Life Story: Blind kids connects more than people who have eyes

Life Story: Blind kids connects more than people who have eyes

Year 2014: Probably I became one of the active Charter Member of the business club, and while interacting with kids in school for the entrepreneurship program me and the present ED started mixing with lot many school kids. That time the present Hony Secretary, asked me one day to explore Narendrapur Ramkrishna mission blind school.
He took both of us to an amazing environment, we started talking to those kids who can't see or can make out things barely with their different ability.
While talking with them, I realised they may not be able to see with human eyes, but their other body parts are more active that a person with eyes.

While talking with them, I preferred NOT to stay in the podium rather I started walking among them and when they touch my hands those were divine touch, words can't express how I felt.
Some of them came in front of me and started feeling my face they smiled with joy that they can recognize the simple Bengali. Did I boost them morally?
Probably it was opposite, if kids without eyes can have vision why can't I have (person with mortal eyes) can have futuristic vision?
Why stick to one particular tech or business? Why not use other parts of body and use brains / neuron to connect nature (GOD).
In reality Shiva don't have physical body, neither it's got a shape – it's always beyond space/ time and mortal reality, it's pure joy and happiness.
As a human with eyes if you ask a person who can't see with mortal eyes to define a shape oriented demi-god – you might not be able to define it, but once you define path to connect wisdom, learn and understand "who I am" you will be able to make that happen faster than any so called book.

To connect soul to soul if you need language then I feel we are doing mistake and that's exactly what happened with me in Singapore during my google business group days, while interacting with a friend of mine from brazil.
He doesn't understand English that much and I can't speak his language, but we started interacting with each other.
Same happened with my roommate from Africa, we started communicating with expressions and body language rather usual methods of language.
I felt, those kids were NOT without eyes, rather they opened "my inner eyes" that English is JUST a language and you don't need to change your "way of communication".

Face is the best mirror of human-mind; your thought is always reflected in your eyes. In life if you can see beyond what you are supposed to see, act accordingly, go in "hibernate" mode, learn understand and grow – you will find your purpose of "being" and you will stop bully others.
You will know, people who don't have LOVE in life, they behave differently with others, always remember, NO ONE can ruin your reputation, if you don't allow "them" to do so.
Ruining someone's reputation is temporary, your act and work will reflect you back once again, people who need solution "just in time "can't stay longer in ecosystem.
Your peace of MIND must come from your "inner-eyes" hence it doesn't matter if you've two eyes or four or three, you just need Shiva (the being without being energy) to direct you towards being "OM" – the "I am ".
Always understand who "I" is and "act" – it's always what we do in this life, makes "who we are".
It's always how we learn to become "Dahanan" but not "Ravana". It's always how we can learn and understand "Brahma","Vishnu" and "Maheshwar" connected with "Mahamaya" and become "Param Bramha".

Just like these kids with vision, we are all blind in mortal world and try to understand the real truth, touch others and smile in mind so that it open soul of another person to give a return smile to us.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya