I love working in technology based projects and lead team of 15 to 500 people. For the last several years, I've been involved on making several tech enabled and deep tech projects. Successfully completed all of them with happy team.

virtual reality

Virtual Reality

I'm making VR games & apps since 2006. I've been working in the following sectors in VR:
Health Technology, Defense, Movies, VR Games, Entertainment, Real-estate. Recruitment and Training. Training Medical Students. Online meeting using VR. Banking Simulation, Ship n Oil Rigging Training. Blockchain enabled VR app.


Augmented Reality

I've working in the following Industry in AR:
augmented reality, AR GamesMedical Training. Retail. Repair & Maintenance. Design & Modeling. Business Logistics. Tourism Industry. Classroom Education. Field Service. Voice Enabled translation apps.

game development


Since 1998 I've been making games, be that PC, Smartphone, VR, AR or consoles. My speciality is to make characters from real actors and models, make them 3D in game and publish them globally. My speciality is to make superheros and superhero based games including old mythology based games from different culture.


Artificial Intelligence

2 decades experience in artificial intelligence, AI. exp: Virtual Agent, Machine Learning, Natural language processing (NLP)



For the last 25 years I've been doing classical and sand animation. I've done several 3D and 2D animation.



I've been a comics writer and artist since my school days and made over 50 comics till date with own created superheros.

cyber security


I'm a passionate cyber security geek.I've been consultant as Incident Responder, Malware Analyst.



Team leader of several blockchain based project, leading solution for Realestate, HR, Medical & Govt.
I've worked on the following:
Crypto Wallets. Asset Management: Trade Processing and Settlement Insurance: Claims processing Payments: Cross-Border Payments Unconventional money lenders/ hard money lending Car/ smartphone Blockchain Internet-of-Things (IoT)

smart home automation


Advising an USA based smarthome automation company.


Digital Human

For last several years I'm making digital human.
Creating realistic 3D character from real models, actors and celebrities. They are live for lifetime in games, movies and films.


Microsoft .net framework

Love for MS code started when I was in college(2001), I started making small software using Visual Basic 6.0 (used to make small software) and upgraded that skill into VB.net and C#. I used to teach several programmers in 2002 end. Probably I was one of the early adopter of dot net technologies in east part of India.


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Arijit Bhattacharyya