Steps to Find Your Purpose When Life is Crashing into Chaos

Is life going through chaos and you don't know how to overcome this? Read this article and learn how to move forward. Let's begin! Always remember these few things when life comes crashing down: Nothing in this whole world is permanent as it appears. Many other people have lived various worse situations with limited/fewer resources. So you're lucky enough if you don't have to face these difficult circumstances. One day you're going to die, so live your life to the fullest and find purpose in everything you did! Want to know how to find purpose in the Chaos? Here you go!
Due to this pandemic we all were stuck inside our house and this makes us stressed. Find out your new purpose of life with these steps:
Remember the days you enjoyed before lockdown. Find some pictures of those days and feel those moments.
Do what makes you happy. If drawing, dancing, other creative works make you happy then do this right now
Start doing yoga, meditation, exercise everyday and maintain a healthy diet. If you want a healthy mental state then you needs to be physically healthy
Start writing journal every day. Whatever comes in your mind note that and also write down your purpose. Confess your purpose and complete it, you'll feel relaxed. Write down the achievements for one week
Don't stress too much due to your pending works. Scheduled the tasks and complete over a couple of days
Be kind and realistic to yourself. Set one purpose each day and complete that without any fail. At the end of the day you'll be pleased and happy Do everything with a purpose. Give yourself some space and feel your previous achievement which will motivate you to complete another purpose the next day! Follow these Practices for Living with Chaos! Chaos means a kind of confusion or disorder. If you're living in chaos you have to know how to be productive when life is in chaos!
Express your feelings or emotions if you're not feeling good. Let people share their feelings too. Sometimes sharing some conversations can help people to feel relaxed. Connect more with others
As I have mentioned above do something that gives you happiness and brings a smile on your face. Everyday take some moment at a time to observe the world around you
Avoid distraction from your work, if you are not able to concentrate leave that and try after sometime. Staying focused on your task will bring something productive
Charge yourself. Always complete your day to day task; this will help to calm your workload stress. Control your mental and physical stress to do something fruitful
Take 15 days challenge to do something productive- exercise, write down the things you're grateful for, exercise, re-frame your idea. Repeat and practice these until you get result Embrace the chaos with these easy steps: If the task you're doing is very stressful be completely in one task and complete it by taking some break. Accept people around you with smile. Do some small exercises like breathing exercise, 2-3 minutes' walk, 5-7 minutes meditation, drink tea.
Wisdom in Chaos you should know! This Pandemic has changed our lifestyle and we are constantly getting updates with the serious affect of this virus in various part of the world. These difficult times made everything chaotic. How to overcome this? Remember these few words: Don't betray or deceived, don't be afraid, live your life with confidence and faith. Below there are 2 tips you should follow for finding purpose in life:

Donate money to some good work such as investing for an orphanage, old age home etc. Give some quality time to your parents, friends, partner, elder member of your family
Involve yourself more with positive people. Share your thoughts and take feedback from them. Create a framework for freedom which will help you in moving out of chaos
Hope this quick guide will be helpful for you. Stay connected with us for more updates! Have a Great Day!



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Arijit Bhattacharyya