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No matter who you are, what are you going to need to earn your livelihood, the most important thing is money can't buy happiness. Yes that's true, but the real fact is it may not buy happiness but it can definitely afford food, clothing, housing etc. This is actually the oxygen when there are any sort of necessities. It also definitely make things easier. In fact what is more is people spend most of their time either on business or jobs so as to get a pay check. You may be anyone but you definitely need to find a way to make money. The two basic ways to earn money: entrepreneurship and employment.
Actually both are important. Though many Indians are working for foreign companies,well that doesn't really matter.What really matters is increasing per-capita of the country. If you have decided that you need to make the money, then you should focus on discovering what is the correct way of doing that and what will bring happiness. You also need to know what fits your dreams and goals. Are you really an ambitious person? Are you a person who likes being comfortable? Well may be you want to start a business, thus becoming an entrepreneur, or may be your dream is to work for the reputed companies. Once you have realized that you need to make money, then it is necessary for you to focus on the way which will bring you money. There exist a debate on whether the people should throw, themselves into business or job.
Let's think about the second. Just write down the passions, dreams, and goals. What is the best method to achieve them? Entrepreneurship or employment? Your dream may be neither of this. But if your dream is to travel, just ask a question? Which path will help you to travel more? Just think about the requirements, for each goals in life. How can you achieve this goals?
What is the best fit for you?
It depends on different factors. Actually there exist no guarrantee about how you will be successful in what you do? How far are you going to achieve them? If you are really passionate about the business and are willing to sacrifice time, money and effort with the risk that you may not be successful or profit from it, then you can easily throw yourself into business.
Actually people are born with genes which give them skills, or talent whether you wish to be a good entrepreneur. Actually no one is ever born as entrepreneur. Individuals are born as entrepreneur and it is never too late to become one.
Whether you are doing a business or working for an organisation, what you have on both sides is a delivering value. Actually the core of your business is giving your delivering value. Actually there is no escape, entrepreneurs are just like employees who create and deliver values. Employees are valuable to their boss/ company, but the entrepreneurs make themselves valuable for their customers. The employees are fired in case they are unable to provide any sort of value to the company.
If you are unable to generate communication with someone, then ho can you expect to work on a team? For the entrepreneurs you just need to make new connections. Just be realistic, if you need to survive in this world you need to communicate with people.
Entrepreneurs are just like co-workers, so if you want to be successful either way, you just need these skills so as to survive. If you are really paying attention you must know how much the connections are becoming important in this world.
What kind of lifestyle do you want? What are you dreaming about?
A comfortable life, you want stability in your life, and lead a peaceful life. You don't want to relax your comfortable life and value your relaxing time, then employment is the best path for you. This is an easy path to follow because you need to know all the steps. If you are doing your job perfectly then there is no risk of losing it. You will have a set schedule and you also know the time to switch your mind from work to family.
You want to stay moving, and take risks, you love to work and keep growing, are you ambitious? Also handle the position of discomfort, then you are ready to become an entrepreneur. You love the lifestyle and want to create something on your own, keep betting yourself though you may get stuck sometimes . Life is unstable and unexpected and you enjoy it!Ambition and dreams are a big part you are thinking.

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