Arijit Bhattacharyya

Startup- The team you need, if you want to build an organisation

Rooster: If you want to build a team, you need a person who act like a rooster, a rooster never eats alone, if he got some amount of food, it will shout and ask others to join in, it shouts in the morning and call everyone to start the day... find someone like this.
Rhino: In life, while doing business you needs this character that should have skin like Rhino, act like the same; strongly needed to grow your venture. He will take things forward in a way, where your “Baby – The Venture” is protected. Remember Rhino is one of the key people; never forget to compensate him/ her Best you can give.
Swan: You know, when we read book, we don’t gain knowledge, knowledge needs to be extracted, it’s said if you mix water and milk and give that to Swan, she will only extract the best… That’s the reason goddess “Saraswati” do have symbolic real life animal as Swan... Listen to everything, but take only knowledge. If you have some-one in your team like this, she/he is the best person you have.
Tiger: This is the guy you need to feed-on, he will ask for meat (the money), and will run for you; act for you, sometimes you (The Startup) might be the Tiger, it will bring prey for the organization.. This can’t be done by a Lion, understand the strength and risk of taking this gentleman in team, he will be tough, rough, but he will roar for your “Baby”.
Owl: “Money/ Wealth” is always there in the dark, you need this instinct to find the wealth in the dark, grab it in proper time, it’s the best team-mate who understand how to roll your money and where to get it; this is one of the reason goddess “Lakshmi” do have symbolic real life animal as owl. He /she needs should be able to see things from the top and find “Wealth”, go and get it..
Snake: Snakes are able to adapt to different terrains and the harshest of environments. So as a human being we need to understand how to be adaptive. They will shed their overstretched skins so that they can grow a new one. Life is a series of new beginnings. We must be prepared and forget negative experiences that serve no purpose in our lives to start a new chapter, a new beginning so that we can focus on crafting a meaningful, exciting and fulfilling future. You need this person who relies on gut feelings, sometimes calculation don’t work in real life.
Elephant: Well, they are best caring people, who care for the team, have awesome memory, they walk slow but does things in steady way, unless they become MAD. You need to control this person, they usually gives a long term value to the organization.
This is a basic team if you are a less than 5 years old businesses, then you are startup, more than 5 years you should be a success.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya