Hironobu Sakaguchi

Life Story: First Press news & Yeh Dil Mange More + if someone is doing business that means they are making money, hence he/she is bad, as money making is BAD.

While doing good work, expanding business, starting new options and innovative works I never thought someone will talk about us in newspaper.

We were in Bengal, very much in Agarpara, working with CRT monitors those days.
Creating assembled computers are easy for me, as I used to do it for longer time, hence making machines with optimised cost on my own became really easy.
Even I wrote a program to scan images in PC and make 3D polygons that time, however never thought to make those things out in market. I wanted to follow large studio format where they make their own software, use for own production, sounds really crazy!
One day in a business networking event, in saltlake, one reporter recognised me as a game development studio owner, the ONLY one in Kolkata that time Since 1998.
She said, we want to make a news about you, initially I was not sure as our setup is not like classy sector 5 glass door set-up, I was broken and moved to Sodepur n Agarpara in both location, she really gave me confidence and said, let my reporters and photographer come to your place.
Sutanuka Di I am ever grateful to you for this.
It was a pan India release, next morning from various parts of India I started getting phone calls and text msg, the teste of success?
Well for sure my whole family was proud, yah their son is doing something which is recognized in media!
Otherwise, from various extended family it was all about "He runs a coaching institute as he couldn't do anything in life".
This is what we teach from school in Bengal, - if you study well, you will get a great "job". If you get good marks, then only you can go for higher study. If you bring marks, then companies will hire you or you will get a Govt job.
I'm a BSc in Eco-Stat-Maths, MCA, few global certifications I had to do to gain knowledge, I took entrepreneurship as my own choice to give job in market and make a disruption, how certificates are related to it!!
I used to study in a small school in Sodepur established in 1853/ Sodepur High School, a pure Bengali medium school, where we never ever trained for business, I left engineering so that I can save my 4 years, someday I'll talk about it.
In my school days I was never a first boy or last boy I was never a good student, I used to make comics during our break using ball point pen, used to colour them once I come back home.
In Bengali schools till date we don't train them to encourage others, if someone is doing business that means they are making money, hence he/she is bad, as money making is BAD..
In B&W Bengali movies Uttam Kumar had to leave good city work and go to villages to stay with her love life, doing business is BAD we trained that since a long time, hence I can't expect 1998 batch students to understand the pain of entrepreneur.
They can relate food shop, as they can see that, but they can't relate a tech product released in Asia, they can't relate where is growth.
One of my school friend helped me to do a work for a TV channel though, for sure I'll share about the same, a small input for all middle class family – give wings to your kids, teach them how to think, not how to follow, teach them how to innovate.
If someone is trying to do something encourage them, talk about them, big or small don't matter, a little pat in back will make them grow more, entrepreneurs' by choice as alone, they don't have anyone to share their pain and details.
They take huge responsivity to recruit people, local or global, even if someone wants to shut down their company they have to pay all debt, all salary, opening a business is not a crime, if you can't "be like them you are NO one to criticize them".
In today's world we call everyone as entrepreneurs' – we have courses in colleges even I teach in few of the colleges as visiting faculty, I personally don't teach from any books, books are written by a person, from one perspective you can read it, to gain knowledge you need to learn from almost everyone, everything has positive and negative impact.
In colleges student's usually come to get a good job, then they can think of starting a "side business". I really don't understand "side business ".
Entrepreneur are by choice passionate and innovative, they are NOT businessman, sometimes they become businessman may be.
You know out of whole family, one of my uncle (Late Dipu mama) saw the news and called me JUST to say "Yeh Dil Mange More", he and all of my other Mama's (Uncle) are encouraging factor when they call me just to say, "yes Dil mange More" – it's not about cold drinks, it's about their LOVE factor.
One of my cousin brother (we used to spend great times together) came home just to say, "Dada is this related to the science fiction stories you used to tell me?" "Yeh Dil Mange More "is no more now, when I used to visit them in Sonari's house it used to be super amazing with brother's sisters, in fact Ananda da, was the first person who trained me how to ride a bike, and that too in few days.
It was needed for me to be in "more", at the same time it was needed for me to stay rooted, in future multiple TV news, media publicity, international magazine, news channels put my inputs, but your first news always is your "More "factor.
Over the phone, Dipu Uncle asked me- grow more I am not happy with one news, I need more.
Dedicated to you Dipu mama . I am sure, all mighty is taking care of you now, what a sad factor I don't even have a common picture with you.
Dedicated to all my uncles and sisters n brothers of Jamshedpur extended family and my brothers Khacha (brother) and Pinkey (Dada amar BA tee le na) , Gunja (Ami boyfriend korbo na) , Sonali (The pagli ) Shyamoli (The serious) Dr Kaushik (The dancer) , Anand Da (The biker training guru) , Sumana Di (the sundori), Chandra Di ( Mota habo na baba), Sunanda Di ( Ki re .. ) , Rimjhim (The stylist) , barsha (The pisimoni chuktu), Agni (The serious) thanks for being there .
Was it a story about thanks? Press news ? NO! next writing I might write how leg-pull happens and how to manage that and use that to grow.



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