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Don't we all dream of how life in space is? Well let me tell you it's not a dream. In the near future we all can be space travelers and set up our own colonies and who knows when we come back on earth, we would be the so called Aliens. Confused? Give this a read and you shall get your answer. Here are the evidences that prove the existence of Aliens in Earth. So what are you waiting for? Let's explore the possibility of who these Aliens are? Happy reading!!
So the possible question that comes in our mind is that why humans would set up space colonies and leave the earth? Well the answer to this lies in our rapid technological advancements. As humans we are becoming more and more dependent on machines, we do not use our brain neurons and try to find easy solutions to all through the help of technology. We can get a number of examples from our everyday life like instead of remembering stuff we depend on our cell phones or computers to keep a track thus paralyzing our brain functioning. A similar concept was put forth in Mahabharata in the tale of Revati. When king Kukudmi and Revati come back to earth from Brahmalok to Earth in order to marry Balrama , they were awestruck to see that human beings have are getting more and more detached with nature. They have lost the natural intelligence.
They could not relate the world they lived in and the world they came back. Due to this King Kukudmi went back to Brahmalok as he had no work here. Similarly the pace of advancement of modern technologies is paralyzing man. At the present scenario it is quite likely that the modern civilization will come to an end as this world would no longer be a suitable place for the dwelling of the human beings. This will take place due to the actions of the humans. This phenomenon is mentioned in the Vedas that Brahma has 360 days in his year and we are in the 51st year of our present Brahma.
All creation takes place during the day and at night all creation is absorbed back to him. So a day of Brahma is only our life span. Hence when this earth will no longer be a right place for living, humans would travel to space and start living perhaps in some other planet far away from the earth. Hence this present civilization will destroy taking with it all the technological advancements and gadgets. In all probability humans are likely to set up colonies far away from the earth perhaps two times the distance of the sun from earth.
Time will go on much slower in there probably slower than mentioned in the Vedas. According to Vedas human one year is similar to one day in space but since the colonies might be set up much far way from Earth, time will go on more slower perhaps hundreds of years on earth would make one day there. So quite understandably the age of these space humans would take much time to grow and they would live much longer than the earthly beings. In earth meanwhile civilizations will start to form from the core level. We might have civilizations underwater as during the end of the present civilization few people might go or get drowned below waters and start civilizations there. We have the mention of this in Mahabharata in the tale of Revati whose father King Kukudmi was the ruler of the underwater kingdom of Kakusthali.
Coming Back of these space humans or aliens:
So after staying in space for a long period of time, these people will be fascinated to come back to earth and see its advancements. When they come back they would come in contact with the primitive people living underwater or probably on land. These primitive people who have no technological advancements would think these advanced people to be Gods. They will be huge in size. This is mentioned in Mahabharata that when Revati comes back from Brahmalok , she is huge in size and Balrama has to use his axe to shorten her.
Similarly the primal people would take these huge and would not get killed by fire or weapons as they would have advanced spacesuits. They would be immortals and Gods by these primal people quite similar to the concept of 'Amrit' in Puranas.
They will have advanced machines and the tasks done by them would seem magic to these people. They would teach the advanced technologies to these people and probably very basic things like cycles or wheels will develop like we see in the ancient civilizations of Harappa and Mesopotamia. Further these outer space people can create monuments or teach the primal people how to do it thus teaching them the pathway to technology as in the ancient civilizations we find and thus this cycle will rotate.
Human-alien hybrids:
A few of these people would continue on earth and human-extraterrestrial hybrids will come up similar to the concept of Chiranjivis and demi god in the Puranas. We have Arjuna or Bheema who are sons of Gods and humans. Kunti was granted a boon by sage Durbasa that she could have children from any God by the mantra given to her. All the Pandavas are sons of gods and human as Kunti was a human. Similarly we will have these hybrids and it will start a race of perhaps what we call Chiranjivis or Vanaras like Hanuman or Jamuvant who had extraordinary powers.
Time Rap:
Time is like a cycle, but timeline is constant, as we are inside the frames we don't realize that we are in static frames, it's like a pearl neckless, will explain it in my next article. What has happened in the past will again happen in the future. These space people would have the access to machines which will be impossible for the primitive people to get hold of. So in the process modern man or outer space people will teach primitive man the technologies. Humans will teach humans and probably again pyramids and sculptures will come up. So this rotation of the time wheel is called time rap where again humans will be doing a journey from the ancient to the modern world.
For a better understanding of the future we must have a look at the past. So let's look into a few texts and sculptures to explore the possibilities of aliens in the past.
Chariots of Gods:
Books always enlighten us with the most needed knowledge and this book is not an exception. It was written by Erich Von Daniken in 1968. It is based on the theme of Ancient Astronauts who were welcomed as Gods by the primitive civilizations. It provides us the hypothesis that the technologies and religions of the prehistoric people was given by these Ancient Astronauts. The book gives a number of arguments trading with the prospect of outer world beings or what we call Aliens influencing the ancient technologies.
According to Von Daniken certain ancient structures and carvings require more scientific advancements than the primitive people were believed to have. He presents the idea that these infrastructures were built either by the extraterrestrial guests or by 'Homo Sapiens' who acquired the knowledge from them. Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge and the Moai of Easter Island are such examples. The Egyptian Pyramids were built by the opposite electromagnetic force which helped them to stand high without being destroyed. These kinds of technologies are rare even today so it is unbelievable that the primal people did it with such accuracy without any outer space help. The Piri Reis Map commonly called the medieval map is depicted by Daniken similar to the view of the Earth from space.
The Nazca lines in Peru are argued by him to have been built by humans as rudimentary replicas of ancient alien structures. This might have been used as a mode to call the aliens back on earth. In a similar way he puts forward the dispute that Cart-ruts in Malta might have outer space purposes. Analogous lines have been found in Australia, Saudi Arabia and the Aral Sea. The book further argues that the ancient carvings can be taken as Ancient Astronauts, spaceships and outer space people. The primitive Japanese Dogu sculptures portray the figure of astronauts in spacesuits.
Similarly the 3000 year old Egyptian New Kingdom Temple artifacts show helicopter resembling machines. Daniken interprets the origin of religions and the Old Testament to be reactions to get in touch with extraterrestrial inhabitants. In Daniken's view the primitive people took the technologies of the aliens to be mystical and the aliens to be Gods. He puts the question that whether or not most of the religions bear references from the visits of star people and vehicles resembling spacecrafts. In his thought these must be interpreted as the objects which change with time and become vaguer. Von Daniken says Ezekiel's envision of angels and the wheels seem like a spacecraft description and the Ark of the Covenant (a gold roofed timber chest with lid cover as described in the Book of Exodus containing two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments) as a device of communication with the outer world people.
He puts forward an incident of the World War II when the remote tribes of the South Pacific misinterpreted the advanced American and Japanese soldiers to be Gods. In the last chapters of the book he explores the possibility that humans could theoretically give primal civilizations advanced technologies and weapons in the year 2100. This would be a parody according to Daniken on the alien contacts that previously took place on the earth.
Other Theories:
It is always advisable to consult more than one theory before drawing any conclusion. So let us look into a few more theories supporting this.
In the book 'Earth Chronicles' Zecharia Sitchin gives an account of an Annunaki visit 400,000 years back in the Sumerian region. They were taken as Gods by the Sumerians. She says that these Annunaki were dwellers of the Nibiru planet that came in search of gold and created the humans by mixing their genes for their ease.
'The Sirius Mystery' is a book on the Dogon people and their contact with aliens 5000 years ago. It is written by Robert temple.
'Intelligent life in the universe' is a book by Carl Sagan in which the explorations of Jean-Francois de Galaup is mentioned that has an encounter with the aliens. It has come down orally from the Tlingit people. These contacts can be made in prevailing circumstances according to Sagan.
Ancient Sculptures:
It is always very interesting to excavate the past and take a close look at the primitive carvings. So let's take this journey of our ancient earth.
Kachinas Hopi cave paintings bear evidence with star people. Evidences also include Paleolithic cave drawings. Modern astronauts were portrayed in Australia in the Wondjina drawings.Space people wearing helmets were depicted as dome shaped heads. In the desert of Peru, the primitive Nazca lines and big ground paintings give a picture of stylish animals and human figures magnificient in size. They are supposed to be stretched lines resembling to be runways of ancient spacecrafts.
Saqqara Bird and Colombia-Ecuador in Egypt have similarity to modern planes and gliders. Human figures differently with a huge head are found in Ahu Tongariki close to Rano Raraku..Probably aliens built them. Giza Pyramids ruins and others show the technological advancements during that age. Replication cannot be done even today so it's evidential that extraterrestrial beings might have existed who had supernormal powers.
The Paracas skull in the museum of Peru is a physiologically manipulated structure. These skulls were given by the ancient people to their children. It is argued that this was given to emulate extraterrestrial masses who were regarded as God. According to some, the people who were owners of the biggest skulls may be human-extraterrestrial hybrids. . In Italy a Petro glyphs was found from Val Camonica which had the picture resembling the modern astronauts. An Alien like figurine from Japan dated 1000-400 BCE was discovered.
Mythological and Cultural texts:
It's always thrilling to look at different cultures and texts. So let's take a closer look at the following texts to know their views on aliens.
Sumerian texts:
In the Sumerian texts Anunnaki is mentioned. They were the Sumerian gods. They are described as wearing helmets. These helmets resemble the modern space helmets. They were portrayed to be having huge size and superhuman powers. This has been argued by Sitchin as outer space people who came to earth in search of gold and created the 'Homo-Sapiens' by genetically mixing their genes.
Indian Mythology: Pushpak Rath or the flying chariots are mentioned in Ramayana which Ram and Ravan uses. We have Revati's tale where she is a time traveler and is huge in size. Similarly we have the mention of Vanaras like Hanuman who could time travel. We have the Pandavas who are demi gods (human-god hybrids). Then we also have the chiranjiis who are immortals. There are many such references to such people that I have mentioned earlier.
So are you able to draw the link between mythology and science? Well I would leave you with this thought and we would be back soon with more amazing stuffs sketching a pathway between Science and Mythology. Till then keep thinking!!



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