Life Story: Mentoring in Districts – update papers of a business person and approve loan from bank.

Year 2013-2014 I was deeply involved in mentoring startups in India. While exploring opportunities in Japan, that time, our training program in manga animation became impactful, I still remember we had a RJ from Japan she used to take training from me, every time she started her class with her own style of greetings.

I used to wake up around 5:30 AM – after publishing Ashwathama the immortal, we started making fight of the legends Dacoits of Bengal, kidnapping at the same time, splitting team and making different avatars with real models and actors became a daily work for all of us.
While making sukhu and dukhu – we made traditional Bengali folk song for the love of Bengali culture. Not sure how many of today's kids even know about Thakur mar Jhuli, the concept was to keep those story alive.
Slowly I started exploring lot many ventures, while working with oil and gas sector – making their few animated video's and explain their detailed working procedure in simple applications and interactive applications, I understood if I've to grow I need to learn how to manage money and make business "happen".
That year I came back from S Korea, and earlier to that I travelled two more countries, expanded our education wing and entered into application development along with third party webapps; with lot of amazing experience and handshake with one Korean company for tech solution, for sure I'll share my international business exp in few of my next writing, but this one is all about a one day bootcamp in a city called Krishnanagar.
From that entrepreneurs' club, the EC committee asked me if I can be in districts and mentor several of their SME n MSME, it's not easy to go there and stay, on those days – my habits changed, my house updated my daily routine is really different including my food habits.

But as directed by Dhyanesh Dadu, not to move my feet from roots, kept all those city "impact" away and one again me and Archan took a train to visit Krishnanagar.
The Govt officers welcome us as much as they can and gave us a room where we can at least have a shower.
We started mentoring in their office and several local business owners came to meet for various suggestion, I was using my practical knowledge from past, I was trying to chk their financials first before suggesting and trying to understand real team strength and execution power.
One interesting fellow came and said he is doing a business of few Crs but unable to grab bank loan, he wanted to build a small production unit. I asked for his papers, from a small IQ I've it was clear that his present accountant doing something funny to save tax and for sure he is not making profit on papers.
So from banks view, he can't get the loan! When I asked him do you know what's his issue, they guy was clueless. I suggested few things which can be done.
Him: Sir can you make these changes in my papers?
Me: I am not your accountant, neither I am a CA it's a job for them, please take these suggestions and execute.
Him: How can I! I am unable to understand these English
Me: Let me make it happen in Bengali.
Him: Sir I am unable to understand technicalities!
Me: Keep in touch, I might be able to guide time to time.
After few months the Govt official called me to say thanks he said you did a magic the guy got the loan and he is starting his production unit.
This is probably the main issue till date in various MSME and SME in India as well they don't take care of their finance properly, and dependent on others! To understand finance, it's not a rocket science, learn the logic behind it. It's not my Economics or Statistic knowledge that helped me to understand the gap, it's about simple understanding what Banks need and what you need, if you make a win-win situation things will happen.
When I'm mentoring a business owner, on those days I never thought that act as a profession, it was act to help another business owner their success gave me super smile when I am alone. That "Me" time was more important for me to cherish the moments of another success.
Explaining or sharing with others is not possible.
Guiding business owners by saying what to do anyone can do that, mentoring for me is about giving them market access, hand hold them in every part of their life, more of becoming a friend and guide, just like a teacher of "life" – do beyond of what they are unable to do.

Can you mix and match what you've in your network and help that fellow? I know in our country entrepreneurs are NOT treated as Hero! May be a reality show can bring few startups in a show in TV and they can use this as their
PR, but from my small suggestion and perspective people will forget you if you are not showing your face every time in media.
How you can be remembered? The OINLY way is by executing good works.
I'll share how a introvert boy slowly became point of contact and helping hand for lot many start-ups world-wide and create amazing team of likeminded people.
I know lot many of you are connecting me to meet and talk, just like old days, unfortunately the introvert Arijit died long back, in few of my postings it might how "Ravana" took birth!
Remember it's always "give first" – you will get multifolded return if you choose where to give and how to give.
Giving is NOT EASY it's a science.



If you want to expand your business or looking for mentoring and investment support please be in touch.

Arijit Bhattacharyya