Life Story : The jungle , the kids and the smile

Life Story : The jungle , the kids and the smile

While running Bong Entrepreneurs', I met one lady with super mentality to work for tribals in north Bengal.
She asked me to visit Malbazar area mainly the far away villages where we can mainly see below-poverty people…
She requested me if I can travel there and see what can be done for the community they are building.
It's a BIG fact that in our country for tribals there is a huge opportunity for them to retain their tradition and update the skills to grow for good-life.
Usually on those day's I used to travel only by flight, but as I wanted to relax for a night, I took a train to visit the place. It's really FAR FAR area.
The reception was awesome; they send a car for me to travel from malbazar station to the jungle area.
I entered the sun-kissed jungle where "no-man" walk and travelled towards the singing rivers of North Bengal.
Even birds started acting as guide for me towards the lap of nature.
Once I was there, the small village women and men treated me with local food, whatever they can offer was the blessings from GOD.
They danced for us, women and kids have cloth in their body as the NGO worked for them.

I can see clearly there is great opportunity for "travel in the wild" and "go natural" in those area and for sure stay in those tea garden's. Even making Kimchi from cabbage's they produce extra.
It's NOT at all easy to pen-down the experience of hugging the village kids and accepting the small fruit bucket (which is the maximum they can offer.)
Wish lot more Aunt like her work with them to grow them and educate them. These kids now a days go to school and women got their dignity, which lot many people don't even think of doing.
I wish from corporate world, I can go towards the lap of nature and stay n work with the "smile of innocence".
In that trip I was not alone, my good friend Apratim was there in my 2nd trip to malbazar to see if we can make things happen, we stayed in the same room together and cherished great moments like earlier days.
Jalpaiguri is birth pace for him, and old memories dragged him towards the nature to shake hands with the love and smile.
For sure social impact will drag me once again towards smile and nature soon, till then I will share the story of that young chap who started dreaming in history classes – making comics with own drawing and dialogue - turned into a cold heart tough "demon" deals with funds and technology in 24 years of international 95+ countries own ecosystem. Sometimes you need to hide smile while you are building a global community and start interacting more with people who value "you" the way you are.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya