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Year Review 2021

Jan: Shaping all the past country-wise ecosystem in a common platform.
Became founding member of national Health Federation USA
Gearing-up for this year world leader summit 2021- target month Nov 2021 – target countries 90+ target speakers number 100+..
Starting of giving time to "myself"
Feb: Starting of cross border import & export help for few commodities business in EU and Mexico. Travelled to Dubai for several business meetings.
Started exploring real-estate market.
Starting of consultancy for new crypto project.
Helped another ecosystem to start their operation in Dubai as Chief Advisor.
Taking two new Ambassador for World Leader Summit in Dubai.
Meeting friends there.
Meeting my brother from another mother, who came all the way from Egypt to meet me, I had sent him as a key-note speaker in another GCC countries in their govt program (ofcourse I had sent a Indian startup there too who got all interview and mileage there/ sad part he didn't know I've sent and did all these like Batman).
Several Russian old contacts came to meet and we had beautiful time.
March: We celebrated Women's League in World Leader Summit ( 65+ change makers from 50+ countries including Swati Mandela & several others) a pure women run council in our business club..
Planning for start Riding Tiger with Arijit Bhattacharyya
Part of three new angel investment body based in Europe and USA April: Full of discussions + several mentoring sessions for startups in Russia, Africa, Romania, Italy Spain, Croatia, Serbia, USA, Australia, Canada, Greece, Ireland, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Qatar, Singapore, Hong-Kong a long list.
May: Dedicated business growth for few SDG – understand them – planning for making platforms for our members in ecosystem.
June: Planning to start our own accelerator and dedicated fund for startups. AI & ML we are doing in virtualinfocom shared in Amity University
Speaking in Nepal Organised by U.S. Embassy Youth Council Nepal
Several startup mentoring – learning how to balance each hour dedicated to people world-wide. Day starts 6 AM – ends at 2 AM – a little gap while I do workout, fighting, yoga and 2 hours sleep in noon time. 2AM- 6 AM sleep is not enough hence had to find way to get sleep for neurons while working.
Speaking in IIM Kashipur
July : Creating dedicated content for SME, MSME and Startups so that they can get basic understanding. Creating a team for to talk more on epic science and explaining things.
Took interview of hundreds of people for own talk series.—Starting of Riding Tiger with Arijit Bhattacharyya talk series (crossed 90+ videos in youtube now)
Started writing book on Entrepreneurship and Fund Raise – the real facts and tips from my small learnings.
August: Travel, no social media post on travel. Interviewed in TV9 on game development .
Workshop on Venture capitals and Angel investors – online speaking
Became global ambassador of ICMEI
global ambassador of WASME
Multiple meetings to start our own accelerator and 50% confirmation of our investors.
Sept: My gym celebrated my birthday- oath to become more strong and lift few more KG
Speaking in World AI Summit on my birthday – they celebrated it as well, the founder didn't know it's my BDay and hence several mature people sang birthday songs … hah
Moderating a panel on blockchain and ML in Alt Future Summit
Helped my mentee from VR field to grow in USA and start operation there.
Joined as Director in one USA based tech company.
Where to GET JOB ? Talk in Sister Nivedita university
Jury in startup pitch Jadavpur university
Speaking in GDPR my bit on real system security and GDPR.
Keynote speaker in International Conf of Cyber Crime and Cyber Law
Global Podcast : Someone said I am a philanthropist and change maker. Well happy to know that I've been uplifted.
Travelling – to Jaipur to open a new incubation center, talking in one conference there meeting new people and got to know about another accelerator who are doing absolutely fine 10,000 years old tech with latest generation tech and how it's gonna shape our future.- speaking in one global event online – dream to connect our old epic-tech destroyed by several others who came and rule India- getting shape, traveling in jungles to find truth, climbing hills, meeting monks for last 30 years getting shape. Decided to come in front of public and share things we've been doing in my birthday month.

Oct: speaker in AISEC youth speak forum. Speak in global EIT Food conference.

Speaking in IIM Sambalpur
Keynote speaker crypto game development, NFT and deeptech market - Dubai
Joined as mentor to three new incubators
Started writing about my lifestory – someone asked me I must share it to people – this might open few hidden things or some people might get encouragement
Final touch on World Leader Summit 2021 – we crossed 145+ speakers from 96+ countries. Always commit less and execute more.
Attended one Kolkata based event as president of ELMA, who said they want me to come and talk about ELMA, but in the event they didn't bother to ask for the same hence I decided to stand for the same and shared my two cents
Felt that I am not required in Bengal, Bengal is doing absolutely great, I am more needed where people seek help.
Registered our accelerator – invested in our first startup (they are in hyper casual game development based in Turkey – seed investment) – coinnovateventures
Executed 18 deals from our members in ecosystem – 2022 will be the time where we will start our own website to show what all we did and how many opportunities are there
4 more deals were in pipeline, wanted to float the news in our investors list, one Malaysian lady joined our team as business development executive. – Got several companies who became partner in our accelerator. We are going for Corporate Acceleration Program now.
Starting of propertyplaneta – platform for realestate players – buy , sell, add IOT solutions – looking for partners who have solutions for home/ hotels/ apartments – any solution that can add value and we can grow you.
Nov: Speaking in Road to startup success in Lovely Professional University 5th Nov to 9th Nov 2021 – World Leader Summit

Published in 28 COE
Went for a small vacation and enjoying "me time" – thinking to start something in health and nutrition
Arranged Africa special pitching with two of our investors – 16 startups pitched after filtering – starting of mentoring session for them in future.
Sharing of lifestory in facebook
Helped one wine manufacturer from Mexico to enter in India from our partners network..
Meeting with another entrepreneur from Kolkata Indrajit Lahiri running amazing Foodka – he invited me for a coffee to understand how funding and investment happens – gave him few truth. Loved this meeting as he used to come in our Bong Entrepreneurs meetups. Saw he is growing amazingly.
An amazing writer wanted to quote me in her book of entrepreneurship, got her book in hand all the way from France.
Australia's gaming industry & Indian connect – speaking from the perspective of India's first game studio realised that before us no one did their own game title, it was all outsourcing work for others, and I am feeling now why I was an odd-man out in the crowd
Entering again in Bengali movies, one of my director friend asked me to join him in distance village of Bengal.
Created a small team to start new venture in health and fitness for India – getting organic food, herbal and Ayurveda , yoga teachers nutrition specialists, workout instructors with us.
Mentoring for IIMC Innovation Park in Assam, got two startups in organic food making willing to help them to grow.
Trying Archery after decades – LOVED it in an empty island – location Assam.
From network a lady makes chocolates, teaching her how to make sustainable company and creating team for her as I am a part of this startup- professional way. Year Review ends.
I've skipped so many things it's getting too long.
My small learning is to be like water and act like Tiger this year, once you understand what I mean, feel free to connect with the same mind-set.



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