public speaking

The art of public speaking

The art of public speaking
Speaking in front of a number of audiences is not easy but indeed a stressful task to do. We all do desire to speak well. However, that ease and cool body language does not come to everyone naturally. Public speaking is indeed an art! If you want to master the art you will have to prepare yourself in advance. No matter what situation you are in these pointers would help you become a confident public speaker. Read until the end to make sure you can prepare yourself accordingly.
Understanding the audience
It is not everyday that you speak in front of a number of audiences. There must be a reason behind it. Thus, it should be your first duty to know your audience. Find out with whom you are going to speak with, their desires and takeaways. Suppose, you are talking in your sister's wedding or a family function it would be your duty to entertain them. If it an educational event you will have to tailor your speech as per the candidates' knowledge and requirements. For a corporate event, you will have to be capable enough to teach and inspire future corporates. It is an absolute necessity to know the demographics of the audience.
Rehearse without distractions
Practice is the art of perfection. Unless you constantly practice your muscle memory would not be enough to provide you the confidence to speak seamlessly in a given event. If your upcoming event is a crucial one you will have to take out time for yourself by working hard and practicing the speech. Be ready to hit your goals with a carefully crafted content well in advance. No matter where you are (even when you are in car, plane, exercising, driving, etc.) you should go ahead with the practice without any distraction. Take time to practice in front of the mirror and work on your body language, facial expressions, hand movement, etc. Once prepared challenge yourself amidst distractions to make sure you are able to stand out in the real time.
Find a signature style for yourself
Not every event will be the same. However, you will have to find a way to approach that is unique for you only. If you intend to read out from a prepared speech make sure you are well acquainted with the speech so that you do not have to keep staring at the written document. You may note down important parts to avoid getting troubled with such a situation. Some also prefer learning a scripted speech. You are free to choose your style but make sure you are not reciting the lines you have learned like a record.
Be on time
Make sure you are not late for the event. Get to the event location early and don't keep the audience waiting for you. Try to set a good example before the audience. When there walk the room, stage and every place that is set for the big event to feel the vibe. Check all the equipment like mike, projector, your laptop, the presentation, etc. and make sure there aren't any technical difficulties at the very last moment. This will make you more confident about the event.
Make use of every opportunity
You should not leave any stone unturned to interact with your audience. Speak on every opportunity you get and speak sense. This is important! Make sure you catch the pace of the audience and ensure they hear what you say. Slow down when needed and make eye contact with as many people as you can. This will make the audience feel that you are talking directly to them. They will be able to connect to you. Know your material If you intend to teach the audience or lead them you should get an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Be ready to tackle all kinds of questions from the audience with a face of ease. Also, practice projection and tone regulation. Keep the audience fully engaged from start to finish. If possible infuse humour and emotion into your speech.
Cater to the time limit
Suppose you are allotted an hour for your speech. good enough! If your practiced speech consumed more time, consider shortening your speech. Focus on the keynotes and disregard taking extra. Respect the agenda of the event. Don't cross the time barrier. Sometimes less is more and can project a lasting impact on your audience.
Ask for feedback
Feedback is essential. Most may feel reluctant to ask for feedback knowing that some may criticize. But remember criticism is also vital for success. You need to accept both success and criticism as a part and parcel of life. If you tend to listen to criticisms you will be able to find out what the places you went wrong were, or maybe what the audience wants. Getting yourself prepared in the same will ensure nobody is able to point out the same thing in the future.
The final words
Ultimately, it all rests on your confidence before the audience. You should step forth to win the room. Don't let your terrified-self destroy your opportunity. Prepare yourself mentally and in solitude. Move aside all other thoughts and get set to command on the mind of your audience.
A leader to follow
Mr. Arijit Bhattacharyya is a keynote public speaker. He is the founder of Virtualinfocom, professionally acclaimed startup mentor, technologist and a lot more than you can think of. If you are from Kolkata and want to work on your public speaking skills who else can be a better guide to follow. You may get in touch with him through his profile on LinkedIn to seek advises on entrepreneurship and how to grow your business in the right way.



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