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Medical Simulation Equipment

This is a technique and not a technology that amplifies real experience with guided experience replicating substantial aspect of the real world in a fully interactive manner. The first and foremost technique, this enhances the learning environment thus promoting effective quality learning experiences.
The medical simulation process is not a new one. This is used for more than 25 years, in medical schools and training facilities. The simulation equipment creates a realistic environment for the learners willing to participate in the medical program.
With the help of medical simulation process, you are able to virtually view the operation process and even participate in it from anywhere.
Augmented reality has created a new spark in the field of medical science. Proper medical simulation equipment help in ideally carrying out the operation. The equipment's used are:
Surgical Tables: As the medicine advances open surgeries are replaced by minimally invasive procedures which are performed using X-Ray guidance. These are innovative patient platform on which the cutting edge procedures are performed.
Exam Tables: These are tables which are used for supporting the patient during medical examination.
Surgical lights: This is an operating light that is intended to assist medical personnel at the time of surgical proceedure thus illuminating the local area or cavity of the patient.
Simulation Anasthesia Equipment: Simulation Anasthesia Equipment is an entirely new technology which is used safe providing excellent educational sessions, unique opportunity to apply & practice implementing knowledge in a safe environment without any compromise of patient care.
Surgical Headlights: A surgical headlight is a cool operative light that provide cool operative light, flexible surgical position, and improved visibility and mobility.
Surgical Light sources: This is completely white light source delivering clear white light that is required by todays surgeon for accurately and precisely distinguishing tissue color.
Respiratory Ventilators: A respiratory ventilator is used for supporting patients breathing by assisting the oxygen inhalation into the lungs and exhalation of carbon dioxide.
Patient Monitor: A patient monitor consists of one or more monitoring sensors, processing component and also a monitor thus providing and recording medical professionals a patient's vital medical signs.
Defibrillators: This is a proceedure used for the treatment of life threatening condition affecting the rhythm of the heart like cardiac arrhythmia, ventricular fibrillation and pulseless ventricular tachycardia.
Infusion Pumps: This is a medical device used to deliver fluids into patient's body in a controlled manner and may be used for delivering nutrients and medication like insulin, hormones, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs etc.
Pulse oximeter: This is light weight, small monitors attached to the finger tip monitoring the amount of oxygen carried in the body.
EKG Machines: This is a short electrocardiogram that is used for interpreting and recording the electrical impulses of the heart for diagnostic purpose.
Enteral feeding pump: This is a versatile enteral feeding system designed wherever patients go.This enables the patient to adhere to get the nutrition as required for living.
Medical Furniture: These are the backbone for arranging and organizing your practice. The right medical furniture helps to meet the patients need thus streamlining your work flow.
Pedriatic Equipment: This is the best medical equipment to take care for the infants. They obtain precise weight of infants using pediatric scales and also safely transport the infants with supportive pediatric stretchers.
Fetal Monitors: At the time of labor, your healthcare practitioners and nurse check baby's heart rate about how he is doing and tolerating the contractions. This is fetal monitoring. This is usually done with the help of fetal monitor. This helps in checking baby's heart rate.

The use of these equipment has helped the medical world to reach new level. These equipment provides treatment based on your specific needs.



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