blockchain technology

Future of blockchain technology

Where blockchain technology will be in next 3 years

I was talking about the identity solutions, reputation and trust scores, certificates and attestations. Impact on healthcare.
How a blockchain-based asset identity platform can collect, store, and share data for both physical and virtual assets. More than 20 billion IoT devices are projected to exist by 2020.
A few thoughts on banking industry and how blockchain will bring disruption.Blockchain technology has the potential to shrink the poverty gap. It can be done by increasing financial inclusiveness, reducing corruption, and enabling decentralized access to value-creating assets. How can blockchain technology reduces corruption by creating transparency of official records. How it enables a massive-scale tokenization of value-generating assets only available to the rich right now. It dramatically reduces the costs of transactions and information flows.
The future scope of connecting AR based systems powered by blockchain technology, I was sharing thoughts on three key factors which will disrupt the market.
Duration: 45 mins. Location: Malaysia Q/A- 10 mins.Year: 2019, Sept

virtual reality in the automotive industry

The future of virtual reality in the automotive industry

Over the past few years, self-driving cars have made a huge step in their development. I was talking about implementation of VR based solutions on self driving cars.
How to teach a self-driving vehicle on how to behave in dangerous situations is to let it learn by driving and "memorizing" every situation it faces and empowering testing software with the virtual reality technology. How to use a virtual laboratory, and designers and engineers to stay in different countries and collaborate on car design in real-time. For an example the immersive VR technology allows Volkswagen’s engineers and designers to work on the same model remotely in real-time. How, the virtual reality driving simulator allows students to experience driving a car in virtual reality before they get on the real road.
How VR increases productivity during the vehicle conception phase. I was showing how VR helps companies drastically reduce the number of prototypes needed for the vehicle development. As well, sharing few case study and explaining the advantages, how VR allows car designers to modify the virtual prototype in real-time, as many times as they want.
In real time I was showing how customers can interact with the vehicle in VR and be transposed into various sceneries or situations. One single VR simulation replaces several vehicles, and clients can immerse themselves in the vehicle and naturally interact with it. Arijit Bhattacharyya, top technology speakers in india.
Duration: 45 mins. Q/A- 15 mins. Location: Dubai. Year: 2019, Sept

Arijit Bhattacharyya

Getting funded and scaleup as startup

Many entrepreneurs who are propelled into a sudden growth trajectory think mostly about raising risk-sharing equity investment from venture capitals or private angels. But when you scale up, it is faster, more feasible and less dilutive to cobble together your financing from a combination of equity investors, banks, public funds, suppliers, credit cards, customers, and even employees who will take stock options in lieu of some cash.
I was giving tips on 1. Use multiple sources of finance. 2. Cross-leverage money from one source into cash from others.3. Cultivate customer financing. 4.Product-market Fit, build trust on this to raise funds. 5. Onboarding Process. 6. How to generate a steady revenue stream. 7. Which venture capital fund is right for you
Duration: 60 mins. Q/A- 10 mins. Location : Dubai Year 2019.

Arijit Bhattacharyya

How to get angel investment

How can you attract angel investors in your business? When do you need fund? If you are ready to share your equity, what are the best negotiation methods?
If you are getting users, how will you convert them as your customer? How to increase customer base and for scaleup how will you get investment.
How to pitch, a handson workshop model.
Duration: 45 mins. Q/A- 20 mins. Location: Dubai. Year: 2018, June

Arijit Bhattacharyya

National TV Career in Game Development

I was sharing insights on how to build career in game development and virtual reality. It was a 30 mins national TV interview. Different paths. Who can take game development as career.
Basic qualification to be a game programmer or game designer or game artist or game tester.
How to build one simple game and make money
Duration: 30 mins. Location: Kolkata, India National TV. Year: 2019, August

Arijit Bhattacharyya

Mobile wallet, crypto and their impact

Mobile wallets are a versatile and secure way to act as a consolidated platform to deal with your financial services at your fingertips anytime without having the need to go to a physical bank. Potential for mobile wallets
Pay with your phone - fintech and security.
The Future
Duration: 30 mins. Q/A- 15 mins. Location: Thailand Year 2019, Sept

Arijit Bhattacharyya

Smart City project and it's future- Finland

What is smartcity. The future aspects of smartcity.
How to use different types of electronic Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect data and then use these data to manage assets and resources efficiently.
The use of ICT to transform life and working environments within the region.
The embedding of such Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) in government systems.
The territorialisation of practices that brings ICTs and people together to enhance the innovation and knowledge that they offer.
Brief about
Orchestration intelligence
Empowerment intelligence
Instrumentation intelligence
Duration: 40 mins. Q/A- 10 mins. Location: Finland. Year: 2017, Oct.

Arijit Bhattacharyya

How to make own game and make profit - IIT KGP

What is Indie games. how can you make a simple attractive game and publish.
What are the type of publishing available. What is your TG? If you are done with MVP, how to get funding.
Profit making process.
ROI for investors.
Duration: 30 mins. Q/A- 15 mins. Location: IIT KGP Year 2016, Sept

Arijit Bhattacharyya

How to create angel funds

How to make a proper angel body in Nepal.
What is impact fund, how can you make a technology fund to support local startups. Few suggestions over Q/A
Duration: 30 mins. Q/A- 10 mins. Location: Nepal. Year: 2017, Aug.

Arijit Bhattacharyya

SME Futures

A panel discussion, what is the future of SME, powered by CNBC..
Duration: 45 mins. Q/A- 5 mins. Location: Delhi, India. Year: 2016

vishnu dev



Explanation: The "Khir sagar " is the symbol of our mortal world's Sansar, it's always floating.. ever changing, irrespective of all those high & low if a person can be calm and be cool, ignore the irrelevant facts from life, can be relaxed & work from inside, eventually all elements of the universe will give him protection. For sure he will earn the attraction of "Wealth - The Dhanlakhmi". If you destroy a body the "Navi" don't get destroyed, it's the CORE of next life.. where your spirit mix with nature and take new form, hence "Brahma" the symbol of "Creation" is inside you.. don't LET ANYONE DEFINE YOUR LIFE.. make it the WAY YOU WANT.
Duration: 45 mins. Q/A- 5 mins. Location: Ukraine. Year: 2018

cyber security


With numerous consumer devices, that access enterprise network, mobile data security has been a top concern in the enterprise.
As an IT administrator, a number of tools exist at your disposal for securing corporate data. You may even use mobile device management system for passcodes. The devices can be remotely wiped when necessary. Be sure that users are educated about keeping the data safe. Some employees may not be aware of all the security tools built into their devices. They may be unaware of the risks associated with downloading applications.
Here are some tips on mobile data security that enables learning more about the risks, that the smartphones and tablets are posing to corporate data. The tools which can be used for mitigating them.
Duration: 1 hour Q/A- 25 mins. Location: Thailand. Year: 2017

Impact of AI


The umbrella term for software and hardware it automates the human resources function in organization. One of the most discussed and debated trends of the contemporary times in the HR Technology is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As per recent predictions, AI is going to be the crunch point, in terms of productivity for HR professionals. It has been feared by many professionals that machine is going to take away their jobs. Basically there is no reason to be cautiously optimistic; this is quite early to predict the actual impact of AI in HR and Talent Acquisition. Just like any other technology, if not used properly and with appropriate strategy, the users may fall into difficulty.
Duration: 50 mins. Q/A- 15 mins. Location: Shimla Year: 2017, May. Four Ways in which AI could impact HR. More..



Blockchain technology always have a huge effect on the traditional financial system, when it comes to cost optimisation, its operational abilities and growing transperancy. As per research from U.K based global mutual funds, network Calastone, it is possible for the mutual Fund industry to save $2.6 billion using blockchain. How a mutual fund could be benefitted using Blockchain?
Duration: 45 mins. Q/A- 15 mins. Location: USA Consulate office, Kolkata More..



After the whole day work, you are going home ; feeling odd... a lot of thoughts are juggling in your head ; you put your body on da bed and the head in the cozy pillow, and there are thoughts which you can't explain to anyone.. the thought of doing something different, which says- 1. "You need to get going.. you can't stop, you need to think different to create value.. " 2. " You might be wrong, you know.. may be you should talk to few people.. " 3. "I'm not getting what I want, may be starting a business is not a good decision .." 4." Yah, I should be looking for a job now. This is not my cup of tea.."

But you yourself is making another statement in your mind " Let me push a little bit, let me see what it takes, let me TRY AGAIN" .. Trust me if you are a start-up and this is what you are thinking YOU ARE JUST right on track.. don't stop.. keep riding your "Tiger". Take a deep breath there are things which you can't share with your family, there are things which is ONLY for you.. because you are an Entrepreneur . Don't make only money, create value.
Duration: 15 mins. Q/A- 5 mins.

Arijit Bhattacharya


Snakes are able to adapt to different terrains and the harshest of environments.When they make a move, it is usually fast, direct and on target. But you can’t predict the way they will move, as they don’t go straight, so in real life if you move you need to be focused, but no one should predict how you are moving towards your goal. Having said that, we will do well to remember that in an unpredictable world, we must find ways to ring fence ourselves against real and potential enemies.

Arijit Bhattacharyya


Someone asked me "What do you do?" I said I ride Tiger. He was confused. Well, entrepreneurship for me is riding "TIGER" when it's a cub, you need to alimentar properly, grow/ criarse it well, so that one day you can ride on the top of it. The best part is, if you start you can’t stop. You need to learn how to feed it; it's a journey which is never ending... If you stop and it’s hungry, it will kill you. If you don't feed it well, it will be dead, you can't ride.

Entrepreneurship for me is riding "TIGER" when it's a cub, you need to alimentar properly, grow/ criarse it well, so that one day you can ride on the top of it.

The best part is, if you start you can’t stop. You need to learn how to feed it, it's a journey which is never ending.

It depends on YOU, whether you are growing it as Royal Bengal Tiger, Amur, Jaguar or Panther. I would love to DIE while riding, and see that my TIGER grows and have it’s family.. Amen.
Duration: 30 mins. Q/A- 10 mins. Location: Odessa, Ukraine. Year: 2018

stock market


Purchase when put-call ratio is 1 or less than 1 sell when it is 2 or more than 2
Purchase when PE ratio is 10 and dividend yield is 3%
Learn about.. Which stocks to buy, how to find a value stock, price to book value, debt-equity ratio, quick ratio

Arijit Bhattacharyya


Machine learning is well greeted with a certain amount of caution by game developers. AI s are getting smarter in virtual worlds. The year 1952, marks the earliest instance of Artificial Intelligence in games. Though the video game developers have used artificial intelligence for animating the characters encountered by the players, the non-playable characters are based on the rules coded by humans. Using the AI technology, the future NPCs will definitely program and reprogram their own rules on the basis of experience encountered in games. In the process getting smarter the longer they play.
A game has two distinct categories, that has grabbed the attention of computer scientist, software developers and also machine learning researchers.
Duration: 40 mins. Q/A- 15 mins. Location: Kolkata. Year 2018 More..

startup team


Rooster: If you want to build a team, you need a person who act like a rooster, a rooster never eats alone, if he got some amount of food, it will shout and ask others to join in, it shouts in the morning and call everyone to start the day... find someone like this.
Rhino: In life, while doing business you needs this character that should have skin like Rhino, act like the same; strongly needed to grow your venture. He will take things forward in a way, where your “Baby – The Venture” is protected. Remember Rhino is one of the key people; never forget to compensate him/ her "Best" you can give.
Duration: 120 mins. Q/A- 15 mins. Location: Kolkata. Year 2018 More..

Arijit Bhattacharyya


Whether you employ one person, or fifty, choosing the right employees can be a challenge. How do you know which of the job applicants will be worth their weight in gold, and which will give you a run for your money? Small business owners do not have the luxury of keeping poor or mediocre employees. You must keep only the best employees for your business. And, don’t feel guilty for letting go of inefficient or unproductive persons. You’re growing a business, not running a charity.
Plus, I’ve learned by experience that I’m not doing anyone any favors by keeping a bad employee around… not the employee, not my customers, not the rest of my staff, and not ME!
Duration: 45 mins. Q/A- 15 mins. Location: Ranchi. Year: 2016 More..



Past: Deprivation of a subjective past produces drowsiness, speech difficulty and a vague sense of meaningless---symptoms often seen in people suffering from retrograde amnesia.
Present: Elimination of present was found to be extremely disturbing with subjects becoming depressed, disoriented and exhibiting behavior bordering on schizophrenia
Future: If it is told that they would have no future, then they experience a loss of identity and a profound euphoric (a feeling of well being) mystical (divine) sensation. It cancels all fear of death and induced a sense of serene calm.
Those who believe on live in present or now, are oysters (selfish and secretive person—ready to yield profit or success-the world lies before me) and amoebas (ever-changing, answering alternately, responsive) and as we all know they don’t fear death and seem to live in the present.
Therefore for creatures of clocks, the burden of sentience (condemn)becomes unbearable when faced with issues of transient (short duration).

Arijit Bhattacharyya


Making money from VR is not very easy. Smartphones are the biggest challenge in VR. We are living at times when everything is available at our fingertip. We can easily find information within seconds. People are so much addicted to smartphones that a VR hardware or software is not enough. Our needs are never satisfied. We require something more and more that which is more relatable to generation. From shopping to entertainment, travel, fitness, and also education, VR is popular in each and every sector. VR enhances the overall experience as well as outcomes with its deadly technology. Here are five ideas of how to get into the game and earn money.
Duration: 45 mins. Q/A- 7 mins. Location: Rajkot, India. Year: 2017 More..

Arijit Bhattacharyya

Blockchain Technology’s Impact On Game Development

There are a variety of ways blockchain could be applied to video gaming. Over and above its use as a payment mechanism for game purchases, transactional technology could be used to create and manage in-game currency accounts.One of the benefits of blockchain in gaming is that players own their assets. A blockchain based game use the smart contracts to govern transactions because these are executed automatically upon the fulfillment of conditions coded in them and are irreversible. When a blockchain powered-game is launched all in-game assets that your players bought using smart contracts are transferred to their public addresses. Hence, no centralized agent can change the public addresses where the assets are stored.
Duration: 45 mins. Q/A- 15 mins. Location: Bangkok,Thailand Year: 2019

Arijit Bhattacharyya

The science of making business model

Successful Types of Business Models You Need to Know.
What is a business model and why is it important?
Why business model innovation matters so much
Competitive moats are generated around business model innovation
Business model innovation as a traction model
How many types of business models exist?
Hidden revenue business model
One-for-one business model
Razor and blade revenue model
Cash conversion cycle or cash machine business model
Peer-to-peer business model
Multi-sided platform business model
Direct sales business model
Freemium business model
Affiliate marketing business model
Subscription business model
Vertically integrated supply chain business model
E-commerce marketplace business model
The discount business model that focuses on high quality
Attention merchant business model
Privacy as an innovative business model
The most successful franchising business model in the world
On-demand subscription-based business model
User-generated content business model
The educational niche business model
Instant news business model
Blockchain-based business models
Multi-brand business model
Family-owned integrated business model
Enterprise business model built on complex sales
Distribution based business model
A few Business Models Case Studies.
Duration: 240 mins. Q/A- 30 mins. Location: UAE, Year: 2019

Arijit Bhattacharyya

Making of Indian superhero from real actors and models

How we made Indian superhero from real actors and models and made them popular in globe through game world. How to make a story for game and create character and incorporate them in real 3D. What is the market ahead and how to get real customer for your games. Story of making India's first superhero game.
Duration: 60 mins. Q/A- 30 mins.Location: Kolkata. Year: 2019

Arijit Bhattacharyya

India's own cosplay characters from real superheros

With a realtime cosplay show in India, I was talking about how we made game characters from real models and actors. making of game title called fight of the legends. How to get a celebrity character in your game and make money. target market.
Duration: 45 mins. Q/A- 7 mins.Location: Kolkata, India, Year: 2016

Arijit Bhattacharyya

Classical animation advance study on 2D character animation

2013: I was in Bhutan, to train candidates for a govt project on 2D animation, character animation, classical animation and manga art. It was a 14 days workshop in Bhutan's oldest animation institute.
Duration: Location: Bhutan. Year: 2013

Arijit Bhattacharyya

How to make prototype of business idea

How to make prototype of business idea, as GBG manager I was in Singapore Google office. It was an amazing sharing experience for all of us.
Duration: 2 days. Location: Singapore. Year 2017

Arijit Bhattacharyya

How to make products from any where in globe

How to make products.
How to create profitable business.
Getting funded for your business and give successful exit to the investors.
Duration: 20 mins. Q/A: 5 mins Location: Nepal. Year: 2017

virtual reality speaker

Virtual Reality Game Development- Next is what

A brief talk about the about the hardware. How to choose an audience and platform.
How to build a prototype and get it out for others to use.
For proper VR game development, the design, development and testing teams need to collaborate closely. Getting the pipeline proper and make awesome game.
Brief talk about, the immersed console player, the starstruck explorer, the high-earning virtual tourist and the engaged mobile crusader.
In the future how will we have an opportunity to mix the virtual and the real worlds surrounding us closely. Duration: 30 mins, Q/A- 5 mins. Location: China. Year 2016

Arijit Bhattacharyya

How to start SMALL and grow large

Was sharing how to start SMALL = Smart Manageble Adjustable Logical towards Large (Ya I've my own full form of words)
tried to add few of the slides and pictures from the awesome product startups from USA, JAPAN, TAIWAN, UK, INDIA, UKRAINE, RUSSIA, SOUTH KOREA, FINLAND, GERMANY, THAILAND, SINGAPORE, DENMARK, ESTONIA, whom I met in person and worked closely with them.
Shared live demo of all of those amazing organisations with whom I’ve been working, one of our virtual reality devices, solar backpack, power backup wristband, clean tech glass, Smarthome solution, product for visually disabled, solar energy tree, AR glass technology, awesome bloackchain solution, live demo of AI, gestures controlling rings etc.
Duration: 40 mins. Q/A: 5 mins Location: India. Year: 2019

virtual reality speaker

Manga Animation and VR

A brief talk about manga animation.
How to build a anime character, how to publish
Role of making virtual reality based anime movies and the success story behind it.
Role of AI in virtual reality anime games and movies.
Duration: 45 mins, Q/A- 5 mins. Location: India. Year 2019

AI and machine learning

The role of venture capital(VC) in the landscape of AI and machine learning

How ML isHelping investors spotting market gaps and general trends
Performing better portfolio management
Matching co-investors and deals
Obtaining intelligence on competitors’ landscape
Identifying potential acquirers
Creating more accurate pricing/valuation models.
The time-aware approach
Duration: 30 mins. Q/A: 12 mins Location: Thailand. Year: 2019

virtual reality speaker

Anti Fraud Compliance

A brief talk about anti fraud compliance.
The Risk and Reward of Third Party Involvement
Internal Cost Control, Internal Disclosure Control.Internal Investigative Control. Law Enforcement Cost Control, Law Enforcement Disclosure Control, Duration: 60 mins, Q/A- 5 mins. Location: Korea. Year 2017

entrepreneurs from kolkata

How to manage your startup

I'm an entrepreneur from kolkata, who started back in 1998. I was 17 years old, when I started virtualinfocom, Bengal's firs game development studio and slowly grown this organisation with stable works. I'm mentoring multiple startups since 2008, so that they can grow. NIT Silchar, EDC startup's wanted to understand about how to start their venture from idea stage to execution stage. I started with very basic process to scaleup process. How they can access angel investment and how they can grow fast.
Duration: 60 mins. Q/A: 12 mins Location: Assam, NIT Silchar Srijan 1.0 Year: 2019

crypto speaker

The cryptocurrency wallet

A talk about cryptocurrency.
What is a cryptocurrency wallet? What are the different types of cryptocurrency wallets? How does Cryptocurrency wallet work? Advantages of latest crypto wallet system. How do you keep crypto wallet safe? Coin Mine, the latest happening wround the world. Why the assigned company wallet system is the best. What is the future coming and why shall you join?
Duration: 45 mins, Q/A- 5 mins. Location: indonesia. Year 2018

entrepreneurs from kolkata


It's all about SLEEP (Smart Logical Enterprise Establishment Process) tight.
Duration: 60 mins. Q/A: 12 mins Location: Assam, NIT Silchar Srijan 1.0 Year: 2019

virtual reality

Virtual Reality & Data Science

A brief talk about how we are using data science in virtual reality games.
What is data science? When VR becomes a 3D version of the internet, the amount of data captured will be even greater than what we do now. You’ll be able to not only understand buying patterns, search patterns, etc but you’ll have data on everything we do. Social, communication, commerce, experiences, and more. Because these experiences are so detailed and immersive, the data is much more reliable and interesting than what we learn from uses looking at text on a screen. I was showing LIVE example of what we do in virtualinfocom VR hardware and use case of data science. One of the technologies we are working on is tracking eye movement within the headset. This is massive for data science.
Duration: 30 mins, Q/A- 5 mins. Location: Kolkata. Nov Year 2019


entrepreneurs from kolkata

A talk on IOT enabled virtual reality

For visualization, the sky is the limit in terms of showing trends.
Machine learning has the capability to enhance every experience. By understanding the user, it can adapt the simulation toward their preferences. VR is poised to be the dominant social, communication, information, and commerce medium. We are utilising data science to make product decisions and enhance that product.
Example of solar powered backpacks and how to utilise power consumption.
Use of blockchain in game money.
Making of product for bliends and how to use AI to make this products perfect.
Duration: 30 mins. Q/A: 15 mins Location: Kolkata. Nov Year: 2019

Games Gathering

Games Gathering Ukraine

Games Gathering is the biggest B2B conference for game developers in Eastern Europe. At Games Gathering 2019 Kiev you may improve your professional skills and meet new business partners: publishers, service-providers, investors.

Story of making India's first superhero game. Creating story based superhero characters from movie celebrity, make own co-related story based game which connects one movie with another. What is the market ahead and how to get real customer for your games. Attracting investors on the project, make money and give them profitable exit.
Duration: 60 mins, Q/A- 15 mins. Location: Kiev, Ukraine. Dec 7th. Year 2019

IIM Calcutta

Product startups around the globe - IIMC

For the last several years I've mentored and scaleup startups around the world. Last 30th nov 2019, I was showing 12 startup's products I've invested and mentored
and how they have scaleup. Few of them are from virtual reality, few are from IOT, smarthome automation, clean tech, energy tech, solar power, fashion, media and entertainment, tailor made shoes, fintech solution, AI powered IOT devices etc.
Duration: 30 mins. Location: IIM calcutta, India. 30th Nov Year: 2019

Games Gathering

Keynote speech - Nirma University

20th Dec 2019, I was showing 17 startup stories and how they have scaleup. Few of them are from virtual reality, few are from IOT, smarthome automation, clean tech, energy tech, solar power, fashion, media and entertainment, tailor made shoes, fintech solution, AI powered IOT devices etc.
Duration: 30 mins. Location: Nirma University, India. 20th Dec Year: 2019

IIM Calcutta

Alternative non-tech career in gaming

Talking about alternative non-tech career opportunities that are being created by the gaming industry. Tech Talks IIT HYDERABAD
Duration: 40 mins. Location: IIT HYDERABAD, India. 21st Dec Year: 2019

IIT Hydrabad

How to build investable company

22nd Dec 2019, IIT Hydrabad campus, EvolveX. A brief talk on how to build a startup which is investor ready. How to attract customers, how to engage with market. How to build a company which makes money and while scaleup how to attract investment in your startup. How to talk valuation Pre money valuation + the invested amount = Post money valuation.
Duration: 45 mins. Q/A- 45 mins. Location: IIT, India. 22nd Dec Year: 2019

IIT Hydrabad

How to Raise Capital & Compute Valuation

Is your product creating such a compelling value to customers that your venture can gain at least 10% of the market?
If Yes:
Which customer groups your venture will target, and which countries you plan to sell in
How are you going to convince potential customers
How will your product earn a profit
Build a prototype – It attracts Investors.
There are lot .. But make sure in which segment you fall in.
Become a good CEO – Cash Extraction Officer.
Duration: 40 mins. Location: IIT HYDERABAD, India. 21st Dec Year: 2019

Axis Bank

Gearing up for a 5 trillion dollar economy.

Speaking as a keynote speaker in Evolve one of the finest platform to shareknowledge and grow business as entrepreneur . Powered by Axis Bank and D n B. Topic: Gearing up for a 5 trillion dollar economy.
Overview of SMEs in India
Role of SMEs in building India's Economy and Growth
Developing sectors in India and Opportunities to come
How a business could sustain during an economic downturn
Concluding Remarks on Gearing up for a 5 trillion dollar economy
Duration: 45 mins. Q/A- 30 mins. Location: Kolkata, India. 16 jan Year: 2020

IIT Hydrabad

Don't be a selfless startup!

Every business is built with the intent of making a profit. Consequently, businesses should have a working plan designed to fulfil their specific requirements. A good business plan makes sure that it is able to attract investments for the company, convince workers to join the startup, roadmap for the business, secure loans and attract strategic business partners.
Duration: 30 mins. Location: BCC&i, Kolkata, India. Jan Year: 2020

IIM Bodh Gaya

Application of Technology in current Indian Startup Ecosystem: Challenges and Opportunities

Speaking as a keynote speaker in IIM Bodhgaya.
Application of Technology in current Indian Startup Ecosystem: Challenges and Opportunities
Duration: 45 mins. Q/A- 10 mins. Location: IIM Bodhgaya, India. 24 Jan Year: 2020

calcutta chamber of commerce

Application of technology in CSR

How can the new age technologies like Virtual Reality, Block Chain, AI, ML etc. be used to solve social sector problems and create social impact
How can disruptive technologies create real life super heros in our society to improve lives
How can gamification/gaming solutions be used for social collaboration and social innovation to address critical social sector issues and challenges.
Duration: 30 mins. Location: calcutta chamber of commerce, Kolkata, India. 27th Jan Year: 2020

millions at stake

Millions at stake

Startup Funding in millions at stake, organised by IIT Kharagpur.
Duration: 30 mins. Q/A- 10 mins. Location: IIT Kharagpur, India. 1st Feb Year: 2020

calcutta chamber of commerce

Let's Start

Judge for startup summit called Let's Start. Happy to be a speaker and judge for BPlan.
Duration: 30 mins. Location: HHI, Kolkata, India. 8th Feb Year: 2020

millions at stake


Startup Funding in organised by NIT Durgapore. Happy to be investor and judge.
Duration: 180 mins. Q/A- 10 mins. Location: NIT Durgapore, India. 9th Feb Year: 2020

SME growth

Interaction with SME to grow economy

Interactive session for SME's to grow the nation and grow their own organisation.
Duration: 45 mins. Location: Taj, Kolkata, India. 10th Feb Year: 2020


CII Startup platform

Startup event in organised by CII Odisa. Happy to be investor and speaker.
Duration: 50 mins. Q/A- 10 mins. Location: CII Odisa, India. 14th Feb Year: 2020

SME growth

Interaction with startups to grow them

Interactive session for SME's to grow the nation and grow their own organisation.
Duration: 45 mins. Location: Sambalpur, VSSUT India. 15th Feb Year: 2020

chitkara university

Investment Cycle & Startups

Arijit Bhattacharyya started off his session with acquainting us with his ventures into which he founded and the ventures he invested in, he explained about the investment cycle, told about how companies are invested in and taken over. He moves on to Distinguish Between a 'Pitch Deck' and a 'Business Process'. He guided with Essentials of Team Building. "Always choose your teams based on interest", he says. "Investors only seek to multiply their money", continuing his session on Investments. He explains his parameters on Being Successful. "Its good to Make Money", he said when he explained the process of building a good startup. In the end, he mentioned that a "Job of a Leader is not creating followers instead, he is the one who creates leaders"
Duration: 90 mins. Q/A- 10 mins. Location: Punjab, India. 28th Feb Year: 2020

SME growth

Interaction with startups to grow them

Interactive session for SME's to grow the nation and grow their own organisation.
Duration: 45 mins. Location: Meghalaya, India. 27th Feb Year: 2020


If you want to expand your business or looking for mentoring and investment support please be in touch.

Arijit Bhattacharyya