Arijit Bhattacharyya


We compare ourselves because we have never understood ourselves and are not aware of who we are and what we have. It is also because society has conditioned us from our birth to evaluate ourselves based upon others. Nothing exists except in relationship. Suppose you are the Only person in the planet, how could you compare yourself with any one? Could you call yourself tall or short, ugly or beautiful, rich or poor, intelligent or dumb? No! When there is no one to compare yourself with, you just are!
There is no scale to compare you with anybody. Each individual is unique. Can you compare a lion and a horse? Do we ever compare ourselves with flowers or birds or mountains? Then why do we have to compare ourselves with other human beings?
Just see the nature: the rose plant and the mango tree grow in the same garden and prosper because they use all their energy for their own growth instead of using it to compare themselves with the other. Comparison leads to jealousy. It does not exist on any thing. It is not subjective like fear, greed etc. Comparison is the seed and the jealousy is the fruit. We always compare ourselves with others in various fields ---- looks, wealth, knowledge, name and fame and friends etc.
When we compare ourselves with others we feel that somebody else has something more than what we have and we get caught in jealousy. We suffer and constantly fight with others openly or inside ourselves. We are just waiting for some one to hurt us. Don’t throw the responsibility of your suffering on the other person. Be very clear, no body can hurt you without your silent permission. Through comparison you will grow only to the extent of the person with whom you are comparing yourself, not to your own unique level. Comparison happens because you feel that you are somehow lacking. But you have no idea of your true, unique potential!
If you did, you would not spend one second looking outside yourself for answers about how to live a creative fulfilling life. All the confidence, intelligence and vibrant energy that you need already exist inside you. You have the potential to live like god on planet earth. Be blissful!
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Arijit Bhattacharyya