Arijit Bhattacharyya

Founder vs CEO

In my words, an organization is like universe, it’s got multiple planets (departments) and every planet got its own beauty. When a founder creates a company he act like Brahma, the lord of creation, and in many case the founder is THE CEO of the company. As a CEO he acts like both Vishnu the protector and Maheswar, destroyer of negative elements, he needs to be ruthless. I’ve seen some of the founder & CEO can’t be ruthless, as it’s his/her own creation. The elements of company become his/her son and daughter, how can he eliminate them, even if any department is not giving result or someone in company is not performing. The main mantra of being a good CEO (Be that a cash extraction officer or Chief Executing Officer) is to act like Vishnu, who looks like half sleeping but in complete control and watch everything and act in every segment to protect the organization, he is ruthless to maintain balance and hence can eliminate any negative element in company like Lord Shiva. Sometimes the founder can’t do that, the best possible solution for this is to hire a CEO delegate the works to him. It’s NOT at all easy to give your own baby to someone’s hand, but think of your baby (company) as a wonderful daughter of yours, who is getting married to the best fitted MAN. Hence you are sharing the same LOVE with someone you TRUST most, the CEO of the organization.

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Arijit Bhattacharyya