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Hey Guys!! Hope you all are doing well and having fun with your lives. I am really excited to unfold the utilities of the new mixed reality technology that is completely changing our life by stepping inside it thus making it simpler and exciting.
Mixed Reality is the blend of the physical world with the digital world. This calls for the evolution of human, computer and environment interaction. This unlocks the possibilities of bringing those to real that were once restricted to the imagination. It has become possible with the advancements in computer vision, graphical processing power, display technology and input system. The concept was originally introduced in 1994. Mixed Reality also known as Hybrid reality blends the best part of virtual reality and augmented reality. With this kind of environment, users can easily transit through the real and virtual world simultaneously. MR turns the interaction into a more realistic one by mimicking natural behavior and perspective change when you are interacting with elements.
The mixed reality scans the physical environment and then maps the 3D representation of your surroundings. The device contains the information about where and how the computer generated elements are placed in space. It has a lot of difference than VR. It is engrossing the user into an augmented and an easily interacting environment. The transparent lenses, spatial sound, and sensors help in mapping your location and spatial relation thus helping the user to understand how he can use a different element within the interface.
The technology of MR is awesome. It is confined not only to games but also in other fields too.

Social connection:

Did you hear about Holoportation? If your MR becomes real then you can see the advent of holographic images talking to us. With the use of MR, we can easily communicate with your friends living at a long distance.

Entertainment sector:

MR can make your NBA game full of fun and realistic. Watch it, see the stats and also communicate with players even without leaving your seat. This could also really bring a sort of revolution to a cinema. You will have a feeling as if you are actually present in the film with the characters.

Education sector:

It feels like you are dissecting the frog in your Biology class without even using the real frog. Or you are student learning Human Anatomy and Physiology right at the fingertip. This type of technology has wide opportunities. Starting from sports, music, TV, art and even education mixed reality is breaking all the barriers and it will slowly replace the mobile device, and also enter your TVs, laptop and even tabs. Each and everything is coming from mixed reality through a single pair of lenses.
As mixed reality blends physical world and the digital world these two realities define the polar ends of a spectrum also known as virtuality continuum. This is referred to as mixed reality spectrum.
There are two types of devices delivering Windows Mixed reality experiences:
Holographic device: This helps in placing the digital content in the real world as if they were actually existing.
Immersive device: This helps in creating a digital presence of an object hiding the physical world thus replacing it with digital experience.
Mixed reality and machine learning: Mixed reality can also be tapped alongside a machine learning. It is being explored by a system called Plant.IO. Machine learning gathers data about plant growth and also predicts what is needed by plants. When paired with MR this helps the users in understanding and adjusting fertilizer, water flow, and lighting as to what he prefers. This method help in building the small garden from home, and provide an interactive way of using the system.
Mixed reality is really exciting thus improving human life in all facets. Mixed reality is really taking over and is probably one of the most exciting things to look forward.
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