Arijit Bhattacharyya

Focusing on growth stage companies my program is designed to connect product and services companies from around the world with the right kind of partners and investment/finance community. Join institutional investors, financiers, analysts and management teams:
• Emerging tech trends
• Investor appetite
• Investment criteria
• Financing options

What sets this apart?
One-two-one investor meetings. Two days of pre-arranged meetings allowing tech companies and capital providers to connect face-to-face in meetings relevant to their needs.
Exclusivity. Entry is restricted to qualified investors, analysts, senior tech company executives and relevant industry investment professionals only
Market intelligence. Interactive two-day programme where presenters and panellists actively engage with the audience to create a two-way conversation

How it works?

1. Register – Entry is restricted to qualified investors, analysts and senior tech company executives keeping every meeting focused on investment and financing discussion.
2. Pre-arrange meetings – Prior to the meetings, all investor/analyst participants will receive a list of the companies participating in the event, along with information about their projects. Simply select those companies whose management teams you would like to meet and we will help build you a personalised schedule.
3. Attend – Events are built around two days of pre-arranged meetings alongside a two-day conference programme packed with investor insight panels, analyst market updates and CEO spotlight presentations.

The program combines in-depth training and mentoring by some of the best serial entrepreneurs (including me), marketing experts, and investors from around the globe. The program is for teams who want to be maximally prepared for their scaling-up. Scaling-up involves finding a next investor, scaling-up with a (corporate/ local) partner, and finding the best entrance strategy to new markets. Mentors can guide you through this complex decision process and connect you with experienced experts around the globe. Our experts provide you with honest feedback to push you further.
It is a unique combination of a global investment journey, training, and mentoring that helps you truly learn in a pressure-cooker setting and apply your learning to your global business strategy. Participants will be able to pitch to US, Asian & European investors, develop adequate branding and marketing of the overall venture, and meet partners from the United States and Europe within a very short time. All this takes place in a warm, personal, and open atmosphere as a fertile ground to learn, develop in-depth contacts, and make the right strategic choices.

Over 2 action-packed days:

Allow both investors and technology providers to identify, meet and build investment partnerships
Showcase the most cutting edge technology and the investment opportunities our innovators bring
Give unrivalled insight into the business sector for both entrepreneurs and investors via the fine-tuned matchmaking programme
Allow you to meet with the companies and individuals of most interest to you via our 1-2-1 networking system and via informal meetings
Access to local partners and securing partnerships
– We will keep public/private senior decision makers in our target states apprised of the solutions we have along with success stories
– Stakeholder Identification, Engagement & Relationship Management
– Finding the right partners (local experts, distributors, etc.)
Presenting to top Investors and leading corporate partners
– Identifying target investors with the opportunity to select the top ones to engage with
– Mentorship sessions to fine-tune your message
– Identifying the most potential leading corporate partners with the opportunity to select the top 5 to engage with
Tailored Value Proposition
– Product Validation
– Local optimization
– Support in Frugally innovating your product and/or solution
Target Amplification of your Expertise
– Brand awareness through Target Amplification and Digital Branding of your company in India through our local media partners
– Promotion in my own social media and channels
Customer Avatar Creation & Persona
– Design thinking your ideal customer profile
– Creating 10 – 15 customer profiles based on your existing prospects


If you want to expand your business & looking for right kind of partner or setting your office in USA, Singapore, India, China, Thailand, Finland, UK, Russia, Japan, Taiwan.

Arijit Bhattacharyya