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Networking encounters and Business to a Business meeting can take several formats and can help to achieve multiple goals. These types of events or dynamics can have a much bigger impact worldwide if it is international trade. The selection of a good business matchmaking platform can be an excellent way to identify and connect with companies with a common interest and facilitate mutual growth. I know there are several organisation who does the same. I'm acting as a bond with my global team to help SME business owners to grow their business.
We focus on strengthening bilateral relationships between regions and countries. As a sectoral economic development agency we focus on developing relationship across a specific industry. My team and me run efficient networking interactions that can ignite economic growth.
Casual networking that takes place in an unstructured way between events or during coffee breaks or dedicated networking is not efficient enough to yield proper results. For international trade, developing new business connections and involving a wide pool of shareholders is crucial for success. Even in this digital world, the face-to-face meeting still remains very important and desirable for gaining massive business opportunities.
Among the multiple dynamics, nothing can be more efficient than a specific match between the demand and the offer of B2B matchmaking. Here in the following paragraphs, you will understand the importance of B2B matchmaking to scaleup your business.

What is B2B matchmaking?
B2B matchmaking is a specific type of networking dynamics that considers the expectation of the attendees and helps to achieve a perfect match. It tries to accomplish the match between those who are offering something and those who are looking for something. It can save the time of the attendees by not needing to make the mindless search for potential prospects.

Why B2B matchmaking is the best networking solution?

In B2B matchmaking, there can be a one-to-one meeting agenda with the institutions, brands and the shareholders well aligned with the needs. The following reasons make the B2B matchmaking as the best networking solution for international trade.
Rigorous selection: As a planner of the B2B matchmaking event, you may definitely want to attract the right type of attendees. For this, you may want that A-level international trade players should be available in the meet. The strict selection system of the B2B matchmaking may be very important to ensure that there is the right attendance and adherence to the selection criteria can be extremely important for this.
During the registration for the event, the participants will have to fill out a networking form that will have a series of control questions. You may want to attract the entrepreneurs searching for seed money or you may want to invite the investors who have money to invest or have a certain portfolio. When you have clear criteria, it will be easier for you to adjust the networking form, and decide afterward who can't attend or who can attend the B2B meeting.
Ensures guaranteed quality: The rigorous selection process in the B2B matchmaking process can broaden the marketing promises of the event and can ensure a good turnover for the attendees. That you are able to provide a perfect match between the demand and the offer is a great sign of quality and it helps the attendees to get the expected results.
In-depth preparation: The B2B matchmaking can be the best networking solution for the attendees to get massive opportunities in international trade. It is due to the fact the attendees can get access to the list of the guests before the event. It helps the attendees to make in-depth preparation for the meetings and the attendees can tailor the presentations as the specific need of the investors, or the shareholders, or entrepreneurs.
Substantial interactions: As a networking structure, B2B matchmaking can exclude the awkwardness of approaching strangers and can also avoid awkward conversations. The dynamics of interaction is on the one-to-one meeting, and there are specific contexts where people can kick-off the dialogue effortlessly. With the structured approaches, attendees need not have to spend too much time on small talk and can focus on the important talk straightaway.
Intelligent matchmaking: As a planner for networking events intended for promoting international trade there will be no need to manually schedule meeting between the attendees. If you are a guest to the B2B platform to grow your business globally, the intelligent algorithm of the platform can easily evaluate the need of each participant and can automatically schedule the meetings.
B2B matchmaking has a professional set up: B2B matchmaking is about providing a professional environment, as it can reduce the guesswork and the uncertainty of the attendees. It can provide immediate access to a stress-free environment and valuable prospect for undergoing substantial conversations.
It provides real business opportunities: B2B matchmaking is wonderful as it offers not a system only but also offers an interaction mindset. When your attendees come to know about the way of working B2B matchmaking, it will help them to attend with a specific objective. It can help the attendees to find right kind of partner that can ignite the true and meaningful business relationship.
Scope of investments: It can be a real hassle to find valuable prospects, and nobody can totally guarantee the success of the attendees. However, if the attendees decide to attend the B2B matchmaking event, it can help the businesses getting investment. The attendees can get access to one-to-one meetings with the prospects that responded to the needs, and therefore the pitching efforts will become well-targeted.
With powerful B2B matchmaking, it can be possible to accommodate a large number of attendees easily and it will also ensure psychological comfort to the guests by guaranteeing access to genuinely qualitative results. With B2B matchmaking, you do not need to search or experiment with any other types of formats as B2B matchmaking can perfectly suit your needs and can help you get a better result in less time. The matchmaking event can provide you a safe environment to integrate the offer and the demand seamlessly.

Specifications - Global Scale-up Program

1. Landscape study, finding the right market
– Identify the optimal pilot state
– Give your market entry the highest chance of success.
2. Legal & Regulatory Assessment
– Legal & Regulatory Landscape
– Structural options with analysis (form of entry)
– Specific recommendations on navigating the legal & regulatory environment
3. Access to local partners and securing partnerships
– We will keep public/private senior decision makers in our target states apprised of the solutions we have along with success stories
– Stakeholder Identification, Engagement & Relationship Management
– Finding the right partners (local experts, distributors, etc.)
4. Presenting to top Investors and leading corporate partners
– Identifying target investors with the opportunity to select the top ones to engage with
– Mentorship sessions to fine-tune your message
– Identifying the most potential leading corporate partners with the opportunity to select the top 5 to engage with
5. Tailored Value Proposition
– Product Validation
– Local optimization
– Support in Frugally innovating your product and/or solution
6. Target Amplification of your Expertise
– Brand awareness through Target Amplification and Digital Branding of your company in India through our local media partners
– Promotion in my own social media and channels
7. Customer Avatar Creation & Persona
– Design thinking your ideal customer profile
– Creating 10 – 15 customer profiles based on your existing prospects

Few Mentoring & Business Sessions


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