Arijit Bhattacharyya

Gain experience not shared in books.
Arijit is a Business Scalability Expert, Technologist, Digital Media Expert and a Finance & Growth Consultant focusing on Corporates, Startups, Small & Medium Enterprises (SME), MSME, Manufacturing Industry and also advising companies on private equity investments in the startup and SME space.
He has advised senior leaderships across MNCs and small businesses on improving operating margins and driving profitability. His expertise lies in the areas of Business Strategy, New Market Development, Risk Management, Market Entry, Systems & Processes, Update from legacy system to latest technologies, Deeptech technology, AI systems, AR, VR, XR, Game Development, Animation, Movies and Fund-raising.
In the capacity of a mentor, he has helped entrepreneurs incubate their ideas into businesses, formulating go-to-market strategies, launching products, getting funded and ensuring they work on sustainable business models. 
His expertise is hired by businesses that want to scale up, manage risk, reduce cost and grow more than industry benchmark.

Arijit helped several banks to go digital and update their systems of operation. Helped to create large ecosystem for banks to go global.
Apart from banks, Arijit helped several new ecosystem to grow world wide- example Google Business Group, Techsauce, mentored in founder institute, techstars, IIM, IIT, HULT etc

Straight from heart
I've been mentoring mid level and startup companies for a long time and engage myself during the process of scaleup, new market development, fund raise. When we meet, I usually expect my mentee to be well prepare about his/her questions.
I can help you to see some of your blind spots and how you can improve.
Improving your leadership skills. operations, HR process, technologies, scaleup your business, branding process, partnership, going global.
I can offer feedback on ways to improve your executive presence. Depending on your business, I can connect you with your potential partners, expanding your business to different countries around the globe.
How could you communicate your idea more clearly in a short span of time.
70 percent of mentored businesses survive longer than 5 years, let me know how can I help you.
I Provide unbiased guidance on
1.Getting funding & grants
2.Market expansion and go global
3.Strategic support and thinking, make amazing tech and innovative products
4.Help you to prioritise & structure your company
5.Build and grow your network.
6. Perform market research and complex analysis of possible opportunities
7. Provide suggestions for business growth & fine-tune your financial models
8. Suggest ideas for increasing revenue
9. Suggest improvements for employee engagement
10. Create, review and implement effective business plans
11. Create and update effective technologies for smooth operation.
I've been helping startups to collaborate with goto market structure & give right kind of partners & experts to steer towards the right direction addressing the key business challenges and creating value for founders and their startups.

Business Development

I can provide you access to live projects around the world, as well as the opportunity to work closely with the fastest moving startups in your Industry.
6 Reasons to connect me:
Direct access to large-scale projects
Target Amplification of your expertise and creating your positioning as market leaders.
Introductions to local leading corporate partners and establishment of partnerships.
Access to Governmental decision and policy makers
Technology update and go digital
Logistical support in setting up operations


1. Landscape study, finding the right market
- entrepreneursface help you in making pitch deck and business plan – Identify the optimal pilot state
– Give your market entry the highest chance of success.
2. Legal & Regulatory Assessment
– Legal & Regulatory Landscape
– Structural options with analysis (form of entry)
– Specific recommendations on navigating the legal & regulatory environment
3. Access to local partners and securing partnerships
– We will keep public/private senior decision makers in our target states apprised of the solutions we have along with success stories
– Stakeholder Identification, Engagement & Relationship Management
– Finding the right partners (local experts, distributors, etc.)
4. Presenting to top Investors and leading corporate partners
– Identifying target investors with the opportunity to select the top ones to engage with
– Mentorship sessions to fine-tune your message
– Identifying the most potential leading corporate partners with the opportunity to select the top 5 to engage with
5. Tailored Value Proposition
– Product Validation
– Local optimization
– Support in Frugally innovating your product and/or solution
6. Target Amplification of your Expertise
– Brand awareness through Target Amplification and Digital Branding of your company in India through our local media partners
– Promotion in my own social media and channels
7. Customer Avatar Creation & Persona
– Design thinking your ideal customer profile
– Creating 10 – 15 customer profiles based on your existing prospects
8. Making your business latest gen technology ready
virtualinfocom whether it's blockchain or game dev or AI or VR AR to website design to app development to IOT
– Get influence marketing team for your startup as we hold several amazing influencers globally Glam World Face
– Accelerate your business with our global accelerator coinnovateventures To raise capital and market connect
9. Target Amplification of your Expertise
– Brand awareness through Target Amplification and Digital Branding of your company in India through our local media partners
– Promotion in my own social media and channels
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Few Mentoring & Business Sessions

Event hosting for entrepreneurs.

Networking lunches I have hosted a few hundred networking lunches, where I provide a forum for six to 12 like-minded members of my network to meet and exchange value.The key to hosting a successful lunch lies in the selection of the restaurant and the attendees. You’ll want to select a restaurant that can accommodate paying separately and has a private dining room. It's a complete B2B segment where people come with specific agenda and target in mind. Me and my team members do specific B2B and B2C with guided structure.

Brainstroming dinners I started hosting dinners since 2016 to connect successful entrepreneurs. Me and my team, puts a lot of emphasis on selecting the right attendees for each event . We ensure there is at least one over-arching commonality among all guests and avoids inviting people at opposite ends of experience, if it's a networking session for startups, we make sure to bring actual value for them where they can get REAL business. At least two of the guests have in common that’s not particularly common and will arrange seating to increase the likelihood of it coming up over the course of the dinner.


If you want to expand your business & looking for right kind of partner or setting your office in USA, Singapore, India, China, Thailand, Finland, UK, Russia, Japan, Taiwan.

Arijit Bhattacharyya