as a data scientist or as someone in the VR field.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya