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Life Story: The unknown woman

Year 2018 while travelling to Thailand, I was keen to understand the way the travel industry is working there.
It was probably my 4th visit to Thailand, this time I wanted to meet few motivational speakers, few tech business talks and meeting with my friends who run co-working spaces in BKK and wanted to visit my friends in Phuket.
I was speaking in one of the meetup organised by one of my friend in BKK, and after sharing our business and details about our ecosystem, I thought to have few rounds of beer in a nearby pub.
While drinking I was talking to my friend in Krabi about few things which we were supposed to do mainly in media and entertainment.
After two drinks one lady came in front of me and started talking she is a European and wanted to spend some good time.
I got to know about her background and what she is looking for, we started chatting and ate food together, she got surprised when I said I am not looking for spending night with her!!

She: Are you sure? I can come with small amount too for you as you are a gentleman
Me: I am doing good, no need, just wanted to understand, do you want to spend the rest of your life like this?
She: No, but how can I change?
Me: What you can do? What's your passion?
She: I love to sing, but can I make money with singing?
Me: Yes, OK sing a song for me.
She started singing and in that pub almost everyone looked at me as if I am an alien. But at the end they started clapping for her.
She: Did you like it?
Me: No, I loved it but I will be happy if you leave your present situation and become a singer.

I called one of my friend in an island, asked a job for her in their singing bar. He said, for sure, ask her to come and join us.
Next day, I went to Phuket and after two days, she pinged me—One text "Thank You".
That thank you was enough for me to change life of a woman who can live her life with dignity. I don't want to revel her identity.
She keeps sending me pictures and songs – few of the songs curated only for me. She now started calling me as her "father" – though she is older than me.
Unpredictable Knowledge can be adopted as your own – then unknown persons can give your lifetime happiness.
There is NO reason that you can't help someone to grow or have a dignified life, there is NO reason that you can't spread your hand to another human being, if you feel you are a human, it's your moral duty to support another human being.
I don't want to give any learnings from this small incident from my life. Let her identity be Unknown to all and let's welcome the new singer in a beautiful island.



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Arijit Bhattacharyya