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Life Story: The unknown woman

Year 2015: 2016
After I returned from Gujarat, while talking in Vibrant Sourastra about how one can do angel investment and how angel investors get their return, someone from USA ( Ja* Pa** ) asked three of us to come for a startup tour.
The concept was to find few startups to invest and grow them.

Before we started even, I met two amazing young gentlemen Ja** K***ia from Rajkot and Mo*** S***** from Ahmedabad in the summit and we all felt the same logic to help and grow startups.
My thought was clear I agreed to join and help our Indian startups to grow as he said he will be investing in Indian startups from USA.

Hence the journey started with 2 days in one town and meet several startups in various accelerators incubation centres, co-working places, university campus etc..
Day started 7 AM and there is NO end of day for all of us, I was energised by GOD himself.

Starting from metro city to small town we travelled, I started doing working out before few years—that's a different story though hence maintain body balance and food was a little difficult.
But the amount of LOVE and care comes from all other three was amazing, we started staying in temples as the founder is devotee to GOD, we had the pleasure to attend Aarati, Bhog, own cooked veg food etc.
It's not easy to understand several startups and their pain and strength, while travelling we meet another guy who wanted to meet startups by cycle, one amazing gentleman and he joined the team later (will talk about it soon)
Exploring politician, industry, university, business – marathon of events, meetups, understand them and taking decision whom and how to take things forward became a daily thing.
I started meeting with multiple people in my network and introduced the team and so did others.

Am I sharing this just to share this incident? Well NO.

While travelling, Ja**n went back home for some reason and J*y bhai gave two of us a half day off, so me and Moh** decided to relax in swimming pool.
Now, when two crazy minds enter in water, when they can talk?

Me: You this that startup …. Blah blah blah
Him: Yah they should do . blah blah blah
Me: To get money they need. blah, blah
Him: Yes, and the co-founder must give blah blah blah .

And both of us forgot to bring towel near pool, and two women entered in pool side.
Our talk was never ending and all of a sudden I realised the fact, we can't come out of the pool. Ohh my god they are looking at us.
Well, with a lot of courage I went towards them and said, can you please throw a towel to us?
One of them..

She: You both are from investors background
Me: Well as catalyst yes.
She: Well, I've a startup idea.. blah blah blah blah and she started pitching

Man, look at us, two of the guys standing in swimming pool, half naked listening to startup pitch.
We are JUST looking at each others faces, and hence decided "let's give our inputs to her".
We started giving out inputs what she should do and how to make her start-up executable.
Fun included:

She: I'll bring towel if you say you will bring investment in my idea.
Me: Really? OK no worries I can come out.
As entrepreneurs' "do" I started coming out of the water in my swimming pant.
She : OK OK and she thrown the towel.
Mo**t : Smiled and " Catalyst effect".
And hence we saved our "peace of mind " and decided not to discuss "startup investment topic" while entering in swimming pool.
Learning: never ever forget your towel, LOL umm not that – real learning:
Always be passionate about your work, but when you are supposed to relax, just relax and don't think of anything else.
Will share more experience from the start-up journey we did and how they started their own investment platform.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya