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You may probably know about virtual reality and you are being able to watch it or afford it. The technology is absolutely amazing, isn't it??But have you ever wondered about how to make money from virtual reality?
Making money from VR is not very easy. Smartphones are the biggest challenge in VR. We are living at times when everything is available at our fingertip. We can easily find information within seconds. People are so much addicted to smartphones that a VR hardware or software is not enough. Our needs are never satisfied. We require something more and more that which is more relatable to generation.
From shopping to entertainment, travel, fitness, and also education, VR is popular in each and every sector. VR enhances the overall experience as well as outcomes with its deadly technology. Here are six ideas of how to get into the game and earn money.
1. VR content: 2018 will be the game changer for VR. This will combine high capacity networks with ultra resolution cameras, microphones and also full wave displays. This will create a great market for the content. We all know that there are different forms of content like Youtube videos to WordPress blogs thus reviewing the latest technology. But the idea is to come up with something which is unique and engaging that will draw the attention of the audience.
2. Gaming industry: The first step to knowing on how VR should attack monetization is look at how the predecessor have done the same. Mobile games are the excellent example of how the consumers determine which methods content creators will find the success. The consumers will definitely accept this type of monetizing.
3. Healthcare in VR: Remote diagnosis is just possible in few clicks. In the past, there were several processes involved in medical treatment from identifying the symptoms to diagnosing the disease. But the whole experience can be made faster with the use of virtual reality. Through the use of virtual reality, the whole experience can be made fast, smooth and real. The medical haptic gloves, help in remote diagnosing with the help of sensory feedback. Patients and doctors will be face to face as if like a real office visit feel.
4. Subscribing: These are joining free to play as a way to drive continual eaning versus limited revenues which come from upfront purchases. This is the difference that allows consumers to borrow and at the same time create own content. The streaming media has made subscriptions increasingly becoming a compromise between providers and also consumers. Subscriptions and free to play are the main drivers for the development of content. This enables the provider to serve the needs of their consumer thus continuously updating the content so as to keep them paying. Subscriptions have a much more immediate potential for games than the video content. A major problem for VR games is that they are too expensive due to the limited amount of gameplay they provide. Actually, the production costs are so high that those prices are the only chance creators to regain their costs.
5. Market VR: If you have already got a VR package, which includes a customized BeThere integrating with your VR application then its time for you to market it. Never give up. Try something new.
6. LBVR: One of the current and straightforward techniques of VR monetization is LBVR ( Location based VR). However, its ability to scale threatens its success. A theme park is one of the few environment made for VR. VR only experiences that rely on direct per minute revenue. Arcade operators and suppliers like Bandai and Namco have been holding the torch for VR for past twenty years.VR hardware will definitely penetrate the mass market and the same goes with its software revenue. Don't forget if you do anything for good you will not lose anything.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya