Arijit Bhattacharyya

Serial Entrepreneur (Since 1998), Technologist, Angel Investor, Public Speaker (Since 2008), TEDx Speaker, Business Matchmaking Expert, Government Advisor,Jury National Startup Award, Artist, Author, Community Builder (Since 2010), Game Programmer (Since 1998 from legacy to latest game engines), Virtual Reality Specialist (Since 2006 with VRML to C# using game engines), AR Specialist, AI Coder (Since 2002), Blockchain Specialist (Since 2017 mainly in fintech, crypto and healthtech) & Globe Trotter (Over 90+ countries business network).

Two decades of experience in Finance & Technology. Arijit is a technologist, artist, comics story writer and superhero creator with a rare combination of finance and digital banking.

International Record Holder In Technology & Finance.

While doing his graduation at the age of 17 Arijit started India's one of the first game development company in 1998, with education and training vertical and India's own game studio. He is a bootstrapped entrepreneur started with INR 49 in pocket, while doing his Masters in Computer Application Arijit created several 2D and 3D game from his own Kolkata based company

Arijit Bhattacharyya is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor who has made a significant impact in the Indian startup ecosystem. His work has helped dozens of startups to succeed, and his advocacy for social causes has made a positive impact in the lives of many. His legacy will continue to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs for years to come. Helped 6,000 startups to start their venture, helped several many as mentor in 97+ countries.
26+ Yrs Experience in technology, finance, art, SDG. 12 Million Connection, Business followers from 97+ Countries.
My expertise lies in the areas of Entrepreneurship Education, Technology, Coding, Gaming, VR, AR, MR, Animation, International Business Development, Fund-raising, Innovation, New Market Development, Market Entry, Deeptech,AI.

Helped several villages to become sustainable and become self dependent.

Arijit brings the entrepreneurs together to network, collaborate and foster the community.

He visited 43+ Countries for business expansion and as keynote speaker, he has 25+ Yrs Experience in technology, finance, art, SDG. 12 Millions Networking, Connecting, followers from 97+ Countries.

Arijit Bhattacharyya
Founder and CEO Coinnovateventures - Accelerator program & Fund - We help you create more successful startups.

Founder – Virtualinfocom Since 1998- India's one of the first game development and deeptech solution company since 1998.
Disrupted technology to make real actors and models as superhero in our own story based game title, eventually creating digital human, made real garments for cosplay and high fashion and created a ecosystem of content creators and buyers sellers in NFT. Arijit Bhattacharyya is the founder of Virtualinfocom, one of India's leading game development and animation studios. Founded in 1998, Virtualinfocom has grown under Arijit's leadership to become a leading player in the Indian gaming industry, with a team of over 200 employees and a portfolio of over 900 projects. Arijit's vision and passion for gaming have been the driving force behind the company's success, and he has been instrumental in developing a range of innovative games and applications for clients around the world. Arijit's dedication to the industry has earned him numerous awards and accolades, including the Best Entrepreneur Award from the Indian Achievers Forum and the Best Animation and Game Development Company Award from the International Brand Equity Awards.

Founder: Entrepreneursface - helps entrepreneurs to start up their business by helping them from the ideation stage to execution to fund raise.

Founder: World Leader Summit – World's one of the largest leadership summit and International business club with 97+ countries members network. With monthly meetup, startup pitch, yearly mega summit, mentoring platform.
Founder: Cosplayseller – India's first ecommerce portal for cosplay items.
Co-Founder- Glamworldface- India, UK, Ukraine, media & entertainment platform for creative people.
Founder: Animgaming- platform for indie developers to showcase and get funding from global publishers and investors.
Investor & Co-founder: virtualgamedeveloper – VR movie and game making company.
Investor: Yogatraining4u – a platform for yoga and MMA fighters.
Director & Advisor PhoneQuad LLC – USA
Founder Healthplaneta – a platform for health and nutrition
Founder Artncraftmarket – a market place for artist and art buys and sellers
Founder PropertyPlaneta – platform for real-estate listing buy and sell.

Jury for Startup India Award.
Senior Advisor Global Wealth Forum
Global Advisor UNACCC
Panelist in Industry 4.0 Govt of India panel.

Business Consultant -- Private Office Of His Highness SHEIKH AHMED BIN FAISAL AL QASSIMI Group of Companies

Advisory Board Member at World Women Conference and Awards USA

Global Ambassador of ICMEI International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry
Global Ambassador of The Diplomatic Club

Sr Advisory Board World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME)
Member of the Mentor Board in various University around the world.- India, USA, Oman

Advisory Board Member The Future of Medicine Foundation USA.

Speaker in more than 2100 events world-wide in entrepreneurship, future of technology, innovation, game development, virtual reality, augmented reality, NFT blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital banking, SDG goals, creativity, arts and media.
Mentor SeedStars Switzerland

Mentor BGI Portugal

Mentor IIDF Russia

Ex-Hony secretary of TiE Kolkata
Mentor IIMC Innovation Park
Ex-President of ELMA (2021)
Advisory member of STPI (Software technology Park of India)
Mentor Techstars
Ex- Google Business Group Manager
Institute Innovation Council (IIC), Techno International Newtown, Kolkata, India as the Advisory Committee member

Books by Arijit Bhattacharyya

Producer of 520+ games & VR AR, given opportunity to more than 750+ indie developers around the World.
Created 360+ Superhero game character from real actors and celebs around the world and that became a history itself.

Produced 7+ movies and several short movies as investor and sleeping producer.

Produced Bengal's first movie based game with Actor Jeet in their movie Boss 2.

Created India's first real actor and actress based RPG game .

Made several local actors and artists popular globally in TV series and international movies market in Asia.

Marketed several blockchain and crypto projects around the world.

Arijit helped several SME to update their legacy application and old process to new application migration and latest technology since 2010 to till date.


Arijit is a highly-skilled professional in the fields of Technology, Deeptech, Business Development, Fintech and Fund Raise in Investment Circle, Digital Upgrade, Sales and Marketing. Arijit's sharp analytical skills, paired with the latest technology, allow him to give his clients clarity—not just answers—in all areas of business.

Arijit helps to deliver clarity to his clients' most complex governance, risk, and transparency challenges. Arijit equips entrepreneurs with tools, strategies and systems to completely transform their businesses.  Arijit has 24 years of tech and finance leadership consisting in developing and implementing sales and business plans throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, Russia, Africa in several industry sectors.

Arijit is a seasoned global entrepreneur that possesses extensive experience at the executive level in operations, business development, fund-raising, strategy, sales and marketing.

At the start of Arijit's professional career he was managing 7 countries with 12 new business centers Virtualinfocom industry leading multinational corporation that provides global gaming, blockchain AI, AR, VR solutions. Arijit has built high performance sales teams from the ground up to win significant engagements with Tier 1 networking. As leader Arijit embraces diverse backgrounds and global perspectives, and he cultivates diversity by respecting, including, and valuing one another. He contributes to a supportive and collaborative work environment that empowers each individual to excel. 

Arijit founded and grew a boutique management consultancy specializing in strategy implementation and performance improvement. In India Arijit opened the first Virtual Networking Space, and one large community where he bring 350+ business houses together, that brings together national and international entrepreneurs with a drive to contribute to local community and to its eco-system.

Arijit's network includes global experts from the field of technology, AI, game development, Govt officials, investors VC funds, angel investors, C level executives, politicians, spiritual leaders, sports personality, university professor, real estate, tourism, sales, marketing school owners, movie personality, models, actors, directors, producers etc.

Startup Mentor and board member of multiple startups.

Founder of West Bengal's first cosplay show with own super hero characters from the game like fight of the legends series and several local language movies.

Consultant Asian Development Bank.

Advisor to multiple Incubators and Accelerators in India Singapore, USA, China, Russia.

Arijit is a technologist who develop and build AI, ML solutions and work on virtual reality, MR, game development, digital bank solution.
Arijit made digitalhuman, from real actor and models from India in 2007 onwards, for own game title and VR games. Converted 350+ celebrities as 3D game character as superheros.
He is consultant to multiple SME and MSME for their scaleup and growth, cross country expansion, scaleup their business. Details
As an active mentor and consultant Arijit helped thousands of startups to grow.

As a teacher, he trained over 5000 students in his own institute on technology, animation and IT. As a visiting faculty he trained thousands on student's in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, management.
Very Actively Associate with World Leading 1000+ Tech, Finance and Political Organization.

He has over 25+ years of experience helping Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Govt. across the world to solve problems using Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation.

He created a number of communities to go-global and created a few angel funds to help startups so that they can grow and scale up.

Arijit is an international public speaker and invited as keynote speaker, panellist & jury member at multiple global events every month which includes new technology development, future of business, startup events, angel investment forums etc.

He is an awarded top-rated global business leader, celebrated speaker, top influencer, blockchain specialist and VR specialist and a thought leader.

Arijit helped few banks to go digital with payment gateway solutions globally.

Globally acclaimed speaker on entrepreneurship, technology, motivation.

He is ranked 14 among world's top 50 blockchain thought leaders in the world.

Creator of 54 + Superhero's of his own in his 21 Comics series.

Creator of BSc in Game Development Virtual Reality and AR syllabus in MAKAUT

B2B point of contact for Asia- EU- USA- Australia


Game Development, VR, AR, XR, AI, Blockchain, Deeptech.

Realizing his dream to "Bring Art and Technology Together Successfully", Arijit founded India's one of the first game development studio, Virtualinfocom (VIC) in 1998. As one of India's first and leading technology companies, VIC is known for many innovations in IT solution, game development, AI, ML, blockchain solutions, VR, AR, XR & animation. VIC has produced more than 470+ games and VR, AR, XR app and Blockchain solutions and as an institute produced more than 5,000+ skilled programmers and designers that work with some of the most renowned technology organizations in the world.

Arijit is the first person in Indian who started making digital human/ 3D superheros directly from real actors and models while doing motion capture and 360 degree photography. Virtualinfocom produced own game titles based on movies as a production partner

Out of 470+ games few example : Shaktimaan the game & Shaktimaan the battle with superstar Mr Mukesh Khanna,, Bangladesh's first superhero movie Bizli , West Bengal's first movie based game Boss 2 with superstar Jeet, Nusrat Subhashree , Subhashree Ganguly- the tigress, Nilanjana – Priyanka Sarkar, Mainak Banerjee, Tushagni – Arjun Chakraborty & Amrita to name a few. Produced India's first RPG Mythology based game Ashwathama the immortal where in 2007 Arijit took kalari fighters in the game for fighting style and several fresh models as 3D game character, he did real-life shooting of all of those models and made 3D game characters that time.

Produced Nepal's first 3D racing game and also Bhutan's first 3D game
Fight of the legends – a series of superhero based fighting game where since 2008 Arijit recruited more than 200 models and actors around the world to be 3D game character and in future that moved in the NFT and metaverse world.
Intel Ultrabook based game – Arijit and team created multiple 3D ultrabook based game jointly with Intel..
Nokia : In early 2004 Arijit and team started making NOKIA phone based games.
Microsoft: Arijit and team made several 2D and 3D games and apps for Microsoft platform
Apple : Arijit and team made several Apple smart phone based game and app for their international clients.
Arijit created Bengali folk tale based games such as Sukhu Dukhu Lalkaml Nilkamal, Dacoits of Bengal etc.

Crypto Platform Roles:

Ex- Chief Business Development Officer, Public Speaker
Ex- CMO of Broffice – platform for real-estate enabled crypto platform
Consultant to Crypto gaming and betting platform based in EU.

As a Trainer

Arijit trained over 5000 students in his life in his own institute and by taking workshops in several university in India such as SRM University, IIT KGP, NIT, Brainware, iLead, MAKUT, Manipal University, Technoindia, IIM Calcutta, BIBS to name a few.

As board member of University / Education Industry

Arijit served as an advisory board member of several university in India and Europe.

App/ Animation/ XR for Marine Industry

Arijit created three applications and two XR solution and Two Animated video for the training of marine industry and also made training simulation for Schlumberger in 2010.

Information Technology for mining & training institutes

In his early life in 1998 to 2000 Arijit single handily created three applications for mining industry and school management system, that time of his career was more on VB 6.0 with SQL server in client base..

Technology update for SME in 4 continents

Arijit helped several SME to update their legacy application and old process to new application migration and latest technology since 2010 to till date.

Import and Export Industry

Arijit consulted several SME from India to export their products to UAE, EU and USA – mainly in food, processed food, wine and garments industry.

Movies & Entertainment

Arijit hosted West Bengal's first cosplay show in ITC Sonar Bangla jointly with PRSI, plus he hosted the same in another 5 star property alone and introduced virtualinfocom's several real models as cosplay artist.

Fashion Industry

As a passionate influencer Arijit helped 5 different startups to promote their brands worldwide.

Banking & Finance

Arijit serve as a consultant in few global banks since 2017.

Manufacturing Industry

Arijit supported and made structure for around 65 different SME and MSME in India, Dubai, Africa to make their business growth, structure of finance and technology, grow their network.

Music Industry

Arijit used to create music on his own in early 90's during his school days and hence while making games he created several BG score and voice over for their own game titles .

Worldwide web

Web 3.0, HTML 5 based games, HTML based websites around 15 years of experience while making and leading several teams in his career.

Electronics Industry

As a president of ELMA he is making the electronics industry branding upwards.

Construction/ Real Estate Industry.

In 2018 Arijit build jointly with Ukraine partners an amazing blockchain powered co-working place.

Agri Tech Industry

Arijit made structure for one Asia based firm to make their total solution for Agri-tech industry which runs as white level in several drone service.

Military Communications

Arijit in 2012 helped as a service provider to communications dept in Indian defenses.


Arijit & team made several VR games – executed in China, VR theme park in Kiev – Ukraine also several 3D VR games integrated in VR devices based in China – all characters are owned by VIC from real superstars and models as in 3D.

Blockchain :

Arijit is responsible for making three blockchain based ecosystem on healthcare, finance & energy

Arijit has been featured in

Companies founded by Arijit

Founder & CEO – Virtualinfocom- India's one of the first game development & VR app development company since 1998. We make real actors and models as 3D game character/ digital human/ superhero and make awesome game titles.

Founder: World Leader Summit – World's one of the largest leadership summit & International business club - with 95+ countries business partnership.
With a global reach and a local focus, the heart of WLS efforts lies in its six foundational programs,
1 Mentoring,
2 Networking,
3 Education,
4 Funding,
5 B2B and B2G
6 Incubation

Founder: virtual reality sol – India's one of the first virtual reality, live wall, mixed reality studio.

Co-Founder: Glamworldface- media & entertainment platform for creative people.

Founder: imsuperhero – platform for kids to make their own superheros and share to the world

Founder: Animgaming- platform for indie developers to showcase and get funding from global publishers and investors.

Founder: Yogatraining4u- platform to teach good life, yoga, nutrition, MMA, BJJ & rehab

Founder: Animationreviews- portal to share news about movies, VFX, animation

Lead Director - Avaluglobal Investments – Australia

Founder: Entrepreneursface - helps entrepreneurs to start up their business by helping them from the ideation stage to execution

Founder: Cosplayseller – India's first ecommerce portal for cosplay items.

Founder: Virtualgamedeveloper – India's one of the first virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality solution studio since 2006.

Founder 8metals: His passion to explore culture and science behind mythology can be explored in a non profit initiative to share knowledge.

Investment Banker.

Consultant, Panelist & Business Chamber

  • Consultant Asian Development Bank.
  • Judge for Startup India Award.
  • Panelist in Industry 4.0 Govt of India panel.
  • Advisory Board Member at World Women Conference and Awards
  • Advisory Board World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME)
  • Star Mentor of Change at Niti Aayog and a Member of the Mentor Board in various University around the world.
  • Ex-Hony secretary of TiE Kolkata, IT sub committee member CII.
  • Mentor IIMC Innovation Park
  • McKinsey & Company
  • President of ELMA (2021)
  • Ex- Google Business Group Manager
  • Dun and Bradstreet India
  • Arijit since 1998 worked in several industries

    • Game Development, VR, AR, XR, AI, Deeptech.
    • Technology
    • Import and Export Industry
    • Movies & Entertainment
    • Banking & Finance
    • Education Industry.
    • Manufacturing Industry
    • Music Industry
    • Worldwide web
    • Electronics Industry
    • Real Estate
    • Construction Industry.
    • Oil and Gas Industry.

    Keynote Speaker, Moderator, Resource Person

    • TEDx Speaker
    • American Association Of Precision Medicine
    • Diplomatic World Europe
    • Unicorn Battle USA
    • Ghana Business Summit & Awards with Vice President of Ghana
    • Speaker in IIM's - Calcutta, Ahmedabad, Ranchi, Bodhgaya, Raipur, Shillong, Rohtak, Sambalpur
    • Speaker in IIT's – Kharagpur,, Mumbai, Kanpur, Gandhi Nagar, Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad
    • Various National TV in India - DD National,CNBC India, Kantipur TV, TV9
    • Speaker in NIT's -Trichy,Rourkela,Kurukshetra,Silchar,Durgapur,Meghalaya,Raipur,Agartala,Jamshedpur,Patna,Delhi
    • The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE)
    • Games Gathering (Ukraine)
    • Korea Game Conference
    • Blockchain Conference Dubai
    • VR film festival China
    • Josh Talk Speaker
    • Go International Finland
    • Confederation of Indian Industry(CII)
    • Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
    • The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM)
    • Bengal Chamber of Commerce (BCC&i)
    • German American Chamber of Commerce
    • Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)
    • Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)
    • Vibrant Saurashtra
    • Various National TV in India - DD national
    • CNBC India
    • Next Growth Nepal
    • Kantipur TV
    • HULT
    • World Women's Conference 2020 USA
    • Keynote Speaker in several chamber of commerce
    • Speaker in MDI Gurgaon, Murshidabad
    • Speaker in XLRI Jamshedpur
    • Speaker in BESU / IIST Shibpur
    • Speaker in Campdain Family Connect on opportunities of blockchain & it's impact.
    • Speaker Dream Institute of Technology
    • Speaker Jury – UEM , IEM
    • Speaker Vivekananda University, Poornima, UPS University, Chitkara University
    • Speaker – International Conference on Cybercrime and Cyber Security
    • Speaker – Axis Bank
    • Speaker- Govt of Himachal
    • Speaker - International Conference on AI
    • More..

    Arijit is a Business Scalability Expert and a Finance, Technology & Growth Consultant focusing on Small & Medium Enterprises (SME), Mid level corporates and also advising companies on private equity investments in the startup and SME space.
    He has advised senior leaderships across MNCs and small businesses on improving operating margins and driving profitability. His expertise lies in the areas of International Business Development, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Business Strategy, New Market Development, Risk Management, Market Entry, New Technology, Deeptech, Systems & Processes and Fund-raising.

    He has expertise across various sectors such as Entrepreneurship, Angel Investment, Venture Capital, Raising Funds for SME & Startups, Technology, Deeptech, Early-stage Ventures, Government Relations, Global Startup Ecosystem, Business Incubator, Co-working space, International Business Operations, Movies & Media, Education, Strategy.
    He is ranked 14 among world's top 50 blockchain thought leaders in the world.
    Arijit is quick to adopt the changes brought about by AI breakthroughs in the recent decade. His current work reflects his passion for deep learning through testing and refining the predictability of a customer's potential purchase. Along with that he worked closely on voice tagging, ML scripts and helped universities across the world to adopt new tech and train the trainers. Arijit helped to create a methodology that set the industry standard for accuracy and real-time delivery of facial expression data and analysis.
    In the capacity of a mentor, he has helped entrepreneurs incubate their ideas into businesses, formulating go-to-market strategies, launching products and ensuring they work on sustainable business models. His expertise is hired by businesses that want to scale up, manage risk, reduce cost and grow more than industry benchmark.
    Arijit, always knew that the Indian animation & gaming industry's future was rooted in being able to produce original intellectual property. This pushed Arijit to establish virtualinfocom in the year 1998. His special interest in creating original Indian content for global audiences yielded in great success through creations such as Shaktimaan the game, fight of the legends (series), Ashwathama the immortal, Sukhu Dukhu, Lalkamal Nilkamal, Desert Drift, Saudi Arabia with love, 3D racing to name a few.
    It needs knowledge, creativity and the dedication to establish one's talent. His devoted hard work to empower artists and coders in India, S Korea, USA, Thailand, Australia with the latest technology to thrive and excel in the world of gaming, animation took him to remote villages in the country, where he discovered artistic talent to groom and great coders. While creating jobs for thousands of artists and programmers and animated professionals, Arijit Bhattacharyya has been a mentor, an educationist and a constant inspiration to the creative youth of our country to excel in the art of storytelling from history of the world. the best part of his exploration is digging science behind the mythology and culture. He himself travelled various parts of the world to explore culture and science behind those stories and put them in gamification and real animation. In fight of the legends and Ashwathama the immortal and katya game his team tried to put various fighting styles from different parts of the world and explored the opportunity to understand science facts in storytelling mode.


    What is the problem that Arijit solves for entrepreneurs?
    Arijit is bringing to you a comprehensive program designed to take you from where you are now… whether you need to pivot your business for this new economy, you're just starting out or you are executing your exit strategy… to where you want to be in your business. 
    Right now, most businesses are struggling to merely survive. They're hanging on by a thread, their leaders are burnt out managing the day to day operations and constantly changing regulations all while trying to meet shifting customer behaviours and needs. It's a lot to handle. But for those serious about their business growth, this is not the time to slow down or shrink back. This is the time to invest in the future – to spend time working ON your business instead of getting caught up working in their business.

    Why this program?

    Through this program, you'll master the foundational tools and strategies that will help you lead, grow and thrive in any economy… even this one. You'll develop a personalised turnkey business map to help you navigate even the most unpredictable economic conditions.
    And Arijit will show you how to find hidden growth opportunities so you can redefine your growth plan. You'll stock your tool-belt with all the psychological tools and skills you can implement immediately. Breakthrough whatever holds you back from the massive growth and success you want and create a strong, thriving business!  


    • Develop your personalized business map designed to help you successfully navigate through even the worst economic conditions;
    • Shift to a growth mindset and understand how you can create at least 30% growth through small optimizations to your current sales processes
    • Take control of your financial future and take the fear out of accounting • Learn the Opt and Max strategy that Arijit uses across her clients companies to create massive profit through manageable, incremental shifts This program is for you:

    • If you are serious about growth.
    • If you are hungry for more.
    • If you are passionate about serving your clients at the highest level. 
    • If you aren't willing to let the economy dictate whether your business stagnates or grows… 
    • If you're ready to skyrocket your business, launch to your next level and accelerate your path to a thriving business… 
    • If you're committed, hungry and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success in business and in life… 
    • If you aren't willing to settle for mere "survival".
      Results & Benefits of this program:
    Picture how your business looks like a year from now. Take a moment and dare to envision what's really possible to achieve. Close your eyes and really feel it:

    What is it like? 
    • A strong and capable workforce that allows you to spend more time with your family 
    • A culture of innovation, creativity and trust that means you're prepared to face any challenge that comes your way
    • The ability to serve your clients at higher and higher levels
    • Profit margins that allow for greater charitable donations 

    What does it look like? What does it FEEL like?

    Arijit is the advisor who will help you to get you there – to levels of success that may not have seemed possible or realistic.

    You already have the drive and the hunger to power your journey to next-level success

Involved as Mentor

Jury Member

Adviser & Producer

IT & ITES Projects

Game: Produced more than 200 plus game with more than 275+ celebrities and models(India, Russia, UK, Ukraine, Africa, Italy, France, Finland, Nepal, USA) as 3D simulated game character.

Ultrabook based apps n games: Developed Asia’s first ultrabook (Intel) based game as software development partner.Ultrabook based apps n games: Developed Asia’s first ultrabook (Intel) based game as software development partner.

VR: Since 2004 making VR based apps n games on helmet system using VRML to headset- cave- boomtube using latest game engines.

AR: Industrial AR solutions mainly into healtech, edutech and real-estate.

AI & ML: Implemented AI into marketing applications, financial analysis app, automation, gaming apps, social network applications.

Marketing & Business Development: For approx 12 plus mid-level product companies Arijit developed new market for their products and brought new B2B customers.

Blockchain: Core team member of making crypto wallet based in Russia, mentor of Thailand’s first crypto café, adviser & BD for blockchain based smart home solution based in USA, various fintech based solution using blockchain etc. Blockchain based real-estate solution.

Animation: Various industrial animation and simulation solution including oil rigging, real estate, medical, technology, FMCG etc.

IOT: CMO of smartdome USA based smarthome solution company, responsible to expand their business in EU, Middle east and Asia.

Superhero: Produced over 87 plus popular superhero’s along with took license of India’s popular superhero Shaktimaan and made two games out of it.

NON IT Projects

Coworking place: International business development of one of the largest Ukraine based coworking place.

Product for blinds: New market development and business development.

ECRS: CMO for geriatric solution company based in UK. (Took exit in 2016).

Gentry: Business development for tailor made Shoe Company based in Ukraine.

Redcarpet: Managing partner & responsible for business expansion.

Yogatraining: Business development for health n nutrition based startup based in Thailand.

Bridge: Business development for B2B platform based in middle east, expanded in USA.

Gointernational: Helped to develop new market and new customers for B2B platform based in Nordic country. (exit in 2018)

ELINE: International business development for Ring based gesture control system.

Contribution to Education Industry:

Visiting faculty:

Brief Intro:

“I’m a technologist, founder of few wonderful technology company, non-executive director of others, and a restless entrepreneur with a passion for creating feedback loops between innovation and teams and revenue streams, applying new and old business models to changing industries, and pushing people to do the very best they can do.

An entrepreneur since 1998, Arijit Bhattacharyya is the founder of Virtualinfocom India’s one of the first game development company. Founder of India’s first B2B portal on game development, India’s first Portal on cosplay. He is an active advisor and speaker in cyber security & financial management forum for cyber crime and security. He is creator of India’s one of the first Virtual Reality training institute and maker of Virtual Reality lab in Middle East. He is the creator of one of the first Virtual Reality lab in India. Contributor & Structure creator of Smart City Projects in few parts of the globe. Creator of media portal with over 275 + celebrities & models, actors from India, UK & Japan. World’s one of the first company to make real celebrities into 3D simulation. Kolkata’s first movie based game Boss2, Bangladesh’s first superhero movie based game Bizli, Nepal’s first 3D racing game, Bhutan’s first 3D game maker. Helped to raise funds for several companies around the world.


For the last several years Arijit is speaking in various national and international platforms about entrepreneurship, fund raising, game development, virtual reality, scale-up business, wealth management, startup ecosystem and IP. Example: games gathering kiev, National Entrepreneurs Network, TiE, CII, China VR Film Festival, Good Game Show (Korea), Passion for game (Singapore), Startup Saturday, IIT EDC, IIM Innovation Lab, Digimation-UK, FICCI Frames, Next Growth Conclave Nepal, Franchise India, IAMAI, Tedx, NAB China, Xian Film Festival- China, Children Film Festival India etc.

He is also Corporate Advisory Board Member of few Universities in India. Advisor of three animation and gaming institute in Russia, UK and India.

He is the creator of India’s one of the first 3D games based on mythology and culture.

He has been invited as a resource person by various institutions from time to time like IIM , IIT, XLRI, NIT, VSSUT University, Brainware University,ICAI, NSHM Knowledge Campus, Bengal Engineering & Science College, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Praxis Business School, Manipal University, Globsyn School of Business, SRM University, Poornima University, Camellia Group of colleges, iLead, IEM, BP Podder, Heritage Institute, SP Jain and so on.

He is the creator of India’s first 3D game based on mythology and culture.

Chamber of Commerce Involvement:

Arijit began programming in late 1994 with BASIC, before progressing rapidly to C and C++ in early 1995 for DOS application development, then onto 32-bit development under Windows. He moved to RAD with Borland’s C++ Builder (essentially Delphi for C++) in 1996. In 1997 he became involved in Internet technologies, progressing to dynamic, database-driven websites. In 2000 as he is an artist Arijit turned into the field of animation and late 2001 he became a Game Developer and Simulation Engineer.

Arijit earned a MCA along with Financial Management degrees, BSc in Economics & few global certificates. Over the last few years Arijit has held key positions in several trade bodies and industry associations and has served as a Board Member / Advisor for several companies.

Arijit mentors entrepreneurs and provides strategic inputs and directions to companies. He is a very popular speaker and speaks on his ongoing research in How Scale up Business, Cyber Security, Making IP, Product Development, How Start Smart, Game Development, VR and Wealth Dynamics.

Able to work on his own initiative and as part of a team, Arijit has proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve company objectives. Arijit has first-class analytical, design and problem solving skills and is globally networked and is dedicated maintaining high quality, ethical and corporate governance standards.

Investment Relation:

  • Fund manager of VC Fund based in USA.
  • An angel investor with 8 company as portfolio and took exit from three till date.
  • Member Intellecap Impact Investment Network (I3N)
  • Partner Avalu Global Investments
  • Investor & Mentor in Faster Capital Dubai
  • Member of Naman Capital (Mumbai)
  • Ah ventures (Blore)
  • Adviser Founders Institute Kolkata
  • Adviser & Mentor IIM Calcutta Innovation Park

Corporate Advisory Board Member

  • BP Podder Institute, India
  • Digimaion, UK
  • NEN- National Entrepreneurs Network
  • External expert in Board of Study Dept of computer science and engineering Brainware University
  • He made syllabus of BSc in game Development & Virtual Reality approved in Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal (Formerly known as West Bengal University of Technology)

Judge & Jury (More than 260 + events)

Achievements, Creation & Industry Involvement

I am responsible for several projects:

Event hosting for entrepreneurs.

Networking lunches I have hosted a few hundred networking lunches, where I provide a forum for six to 12 like-minded members of my network to meet and exchange value.The key to hosting a successful lunch lies in the selection of the restaurant and the attendees. You’ll want to select a restaurant that can accommodate paying separately and has a private dining room. It's a complete B2B segment where people come with specific agenda and target in mind. Me and my team members do specific B2B and B2C with guided structure.

Brainstroming dinners I started hosting dinners since 2016 to connect successful entrepreneurs. Me and my team, puts a lot of emphasis on selecting the right attendees for each event . We ensure there is at least one over-arching commonality among all guests and avoids inviting people at opposite ends of experience, if it's a networking session for startups, we make sure to bring actual value for them where they can get REAL business. At least two of the guests have in common that’s not particularly common and will arrange seating to increase the likelihood of it coming up over the course of the dinner.

Languages I can read write and speak:


If you want to expand your business & looking for right kind of partner or setting your office in USA, Singapore, India, China, Thailand, Finland, UK, Russia, Japan, Taiwan.

Arijit Bhattacharyya